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Asunto:[dxcolombia] 425DXNews
Fecha:Domingo, 6 de Febrero, 2005  20:29:43 (-0500)
Autor:Oscar A. Gaviria <hk6dos>

*** 425DXNews - ***

The 2005 Peter I DXPedition has just released this :

Press Release # 12

3Y0X Peter I Dxpedition Team Update
From: Team co-leaders
     Ralph Fedor, KŘIR and Bob Allphin, K4UEE

The Peter I Dxpedition team members begin their 5 week long journey
tomorrow, Monday February 7th.  The will assemble in Punta Arenas, Chile as
previously announced.

The last month has been full of last-minute changes.  Our original boat
could not be made ready in time, it was delayed 4 months and is still not
ready to sail -- and we learned that news less than a month ago.  The
decision was made to continue the effort for 2005 and not postpone. After
scores of phone calls, faxes and other scrambling  we were able to contract
with another vessel, an offshore supply vessel named  the "Cavendish Sea".
We have also contracted another helicopter and a very experienced pilot --
and we should be able to hold to the most recently announced schedule.  We
are confident the new vessel and helicopter are mission capable.  The team
will be cramped and more uncomfortable, but we are up to the task.

  We will be underway from Ushuaia, Argentina on Friday Feb. 11th if all
goes well. Depending on weather and sea conditions we expect to be off
Peter I about February 17-18th.

The Peter I DXPedition will be on the ice for two weeks and hope to make
100,000 contacts.

Please follow our progress on our
website:  <>

And special thanks to all of our sponsors, including Corporate, DX clubs,
Individuals and DX Foundations.  The NCDXF is a premier sponsor of the
Peter I DXpedition ­2005.

N1DG/Pilot for 2005 3Y0X Dxpedition
N1DG--Licensed since 1962
EX-WB2DND, A61AD (GUEST OP, QSL MGR), A52DG, /KH9, /BV, /VS6, /4X, /9V
Pilot:  3Y0X, VK9ML, D68C, VK0IR, K8XP/KH9, 9M0C, ZK1XXP, ZL9CI
Webmaster:  3Y0X, K5K, A52A, VK0IR, 9M0C, ZK1XXP, WB2DND/KH9, BQ9P, ZL9CI
QSL Manager:  A61AD, A61AO, A61X, A61AQ, KH7Z

       / |  '     \
      (  )         0
       \_/-, ,----'
          ====           //
         /  \-'~;    /~~~(O)
        /  __/~|   /       |
      =(  _____| (_________|

   Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
       425 DX News Editor


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                425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE:

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