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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 15/06 - Fully Funded ESRC CASE PhD Studentship
Fecha:Domingo, 9 de Abril, 2006  01:39:42 (+0000)
Autor:Alexander von Humboldt <cehumboldt>

CeHu News 15/06

Fully Funded ESRC CASE PhD Studentship

Improving Livelihoods in Rural Honduras

The University of Liverpool and Operation Wallacea

Applications are invited for a 3-year fully funded ESRC CASE Studentship
commencing October 2006. ESRC CASE studentships include full payment of fees at
the UK/EU rate, 3-year maintenance grant (in the region of £16k tax free per
annum) and will also involve additional training support and field resources
from the collaborative partner.

This PhD project will investigate how practices of development affect the
production and change of livelihoods in a rural part of the developing world.
It will ask a series of questions about how people in rural Honduras interact
with an external organisation, which is not primarily concerned with aid but
delivers aid/development in a subsidiary way, as they understand, produce and
improve their livelihoods. This project focuses upon the work of Operation
Wallacea, and its impacts upon the livelihoods of people in rural Honduras.
Operation Wallacea is a series of biological and social science expeditions
designed to underpin the achievement of specific wildlife conservation aims.
Its expeditions are now operating in 5 countries: Indonesia, Honduras, Egypt,
Cuba and South Africa. One of the impacts of this project will be to inform the
efforts of Operation Wallacea and organisations like it to monitor and improve
the outcomes of their encounters with local people.

To conduct this research the research student will spend approximately three
months each year in Honduras, contributing to and studying the work of
Operation Wallacea, and conducting more general research on rural livelihoods.
There will also be an opportunity to spend an additional, partly funded field
season with Operation Wallacea before the PhD begins, i.e. in July-August 2006.
This would provide an opportunity to become acquainted with the area and the
organisation, to make contacts and improve language skills.

The successful applicant must have a Bachelors or Masters Degree in a relevant
social science discipline such as Development Studies, Geography or Sociology.
In line with ESRC recommendations on recruitment, we anticipate that they will
have completed a recognised postgraduate research training programme, or can
demonstrate that the level of training already undertaken is in line with the
requirements set out by the ESRC. It is also desirable for the applicant to be
able to speak and write in Spanish since, though translators are available,
research will take place largely in Spanish. Applicants will be required to
meet ESRC residential eligibility requirements.

Informal enquiries about this studentship to Dr Richard Phillips
(Richard.Phillips@...; telephone: 0151 794 2857) or to the Postgraduate
Secretary in Geography: Ms. Jayne Avies (e-mail: Jayne@... or telephone
0151 794 2874). Applications may be submitted on-line via: .

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 24th April, 2006.


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