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Zar A. Gaviria" <h Oscar A.
HK6DOS /// 425 DX Oscar A.
HK6DOS /// 425 DX Oscar A.
HK6DOS/// North Je Oscar A.
HK6DOS /// DX Bull Oscar A.
HK6DOS /// Announc Oscar A.
"Libre expresión" David J.
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Zar A. Gaviria" <h Oscar A.
"Libre expresión" Oscar A.
Re: Sobre los conc luis ara
Re: INformaci˛n, L Luis H R
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RE: Sobre los conc Humberto
Re: Sobre los conc HK3CW
RE: INformaci˛n, L Humberto
425DXNews Oscar A.
Equipos para la ve pclaver
Aclaracion sobre v pclaver
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En busca de HK1AMW HK3CW
RE: En busca de HK Jorge L
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concurso colombia carlos a
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Asunto:[dxcolombia] HK6DOS // VENDO ANTENA Y ROTOR
Fecha:Sabado, 9 de Abril, 2005  17:07:09 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

Model A4S
3dB Beamwidth, Degrees E-Plane 58
Boom Diameter ft.(cm) 2(5.10)
Boom Lenght ft.(m) 18(5.48)
Element Center Dia., in.(cm) 1.25(3.18)
Forward Gain, dBi 8.9
Frequency, MHz 28,21,14
Front to Back Ratio, dB 25
Longest Element in(cm) 32(9.75)
Mast size range, in.(cm) 1.25-2(3.18-5.08)
No. Elements 4
Power Rating, Watts PEP 2000
SWR 1.2:1 Typical 2:1 Bandwidth KHz >500
Turning Radius ft(m) 18.4(5.49)
Weight, lb(kg) 37(16.8)
Wind load ft (m) sq 5.50(0.51)
Me voy para un apartamento . OJO !! :
La entrego con kit para banda de 40 metros . Además , rotor Daiwa con control . Todo en   perfecto estado . Por aquí no doy precios .
Oscar A. Gaviria . HK6DOS -
residencia : 3216167 ( Pereira )
Cel : 310- 422 69 93 . Of: 335 23 59  ( Pereira )
A4S Four Element Beam - 10, 15 & 20 Meters

The A4S is the true high performance tribander. Precisely tuned high-power traps, carefully selected element legths, and proper spacing combine to make the A4S the preferred antenna for your HF work! This is the premium antenna with all the features that you want. High gain, low SWR, and wide bandwidth keep the contacts coming in. All U-Bolts, clamps and hardware are stainless steel. The A4S has pinned boom sections and formed aluminum brackets to keep elements straight under all conditions. Our solid construction keeps the A4S on the tower! Add 40 meters with A744 kit.