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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 6/06 - Cultures and Civilizations for Human Development - Management Team and Regional Promoters - IGU
Fecha:Domingo, 12 de Febrero, 2006  02:31:22 (-0300)
Autor:Centro Humboldt <humboldt>

CeHuNews 6/06

International Geographical Union



Union Géographique Internationale


Home of Geography


Maison de la Géographie




Cultures and Civilizations for Human Development — CCHD

Cultures et Civilisations pour le Développement  Humain — CCDH


Management Team  and  Regional Promoters— Tentative design



1          Management Team — Tentative  membership:

Co-ordinator:  VALLEGA, Adalberto

Associate co-ordinator:  PITTE Jean-Robert 


Members, alphabetical order:

AASE, Tor Halfdan

ABLER, Ronald F.

BAILLY, Antoine

BELLEZZA, Giuliano








YU, Woo-ik  



2          Management Team — Tentative roles

Moving from the CCHD Action Plan, the following roles may be considered. They are presented according to the alphabetical order of the Management Team members.




Operational fields


Expected Actions in 2006

1.     AASE, Tor Halfdan Aase 


§       Education


§       Coordinating the educational activities  included in the Action Plan

2.     ABLER, Ronald F.


§       Assistance to co-ordinator

§       Relationships  with ICSU

§       CCHD Budget


§       Assisting the co-ordinator in organisational matters and special affairs

§       Calling for partnership and collaboration from ICSU Unions, particularly from Geo-Unions

§       Designing and managing the CCHD budget

§       Editing English materials

3.     BAILLY, Antoine


§       Relationships with the UN General Assembly


§       In co-operation with the IGU President, calling from support to the IYCCHD from delegations in the UN General Assembly

§       Identifying the procedure needed to address the IYCCHD proposal to the UN General Assembly;

§       In co-operation with the IGU President, carrying out the subsequent operational tasks

4.     BELLEZZA, Giuliano


§       Secretariat, administration

§       Local sponsorship

§       Relationships with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


§       Co-ordinating the CCHD Secretariat

§       Calling for sponsorship and financial support from local sponsors

§       Calling for co-operation from Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5.     BUTTIMER, Anne


§       CCHD Dossiers


§       Convening and co-ordinating those Dossier that are expected to be worked out in 2006 (A format similar to the that in use by GeoUnions with reference to the IYPE should be adopted)

6.     DONERT, Karl


§       Media


§       Involving media, TV and websites in the CCHD implementation

7.     KELLERMAN, Aharon


§       Assistance to co-ordinator

§       Sponsorship


§       Assisting the co-ordinator in organisational matters and special affairs

§       Calling for moral and financial sponsorship

8.     KOSINSKI Leszek 


§       Relationships with UNESCO, ISSC and ICPHS


§       In co-operation with the IGU President, proposing the proclaim of the International Year on CCDH to UNESCO, and carrying out the subsequent actions

§       Calling for partnership and collaboration from ISSC and ICPHS

9.     LIBERALI, Ana María


§       Serving ad the Spanish editor


§       Translating CCHD English materials  into Spanish

§       Editing Spanish materials

10.  TOUMI, Alě


§       Relationships with the Arab world


§       Serving as the liaison person with ALECSO

§       Designing and operating those CCHD actions which are concerned with the 2008 IGC.

11.  VALLEGA, Adalberto


§       CCHD Coordination


§       Serving as the CCHD co-ordinator

§       Representing the CCHD initiative in external relationships

12.  WERLEN, Benno


§       Publications


§       Serving as co-ordinator of the CCHD Publications [flyers, books and journals]

13.  YU, Woo-ik  


§       Relationship with the IGU General Secretariat


§       Serving as a liaison persons between the CCHD and the IGU Secretariat

§       Promoting collaboration by the IGU research bodies




3          Regional promoters — Tentative approach

The regional  promoter is meant as a person carrying out actions to involve scientists, organisations, institutions, media and people in the CCDH initiative in a regional space. Tentative list (alphabetical order)






1.     ABLER, F. Ron



North America

2.     ASHOUR, Mahmoud



Mediterranean, Middle East

3.     BUTTIMER, Anne



Western and Northern Europe

4.     CHANG-YI, David



Pacific islands, except for Australia and New Zealand

5.     LIBERALI, Ana María





Latin America

6.     MAGI, Lindisizwe M.




Subsaharian Africa

7.     ROBERTSON, Margaret




South-eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand

8.     SINGH, Rana P.B.




Southern Asia

9.     SINGH, R.B.




Southern Asia

10.  TANABE, Hiroshi




Far East