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Asunto:[dxcolombia] COREA DEL NORTE. P5/KA2HTV
Fecha:Miercoles, 3 de Agosto, 2005  05:05:27 (+0000)
Autor:HK1AA . <hk1aa>

La cosa va en serio, como comentaron SISO y OSCAR. Será en 20 metros principalmente y unicamente en SSB, (que lástima).

 Roberto.  HK1AA.

>From the Lone Star DX Assocation:

For immediate release
August 2, 2005

The Lone Star DX Association in conjunction with Dr. David Borenstein

announces the following:

Dr. David Borenstein, KA2HTV, will be traveling to Pyongyang,
Democratic People's Republic of Korea, "North Korea" during the month
of August. He has received written permission from the "North Korean"
government to operate as P5/KA2HTV during his stay. While radio
operating is not the primary reason for his visit, Dr. Borenstein
hopes to be able to operate 1-2 hours a day and will stay
an additional three days devoted entirely to radio operation. For
security reasons, he will only operate SSB and primarily 20 meters.
Dr. Borenstein will arrive on August 9th and depart on the 23rd. QSL
requests should be sent to KK5DO. Operation from P5 is at the
pleasure of the host country so the DX community should keep their
collective fingers crossed that all goes well and they do not change
their minds.

The ARRL has reviewed the Dr. Borenstein's plan and if and when
P5/KA2HTV occurs, it will likely count.

Dr. Borenstein notes that while his operating time will be limited,
the success of this operation will lead to further P5 operations in
the near future. Much of the equipment being taken will remain there,
pre-positioned for subsequent operations.

The Lone Star DX Association (LSDXA) is the sponsoring DX
organization for this operation.
--Mike Thomas, NA5U

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