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Asunto:[dxcolombia] Alianza Icom-kenwood
Fecha: 21 de Mayo, 2005  22:17:07 (+0200)
Autor:Jose Luis <hk3ort>

La siguiente informacion fue publicada con fines informativos:

" Icom Incorporated (Parent company of Icom America) and Kenwood 
Corporation, market leaders in Land Mobile and Amateur radio 
communications worldwide announced on February 25, 2005, a joint 
business and technology alliance to develop state-of-the-art digital 
communications technology for the Business & Industry sector. Both 
companies will be making a simultaneous announcement and showing 
working prototype samples at IWCE. You are invited to visit the Icom 
America booth (#5001) to get a first hand look at this 
groundbreaking technological advance.

These engineering samples are the result of this technical 
collaboration, and will demonstrate a very narrowband 6.25kHz 
digital communications technology using an FDMA 4-level FSK 
modulation method. This technology meets the requirements of the FCC 
Emission Mask E, for spectral efficiency. Both companies are also 
directly involved in the formation of efficient digital radio 
technologies in Europe (ETSI Digital PMR 446/DMR) and Japan. Both 
companies have committed to jointly continue research and 
development for the benefit of Business & Industry users, as well as 
offer a solution for existing system operators to migrate to an 
efficient digital solution. "

Ojo a ese ultima frase, cuando el rio suena....

73 de HK3ORT Jose Luis.


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