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Asunto:[dxcolombia] DXCC News..
Fecha:Domingo, 30 de Enero, 2005  18:23:38 (-0500)
Autor:Francisco Hennessey Jr. (Laptop) <hk3sgp>

The New Daily DXCC Lists

January 28, 2005 -- New DXCC Lists are now available on the DXCC web site. Due to space limitations in the DXCC Yearbook, the old Annual List has never been complete. The Annual List included only those records that had been updated during the past year. The new DXCC lists allow users to view complete lists of all award holders for each band or mode. More important, the new lists are updated nightly!

To access the new lists go to the listings section of this page. Once there, click on the award category you wish to view. The file is presented in Adobe PDF format and can be saved in your computer. The lists are available in US Letter or ISO A4 paper formats.

There is no list for 5BDXCC since we do not record individual standings for these awards. You will note that some callsigns are grayed out. These listings represent those who are non-ARRL members and who have not submitted in the 10-year period. Old DXCC records, which have not been computerized cannot be posted until they are entered into the system.

(Q: I have not submitted for DXCC since the computerization. What do I need to do to get back in the game?)


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