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Asunto:[dxcolombia] [WWYC] WRTC 2006 - National Young Teams
Fecha:Jueves, 2 de Junio, 2005  20:02:50 (-0500)
Autor:oscar eduardo reyes salazar <hk6pro>

>From: Fabian Kurz <lists@...>
>To: wwyc@...
>Subject: [WWYC] WRTC 2006 - National Young Teams
>Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 00:10:28 +0200
>Hello lids,
>good news: in press release 10/2005 (out on 31/05/2006) on the WRTC
>2006 website, the team selection criteria were published.
>There will be three "National Young Teams"!
>,---- [ ] -------------------.
>| d) National Young Teams - In order to stimulate and promote Ham |
>| Radio to the young generation WRTC2006 is opening 3 (three)     |
>| TEAMS with operators of age not more than 22 years. (age on Dec |
>| 31st 2005) Young contesters from all over the world are invited |
>| to make their application. see Selection Criteria IV.           |
>This is a great chance for WWYC to show some flag in this event! The
>three teams will be chosen by random from the applicants, the team
>leader can appoint any team mate from all over the world who is 22
>years or younger.
>Have a careful look at the pdf-File and send your applications, if
>you think you would be a worthy representative for the WWYC :)
>Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK * Dresden, Germany *
>WWYC mailing list

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