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Asunto:[dxcolombia] FW: [WWYC] A.R.I. DX Contest 2005
Fecha:Domingo, 8 de Mayo, 2005  14:51:08 (-0500)
Autor:oscar eduardo reyes salazar <hk6pro>

>From: "LA6FJA Stein Roar Brobakken" <s-roabr@...>
>To: <ladxgroup@...>, <>, <wwyc@...>
>Subject: [WWYC] A.R.I. DX Contest 2005
>Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 02:50:08 +0200
>A.R.I. International DX Contest 2005
>Rules for DX entrants (outside of I & IS0)
>The Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (A.R.I.) has the honour of
>inviting radio amateurs all over the world to participate in the 2005
>A.R.I. International DX Contest.
>Its a world-wide competition: everybody can work everybody.
>The contest will be held on each first full week-end of May from 2000z
>Saturday till 1959z Sunday. In 2005 it will be on May 7/8.
>1. Single Operator - CW
>2. Single Operator - SSB
>3. Single Operator - RTTY
>4. Single Operator - Mixed
>5. Multi Operator - Single TX - Mixed
>6. SWL - Single Operator - Mixed
>10m thru 160m (RTTY: 10m thru 80m), except WARC bands, are allowed
>according to IARU Band Plans. Band AND MODE can be changed only after 10
>minutes you have been on it (Multi Oprs only).
>Italian stations will send RST and two letters to identify their
>province. Other stations will send RST and a serial number from 001. The
>serial number will NOT restart from 001 on each band/mode.
>1. each Italian province (103) count 1 (one) multiplier,
>2. each DXCC country (except I & IS0) count 1 (one) multiplier. The same
>multiplier (country/province) can be counted once and only once for
>band. The 103 Italian provinces (by call-area) are:
>I1: AL, AT, BI, CN, GE, IM, NO, SP, SV, TO, VB, VC.
>IX1: AO.
>I2: BG, BS, CO, CR, LC, LO, MI, MN, PV, SO, VA.
>I3: BL, PD, RO, TV, VE, VR, VI.
>IN3: BZ, TN.
>IV3: GO, PN, TS, UD.
>I4: BO, FE, FO (or FC), MO, PR, PC, RA, RE, RN.
>I5: AR, FI, GR, LI, LU, MS, PI, PO, PT, SI.
>I6: AN, AP, AQ, CH, MC, PS (or PU), PE, TE.
>I7: BA, BR, FG, LE, MT, TA.
>I8: AV, BN, CB, CE, CZ, CS, IS, KR, NA, PZ, RC, SA, VV.
>I0: FR, LT, PG, RI, ROMA (or RM), TR, VT.
>IT9: CL, CT, EN, ME, PA, RG, SR, TP, AG.
>IS0: CA, NU, SS, OR.
>1. QSO/HRD with own country counts 0 (zero) point but is good for the
>multipliers credit. 2. QSO/HRD with own continent counts 1 (one) point,
>3. QSO/HRD with different continent counts 3 (three) points, 4. QSO/HRD
>with any Italian (I & IS0) station counts 10 (ten) points. The same
>station can be contacted on the same band once on SSB/CW/RTTY but only
>the first QSO is good for multipliers credit. PLEASE REMEMBER that I
>(Italy) and IS0 (Sardinia Island) are NOT country-multipliers.
>The sum of QSO/points from all bands times the sum of multipliers from
>all bands.
>Listeners are required to log the callsigns of both the station heard
>and the correspondent station. Score is calculated based only upon the
>station heard using the same rules as trasmitting stations. A callsign
>may not appear more than 3 (three) times as a correspondent regardless
>of mode. SWLs MUST log no more than 1 (one) QSO on each line of their
>Paper logs: separate logs are necessary for each band. Logs must show
>all the QSOs data. A summary sheet is required showing all the scoring
>details, class of entry, name, callsign, full address of the applicant,
>of other operators and a signed declaration. Logs must be mailed within
>30 days from the end of the contest and addressed to: ARI DX Contest,
>c/o ARI, Via Scarlatti 31, 20124 Milano, Italy.
>Logs on diskette are really very welcome and accepted in substitution of
>paperlogs. Please send us your log on diskette. Accepted formats are:
>N6TR, K1EA, EI5DI, UA1AAF, WF1B, OH2GI, DL4RCK, Writelog, Cabrillo, (see
>the Software page on our website for more details). A printed summary
>sheet must always be enclosed.
>Alternatively, logs in ASCII format (or as attached files) may be sent
>via e-mail addressed to <aricontest@...>. You will receive an
>acknowledgement of receipt of your log within 48 hours.
>Logs will be carefully checked by the Contest Committee and mistakes may
>cause a score reduction. Disqualification may apply for: excessive
>number of unmarked duplicates (more than 2%), violation of the "10
>minutes rule" (either for band and mode), excessive declared score, log
>without the summary sheet. Instead to disqualify a log, the Committee
>may decide to penalize it by erasing a percentage of its score.
>A plaque with a certificate will be awarded to the top scoring station
>in each class. Special plaques can be awarded by the Contest Committee
>if country/ continental/call-area partecipation will justify the
>decision. A
>certificate will be
>awarded to No. 2, 3, 4, 5 top scoring stations in each class as well as
>to the top scoring stations in each country in each class.
>A brand new software to handle ARI DX Contest has been written by
>UA1AAF. It can be used on real-time or either after the contest. It
>sends CW with the usual interfaces and it can be used in both K1EA or
>N6TR modes. It is
>and it can be sent downloaded from <>; or
>from the Contest section on <>;.
>No virus found in this outgoing message.
>Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.
>Version: 7.0.308 / Virus Database: 266.11.5 - Release Date: 04/05/05
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>WWYC mailing list

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