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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 59/03 - Environmental Studies in China
Fecha:Viernes, 16 de Mayo, 2003  23:10:54 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

CeHuNews 59/03
This laboratory, established in October 1995, is a part of the State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control. Members of the laboratory have been conducting research on fundamental theories concerned with water systems in the environment. They have also been investigating the role of various technologies as components in water environmental systems. In their simulation studies, faculty members utilize concepts from the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as methods and techniques from computer science. The aim of all studies in this laboratory is to promote the development and application of science and technology for water environmental simulation, to enhance environmental protection, and to assist in the development of strategies for sustainable development in China. Moreover, according to the principles of ¡°Unity, Mobility, Opening, and Competition¡±, the members are now actively undertaking national key scientific and technology projects, supervising postgraduates, and developing domestic and international academic exchange activities and programs. The main research directions are: 1) Migration and transformation processes of pollutants in the water environment; 2) Mechanisms for changing damaged water environmental systems and promoting their recovery; 3) Management and planning of river basins and developing strategies for sustainable utilization of water resources; 4) Theory, methodology and technology of water environmental simulation.

Director of the Laboratory: Professor Yang Zhifeng
Director of Academic Committee: Professor Lin Xueyu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences