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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 06/02 - Fourth Humboldt Meeting
Fecha:Sabado, 1 de Junio, 2002  00:43:10 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

Fourth International Humboldt Meeting



“Geography of Integration”


September 16 – 20th, 2002

Puerto Iguazú - Argentina   


Centro de Estudios Alexander von Humboldt

Tte. Gral. Perón 1333- 2do piso of. 24

C1038ABA - Buenos Aires – Argentina

Tel.: 54-1-374-3581

E mail





“Geography of Integration”



The first circulate



Coordinator: Lic. Juan Roberto Benítez


Organising Committee                                      Academic Committee


Prof. Beatriz Posada                            Lic. Humberto Voltolini

Prof. Haydée Aravena                           Prof. Omar Horacio Gejo

Prof. Marcelo F. Veneziano                   Dr. Gustavo Buzai

Prof. Beatriz Giazzon                           Lic. Cristina Carballo

Dr. Marisol Gejo                                               Dra. Elena Chiozza



The principal theme of the Encounter will be...




Works to be presented should refer to the following topics:

. Regional Integration 

. Frontiers, Migration and Culture 

. Environmental and Tourism 

. Geography, Folklore and Literature 

. Geography and Educatio 


Submission of Papers and Abstracts


Format requirements


. Complete text (maximun 15 pages. of 120 x 150 mm. including graphics and maps), in 12 point New Times Roman type, should be submittedin on 3,5 inch floppy using Word for Windows Version 7.0 or 6.0, with TWO paper copies of the same.

. Title in boldface and uppercase. 

. Last name and authors' names. 

. Work place, address and telephone/fax/e. mail.   



.ONLY ONE WORK from each author will be accepted.


. Certificates will not be issued to authors who, for whatever rason, do not present their paper.

 Each session will have a commentator, specialised in the topic.

 - We accept papers in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.



Participation fees: 100U$S

Students: 50 U$S


For more information contact:


Centro de Estudios Alexander von Humboldt                                                Tel.: 54-1-3743581

Tte. Gral. Perón 1333 - 2do floor - of. 24                                                                 

C1038 ABA - Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA                   e. mail: