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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 34/03 - Research about Poverty at Vienna University
Fecha:Domingo, 6 de Abril, 2003  02:17:36 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

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CeHuNews 34/03
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Department of Social Policy
Reithlegasse 16
1190 Vienna
Phone: ++43/1/31336/5871


Poverty and social exclusion

Research on poverty and social exclusion in Austria has long been scarce, as was knowledge on the distribution of welfare and well-being within this country. For some years now, the department of social policy has conducted several studies to heighten the understanding of these topics within this country. Analyses included – along with conceptual work – aspects on the dynamics of poverty in Austria, on the inter-linkages between poverty and other dimensions of well-being (among others, social exclusion), and – in this context – on specific risks of selected population groups. Some of the analysis was part of a wider comparative study, which had been carried out in co-operation with partner universities throughout Europe, and was co-financed by the European Commission.


Dr. Karin Heitzmann:

Publications (selection)

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Badelt, Ch. (1999): The Role of NPOs in Policies to Combat Social Exclusion, Social Protection Discussion Paper, No. 9912. Washington D.C.: The World Bank.

Heitzmann, K. (2001): Characteristics and dynamics of income poverty and multidimensional deprivation in Austria. In: Apopospori, E. und Millar, J., Hrsg. Comparing social exclusion in Europe. An analysis of Austria, Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK. Edward Elgar. Forthcoming

Heitzmann, K. (1999): Transitions to Adulthood, Lone Parenthood, Sickness or Disability and Retirement: Empirical Analysis of the ECHP for Austria. Working Paper für das EU T.S.E.R. Forschungsprojekt: „Family Structure, Labour Market Participation and the Dynamics of Social Exclusion“.

Heitzmann, K. and Wallner-Ewald, St. (1999): Social Exclusion Statistics in the European Union: Availability, Plans and Action in Austria. In: Social Exclusion Statistics, Conference Papers, pp. 42-47. London.

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