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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 720
Fecha:Viernes, 29 de Julio, 2005  17:16:18 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 720

August 1, 2005
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

3C0, ANNOBON ISLAND. Elmo/EA5BYP and Vicente/EA5YN announced that they
are planning an operation to Pagalu as soon as possible. Complete details
have not been released yet, but they are forthcoming. Activity will be CW,
SSB, RTTY and PSK31 on 160-10 meters. Organizer of the DXpedition is
once again "DX Club Tabarca Island". There will also be a new QSL Manager
for this operation. Their Web page is currently under construction but
can be viewed at:

5W, WESTERN SAMOA. Eugene/W2LU and Stephen/WA2WVI will be active from here.
Their tentative dates are December 1-5th. Their callsigns are not known
yet. They plan to focus on 160 and 75 meters SSB; check 1850 and 3795 kHz,
listening down 5, between 1600-0600z.

60 HA STATIONS TO APPEAR ON 6 METERS. Chris, HA5X, informs OPDX readers:
 "6m is not allocated for the amateur radio service in Hungary. Haros
  Radioclub (HA5HRK) has requested a 30 day experimental 6m licence at
  the National Communications Authority in Hungary for 25 stations. Aim
  of the experiment is to test whether  interference with television
  broadcast is managable, and if the band can be opened for amateur radio
  use before terrestrial TV broadcasting comes to an end. The authority
  has shown a very positive attitude and invited two other amateur radio
  organizations to take part in the experiment with their sets of stations.
  This means that a maximum of 60 licenced HA stations may appear on 50MHz
  in the period 1-30 August. There will be no major mode restrictions (digi
  modes also allowed), but a limit of 5W ERP (0dB antennas). As the aim of
  the experiment is to finally get a permanent okay for 6m activities, and
  the authorities are watching the activity with their equipment, we hope
  that all stations will keep to the rules, ie. power restriction. No
  single QSO is worth the whole future of 6m in Hungary."

7Q, MALAWI. Ely, IN3VZE, will be active as 7Q7CE from the southwest shore
of Lake Malawi, "Club Makokola", between August 28th and September 16th.
Activity will be limited because this is a DX holiday style operation .
QSL via IN3VZE, by the bureau or direct to:
Ely Camin, Corso 3 Novembre 136/2, 38100 Trento, Italy.

EX, KYRGYZSTAN. Mikhail "Mike", UN8GC, will be active as EX7MW from
July 30th to August 5th. Activity will be on 80-6 meters. He states that
he will be operating from "the shore of the beautiful Issyk-Kul Lake in
Eastern Kyrgyzstan." Suggested frequencies are:
    CW  - 3510, 7015, 10105, 14025, 18070, 21025, 28010, 50110 KHz
    SSB - 3700, 7070, 14180, 21200, 28500, 50110 KHz
It is also possible for activity on 144200 KHz on CW, SSB and FM. The
station equipment includes computer interfaces for digital modes like
BPSK, RTTY, JT6M and others. The transceivers included are: IC-756 and
IC-706. Mike states, "If you feel like running a SKED, please send SMS
 at +996-502-654680. It's worth mentioning that Issyk-Kul is one of the
'white spots' on the map of Kyrgyzstan in terms of HAM activity. So don't
loose your chance!" QSL should be directed to the address of UN8GC which
you may look up on

FK, NEW CALEDONIA. Kaz/JA2BDR, Jun/JA2EWE and Ken/JA2KRE will be active
from Noumea, between August 19-24th. Their callsigns will be FK/homecall.
They hope to operate on 80-10 meters, SSB and CW; no RTTY operation. They
will use only one transceiver with a 500w linear amplifier. Antennas are:
2 element beam for 17/15/12/10m and wire verticals for 80/40/30/20m. QSL
to their home callsigns, direct or the JARL Bureau (good for one year).
 JA2BDR - Kazuo Yoshikawa: 4249-4 Shimoebi, Yokkaich, 510-1203 JAPAN
 JA2EWE - Junich Matsunaga: 9 Shinmachi, Niiya, Jimokuji, 490-1105 JAPAN
 JA2KRE - Kenji Ito: 1457 Yui, Tado, 511-0101 JAPAN

GD6, ISLE OF MAN. Operator Heinrich, DL2OBF, will be active as GD6IA in
the CQ WW DX CW Contest (November 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry.
QSL route: POB 1, Peel, Isle of Man, Britisch Isles.

IOTA NEWS (RGSB IOTA Contest This WEEKEND - July 30-31st)...........
   AF-018.  Members of the ARI Cinisello Contest Team will activate
            Pantelleria Island as IH9/IQ2CJ during the IOTA Contest
            as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via IQ2CJ.

   AS-107.  Operators E20HHK, E21IZC, HS0GBI, HS1CKC and HS6NDK will
            be active as E20HHK/p from Si Chang Island, from July 30th
            to August 1st. Activity will include an entry in the IOTA
            Contest. QSL via E21EIC.

   AS-117.  Akifumi, JA4FHE, will be active as JA4FHE/4 in the IOTA
            Contest from Yashiro Island (JIIA AS-117-118), Honsyu Coastal
            Island, Yamaguchi Pref, July 29th. QSL via his home callsign,
            direct or by the bureau.

   AS-117.  Yu, JR4QUV, will be active as JR4QUV/4 in the IOTA Contest
            from Ominase Island,(JIIA AS-117-NEW), Honsyu Coastal Island,
            Yamaguchi Pref, July 30-31st. QSL via his home callsign,
            direct or by the bureau

   AS-169.  Activity to Elephanta Island for the IOTA Contest by Basappa,
            VU2NXM, and a group of newly licenced amateurs has been cancelled
            due to extremely heavy rains in India.

   EU-008.  Members of the Scottish-Russian ARS (MM0DGR) and West of
            Scotland ARS (GM4AGG) will be active from Isle of Mull during
            the RSGB IOTA Contest. Isle of Mull awards reference numbers
            are: IOSA NH15 and SCOTIA CN10. The team will operate from 2
            positions - CW and SSB. CW position will use GM2Z contest
            callsign, SSB position will use GM4AGG/p callsign. QSL-cards
            for contacts should be sent via RSGB QSL-Bureau or direct
            ( This year's team consists of: Jurij/MM0DFV, John/
            GM0WRR, Alan/GM4TOQ, Victor/GM0SDV, Ross/GM7WED and David/
            MM3IEB. The camp location will be on the Ross of Mull. The
            "Ross of Mull" is the name given to the "leg" of land which
            extends to the south and west of Mull. It stretches from the
            southern foot of Benmore to Fionnphort in the west and is
            approximately 20 miles long. The team looks forward to working
            you from the Island.

   EU-041.  Look for station IM0X to be active from La Maddalena Island
            (IIA SS-01) in the IOTA Contest. QSL via IK5EKB, direct or
            by the bureau.

   EU-091.  Members of the M.DX.C. and the Salento DX Team A.R.I.(LECCE)
            will be active as IR7T/p during the IOTA Contest from Isola
            Grande di Porto Cesareo (LE), (reference numbers: IIA LE-002,
            and MIA MI-040). Operators mentioned are: Alfredo/IK7JWX,
            Carlo/IK6CAC (CW), Andrea/IK7YTT, Gilberto/IK7LMX, GianCarlo/
            IK7QMJ, Michele/IK7FPX and Enzo/I7PXV (CW) and Marco/IZ7CDE.
            QSL via IK7JWX, by the bureau or direct.

   EU-123.  Members of the Crockodile Rock Amateur Group [CRAG] (MM0ROB)
            will be active from the Isle of Great Cumbrae during the
            IOTA Contest as GM5C. Operators mentioned are: Bob/GM0DEQ,
            Robbie/GM0SEI and Jennifer/MM0JJV. QSL via GM0SEI.

   EU-124.  Glyn, GW0ANA, will be active from Flat Holm Island during
            the IOTA Contest using the callsign GW8K. After the contest
            his callsign will be GB5FI. QSL via GW0ANA.

   EU-145.  Operators CT1AHU/Mor, CT1DRB/David, CT1EEN/Sam, CT1EEQ/Luis,
            CT1END/Carlos and CT2HCQ/Tiago will use the special callsign
            CT6C from Culatra Island (DIP AL-001) during the IOTA Contest.
            Before the contest look for the operators to use their own
            individual callsigns /p. Activity will be on 80-10 meters on
            CW, SSB and RTTY, also 2 and 6 meters. QSL CT6C via CT1EEN
            ( or via the REP Bureau; all others callsigns via
            their home callsign, direct or by the REP bureau. After the
            operation, logs and photos will be on the following Web page

   EU-150.  A Portuguese-Spanish Team (CT1APE, CT1CJJ, CT1EEB, CT1FFU,
            CT1ILT, CT2GLO, EA1CA, EA1DKV and EA4ST) will be active from
            Ilha da Insua, July 29-31st, including an entry in the IOTA
            Contest as CQ2I. Outside the contest, the operators will use
            their homecalls/p. Activity will be on 3.7 MHz to 1.2 GGz on
            all modes, but expect CW to be the prefered mode. QSL Managers:
            CQ2I via CT1ILT. All others to their home callsigns. Logs will
            also be on LoTW. A Web page is available at:

   EU-182.  A French-Ukrainian team will be active for the IOTA Contest
            from the Ankudinov Island in the Delta of the Danube not
            far from the Romano-Ukrainian border. The callsign will be
            EM5F. Team consists of: Nicolay/UX0FF, Alexandr/UR5FAV, Vitali/
            UR5FGW and Patrick/F6IRF. QSL via UX0FF: NIKOLAY LAVREKA,
            P.O. BOX 320, IZMAIL , 68609, UKRAINE.

   OC-237.  Adhi, YC3MM, will be active as YB3ZMI from Madura Island and
            Sembilangan Lighthouse (ARLHS IDO-079) starting 1700z, July
            29th. He will participate in the IOTA Contest.

   SA-032.  Julio, CA8VJG, will be active from Isla Wellington (DICE
            ICE-802), July 30th to August 3rd, the IOTA Contest included.
            He does not have much experience handling DX and pile-ups,
            so please be patient. Look for Julio on 40-10 meters SSB.
            QSL via CA8VJG (

   SA-046.  Ben/PY7VI and Renner/PY7RP will be participating in the
            RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as PY7VI/7 from Itamaracá
            Island. QSL via PY7VI (

KL7, ALASKA. Bill, K4XS, will be active as K4XS/KL7 until August 7th from
Attu Island (IOTA NA-064, USI AK-009S, 3rd S. Central District), Alaska.
He will be working on Attu, so look for Bill in his spare time, CW only.
QSL via his home callsign, direct ONLY (w/SASE). NO bureau QSLs.

LIGHTHOUSE/LIGHTSHIP ACTIVITIES. Look for radio station SN2NP to be active
from the Lighthouse Gdansk - Nowy Port (POL-033), August 18-22nd. QSL
direct or by the via SP2BIK.

PY0, FERNANDO DE NORONHA. Operators Marq/CT1BWW and Juanca/EA2RC will be
active as PY0/homecall from August 1-14th. Their bands/modes of activity
were not provided.

QSL INFO AND NEWS......................
   Paul, F6EXV, reports that he is almost up-to-date with replies to
   direct requests for QSL cards for WH8/F6EXV and WH6/F6EXV. He will
   now confirm the rest of the log via bureau. Unless you want the card
   quickly and are not a member of your QSL Bureau, Paul would appreciate
   if no further direct requests would be sent to him as all contacts
   will be confirmed. The log can be checked on his Web page at:

   Rick, AI5P, reports that all direct QSL cards received for ZK1APX
   have been answered. Those with multiple cards for the other callsigns
   from his trip will be answered when he gets the other QSLs. He mentions
   that the QSLs for the other three callsigns (ZL7/AI5P, A35PX and 5W0HR)
   have been designed, and the order was placed for printing the week of
   July 18th. The cards are coming from Europe and normally take 6-8 weeks
   for him to get them.

   Charles, K4VUD, reports that over the past three months, his dear wife
   and he, have hand written QSL cards and replied to over 5,000 cards
   that had been back-logged (mostly K4VUD).  He states (as July 26th),
   every single QSL card that has come in to him has been answered via
   the bureau or direct mail. Callsigns involved are: K4VUD, HS0ZCW,
   XW1UD, A52UD, 9N1UD, 9N7UD, V26V, AC4TT, KG4FPK and VU3CHE. He thanks
   everyone for their patience if they were waiting.

   S92RI QSLS. All the received direct cards are now answered and in
   the mail. The team is now working on the bureau cards. QSL via CT1APE.

   QSL MANAGER WANTED. The Aland Islands contest station, OH0Z, is looking
   for a QSL Manager. If interested, please contact Ari, OH5DX, at:

TO0, REUNION ISLAND. Members of the Association Réunionaise des Radio-
amateurs (ARRA) will be active as TO0R from Reunion (AF-016) during the
RGSB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a Multi-Op entry. QSL via FR1GZ.

ZK2, NIUE. Eugene/W2LU and Stephen/WA2WVI will be active as ZK2LU. Their
tentative dates are November 14-30th. They plan to focus on 160 and 75
meters SSB; check 1850 and 3795 kHz, listening down 5, between 1600-0600z.