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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 66/03 - Posgrade in Cyprus
Fecha:Lunes, 19 de Mayo, 2003  16:38:36 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

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CeHuNews 66/03

University of Cyprus - Home pageDepartment of Social and Political Sciences - Home PageSearch UCYSite Map 

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



Department of Social and Political Sciences

Graduate Program

At present, the Department offers graduate programs at the doctoral level (Ph.D.) in the general fields of Sociology and Political Science. The Department plans to offer graduate programs leading to Master Degrees (MA) in Criminology and in International and European Politics.

An MA in Sociology, Political Science or other related fields is required for acceptance into the Doctoral Program. Graduate students are initially accepted in the program of graduate studies without being placed at the MA or the Ph.D. level.

The number of applicants admitted is determined on a yearly basis by the Postgraduate Studies Committee.

Master Programs (not offered at present)

MA in Criminology

The structure and the content of the program in Criminology have been approved by the University and the Department plans to begin offering it in the near future. The program is geared towards the many urgent needs in the areas of Criminology and Criminal Justice in Cyprus (crime, policing, the administration of justice, jails).

Students must attend two compulsory courses (Classical Sociological Theories, Research Methods) and the following courses: Social Deviance, Criminal Justice and Court.

MA in International and European Politics

The structure and the content of the program have been approved by the University and the Department plans to begin offering it in the near future. The program is geared towards the needs created by the prospective entrance of Cyprus into the European Union. It aims at creating a framework for the development and establishment of the field of International and European Politics.

Students must attend three compulsory courses (Research Methods, Theories of International Relations, European Political Union) and three courses from the following: History of European Political Thought, Comparative Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Human rights, Cyprus and the European Union.

Doctoral Programs

Following the relevant announcement for positions in the local press, the Department accepts applications for graduate programs leading to a Ph.D. in Sociology or in Political Science from individuals who intend to pursue research interests in areas related to the academic work of the members of the Department.

Those who enroll in the programs may be exempted, partly or fully, from the teaching part of the programs following the recommendation of the Postgraduate Studies Committee of the Department. For more information, prospective applicants can contact the coordinator of Graduate Studies.





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