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33/06 - How Wealth Alexande
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36/06 - ISA Resear Alexande
37/06 - Race, Ethn CeHu New
38/06 - RACE, ETHN CeHu New
39/06 - RACE, ETHN CeHu New
40/06 - Micro gene Alexande
41/06 - The War Ag Alexande
42/06 - Is China Alexande
43/06 - RACE, ETHN CeHu New
44/06 - RACE, ETHN CeHu New
45/06 - TRENDS OF CeHu New
46/06 - NINTH INTE CeHu New
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Fecha:Viernes, 13 de Octubre, 2006  02:23:05 (-0300)
Autor:CeHu News <cehunews>

CeHuNews 38/06
  Other than plenary speakers, all papers and sessions are subject to changes in day and time. This is a preliminary program only.
10:30 - 11:30
6:00 - 10:30

Recognition of Central Texas School Children Posters about Race and Ethnicity

San Marcos School Children Ballet Folklorico, Break Dancers, and Mariachi Bands

Organizer and Chair: Kimberly Porterfield, Texas State University-San Marcos

Welcome by Rosalinda Barrera, Gilda Garcia, Sandra Mayo, and Ruth Welborn, Texas State University-San Marcos

Venue: Outside LBJ Student Center South Entrance

12:00 Noon


Venue: LBJ Student Center on Third Floor Outside Ballroom Main Entrance

Diversity Canvas Painting Begins

Venue: Outside LBJ Student Center South Entrance

12:00 Noon - 2:00 p.m.

Texas State Student Organizations Activities

Venue: Mall between LBJ Student Center and Alkek Library _______________

November 1-3, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

The Art of Diversity: A Texas Statement

Art Show Organizer: Jerry Kimmel, artist and photographer

Reception at 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, 1 November

Norma Clark
Fidencio Duran
Tonya Engel
T. Paul Hernandez
Shou Ping Newcomb
Rama Tiru

Venue: Third Floor, LBJ Student Center


Texas State Mariachi Band

Introduction by Joe Stuessy, Texas State University-San Marcos




Texas State University-San Marcos President Denise M. Trauth,
San Marcos Mayor Susan Narviaz,
Hays County Judge Jim Powers, and Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference Founder John Frazier, and Kyle Morris, Texas State Associated Student Government President

7:30-8:30 p.m.

Public Address:
Ignacio Garza, Former Mayor of Brownsville, Texas and Commissioner of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, "On Immigration"

Introduction by Andrew Sansom, Texas State University-San Marcos


Texas State Salsa Band

Venue: Aquarena Center

Sessions: 2:00 - 3:40

Session 1201
Toyin Falola on African Nationalism

Organizer and Chair:
Fenda Akiwumi, University of South Florida

LBJ 3-14.1

Akin Ogundiran, Florida International University, "Post-Colonial Nationalism and African Development: The 'Power of Culture and History' in the Writings of Toyin Falola"
Ann Genova, University of Texas at Austin, "Oil and Nationalism in Nigeria?
"Toyin Falola's Role as a 'Popularizer' of African History"
Vik Bahl, Green River Community College, "Reclaiming Nationalism, Reinventing Tradition in the Diaspora"
Toyin Falola, University of Texas at Austin, Commentator
Session 1202
Black Communities and Commentaries

Ulrich Oslender, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

LBJ 3-10.1

Ulrich Oslender, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K., "A Terrorized Sense of Place: Afro-Colombian Communities in the Crossfire in the Pacific Coast Region"
Bobby M. Wilson, University of Alabama, "Brand Consumption and Race in the Black Community"
James Tyner, Kent State University, "The Black Vanguard: Intercommunalism and the Radical Geographies of Huey Newton"
Nik Heynen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
"Bending the Bars of Every Ghetto to Feed Kids"
Allison Mathews, Howard University, and Philip Cohen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Tracing Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action through Newspaper Content Analysis"
Session 1203
Defining Race and Ethnicity

Cathy Willermet, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico

LBJ 3-3.1

Nicole D. Truesdell, Michigan State University, "Race in Forensic Anthropology: Biological Reality, Social Construct, or Both?"
Catherine Veninga, College of Charleston, "From the Bottom Up: A Grounded Theory Approach to the Social Construction of Race"
Pam Iseminger, Texas State University-San Marcos, "Redefining American"
Cathy Willermet and Heather Edgar, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico, "Understanding the Term Hispanic"
Orquidea Morales, Texas State University-San Marcos, "Language as a Tool to Discovering the Chicana Identity"

Session 1204
Outreach to Security

Serin D. Houston, Syracuse University

LBJ 3-7.1

Michael Bourgeois,
John Mohr, and
Vincent Duquenne, University of California-
Santa Barbara, "The Logic of Opportunity: A Formal Analysis of the University of California's Outreach and Diversity Discourse"
Veronica E. Medina,
Olivia Hetzler, and David Overfelt, University of Missouri-Columbia, "The Next Racial Project : Gentrification, Displacement and New Urbanism"
E. Miller, University of Texas at Austin,"The Right to the Street: Exclusionary Geography in Austin, Texas"
Serin D. Houston, Syracuse University, "Spatial Stories: The Racial Discourses of Mixed-Race Households in Tacoma, Washington"
Michael C. Ewers
and J. M. Lewis, Ohio State University, "Security, Mobility and Ethnicity: Foreign Student Migration after September 11, 2001"
Session 1205
Race and Ethnicity and Popular Culture

Lawrence Joseph, Arizona State University

LBJ 3-6.1

Lawrence Joseph, Arizona State University, "Races and How They Affect the Performance of Quick-service Restaurants"
Eric Samson, Texas State University-San Marcos, "Daylight Saving Time and Fighting Back in Chilón, Chiapas, Mexico"
Giovanni Hortua, University of California, Irvine, "Resistance, Escapism, and Negotiation in the Midst of a Violent and Turbulent Home: The Critical Eye of Colombian Heavy Metal Music, 1980-1990"
Maureen Sioh, DePaul University, "Race as Cultural Capital in Negotiating Currency Exchange Rates"
Fatima Abbas, Temple University, "The Blog: A Tool in Youth Technology Instruction and GIS Development"
Session 1206
Ethnic Landscapes and Immigrants

Su-Yeul Chung, Western Illinois University

LBJ 3-15.1

Su-Yeul Chung, Western Illinois University, "Guided Re-concentration of Racial/Ethnic Minorities in Suburbs: A Case Study of Koreans in Chicago IL PMSA"
Andrea Voyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Diversity in Context: Living Difference and Talking Diversity in Maine's 'Little Mogadishu'"
Hyiamang Odoom, Kent State University, "Study into Attitudes of Ghanaian Immigrants in Selected Communities in the United States of America to Fertility"
Kathleen Woodhouse, Kent State University, "Latvian Ethnic Identity in North America"
Julie Skogsbergh, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "The Triple-Axis: The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Place among Dominicans in the United States"
Session 1207
Racial and Ethnic Issues: From Denmark to Alabama

Micheline van Riemsdijk, University of Colorado

LBJ 3-8.1

Linda S. Fair, Binghamton University, "Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad - Is Something Really Rotten in the State of Denmark?"
Courtney Donovan, University of Washington, "The Problematic of Race in French Society and Research"
Micheline van Riemsdijk, University of Colorado, "Whiteness and the Othering of Polish Nurses in Norway"
Brian King, University of Texas at Austin, "Developing KaNgwane: Geographies of Segregation and Integration in the New South Africa"
John Schelhas, Esperance Namugabo, and Robert Zabawa,
USDA Forest Service and Tuskegee University, "Enduring Racial Differences in Forestland Ownership and Management: Macon County, Alabama"
Session 1208
Student Perspectives on Southwestern Literature

Organizer and Chair: Mark Busby, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-11.1

Patrick McCord,Texas State University-San Marcos "Our Capitalist Land: Class Structure in The Grapes of Wrath"

Brittney Coker, Texas State, "Ethnicity and Science in William Eastlake's Southwest Novels"

Irene Miller, "Focus on the Southwest," Texas State University-San Marcos

Ken Farrell, "Focus on the Southwest," Texas State University-San Marcos"

Session 1209
Student Panel on First-Generation College Students: A Resource for Enhancing the Cultural Competence of the Social Work Profession

Organizers and Chairs:
Mary Tijerina and Dexter Freeman, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-4.1

Sonia Sanchez, Texas State University-San Marcos
Robert Leal, Texas State University-San Marcos
Eloy Sanchez, Texas State University-San Marcos
Rhonda Mason, Texas State University-San Marcos
Zana Gardner, Texas State University-San Marcos
Session 1210
Enhancing International Business Education: The Latin American Business Program at Texas State

Organizer and Chair:
Jack Mogab, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-5.1

Lillie Hejl, Texas State University-San Marcos
Lily Ta, Texas State University-San Marcos
Javier Mere Prada, Texas State University-San Marcos
Lorene Tade, Texas State University-San Marcos
Session 1211
Panel on Texas Latino Music

Organizer and Chair: John Lopez, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-9.1

Juan Tejeda,
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas
Juan Ortiz, Mariachi Campanas De America, San Antonio, Texas
Henry Brun, The Latin Playerz, San Antonio, Texas
Session 1212
Panel on Mentoring a Diverse Student Body:  Student Perspectives

Organizer and Chair: Ismael Amaya, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 4-1.9

Sade Sheppard, Texas State University-San Marcos

Laramie McWilliams, Texas State University-San Marcos
Haley Hudson, Texas State University-San Marcos
Amanda Sandoval, Texas State University-San Marcos
Ashley Flores, Texas State University-San Marcos
Session 1213 Perspectives on Study Abroad Programs:  Europe

Organizer and Chair: Isis Gomez, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-13.1

Hassan Tajalli, Texas State University-San Marcos
Robert Fischer, Texas State University-San Marcos
Richard Earl, Texas State University-San Marcos
James Thomas, Texas State University-San Marcos
Amanda Cobb and Tsuyoshi Takagi, Texas State University-San Marcos

Session 1214
Student Poster I

LBJ Third Floor

Sesssion 1215
GIS Workshop on Race and Ethnicity

Alberto Giordano, Texas State University-San Marcos



Sessions: 4:00 - 5:40

Session 1301
Living in Limbo: A Century of Successes and Challenges for Latinos at Texas State University-San Marcos

Ana Juarez and Paul Hart, Texas State University-San Marcos

 LBJ 3-14.1
Ana Juarez,
Texas State University-San Marcos
Paul Hart,
Texas State University-San Marcos

Session 1302
International Issues and Connections

Thomas Boswell, University of Miami

LBJ 3-3.1

James Forrest, University of Macquarie, Sydney, Australia, "Lebanese Immigrants in Sydney, Australia: A Special Case of Segmented Assimilation?"

Ian E. A. Yeboah, Miami University of Ohio, "Emancipatory Ethnicity an Urban Land Claims: Marginalization and Impoverishment of the Ga and Adangme in Accra, Ghana"
M. Cristina Alcalde, Southwestern University, "A Sense of Place: The Regional Dimension of Race in Women's Experiences of Discrimination and Violence in Lima"
Thomas Boswell, University of Miami, "The Geography and Pluralism of Metropolitan Miami's Black Population"
Michael Rovito, Temple University, "English Language Proficiency in Acculturation and Spatial Mobilities: An Ethnographic and GIS Analysis of Foreign-born Chinese in Philadelphia"

Session 1303
Urban Latino Place Making in the U.S.

Heather A. Smith, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

LBJ 3-10.1

Michael Poulson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, "Delimiting Differences in the Nature of Hispanic Concentrations in American Cities"
Heather A. Smith, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, "The Multiple Latino Communities of Charlotte, North Carolina's Middle Ring Suburbs"
Jamie Winders, Syracuse University, "The Classroom, the Apartment Complex, and the Labor Office: Urban Geographies of Race and Immigration in Southern U.S. Cities"
Leon Yacher, Southern Connecticut State University, "Hispanics in the Greater New Haven, Connecticut Region: Cultural Landscape Transformations"

Session 1304
Education: Illegal Aliens to Physical Therapists

Emily Summers, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-8.1

Anthony C. Stevenson, Rowan University, and Angela Williams, West Chester Area School District, "But What About the Children? A Discussion about the Issues Regarding Educating Illegal Alien Children in the United States"
Emily Summers, Texas State University-San Marcos, "Cultural Alterity and the Geographic Constructs of Childhood: Normative Re-Creations of Dominate Culture and Radical Others in Children's Popular Culture"
L. D. Hannah,
Kansas State University
"If the Subaltern Speaks in the Woods and Nobody Listens"
Moneek Bennett, Texas State University-San Marcos, "African- American Recruitment in Physical Therapist Education
Session 1305 Photographers of Race and Place and Racialized Landscapes

Juan D. De Lara, California, Berkeley

LBJ 3-5.1
Erina Duganne, Texas State University-San Marcos, "The Kamoinge Workshop in Context"
Judy B. Oskam, Texas State University-San Marcos, "El Llano Estacado: Through the Lens of Photographer Tony Gleaton"
Liana Vasseur, University of Kentucky, "Immigration Landscapes: South Florida's Racialized Coast"
Juan D. De Lara, University of California, Berkeley, "The Coachella Valley: A Racialized Landscape"
Sarah Elwood, University of Washington, "Negotiating Race, Place, and GIS: Where is (West) Humboldt Park?"

Session 1306
New Faces in Engineering &
Technology: Minority Scholars Achievement Experiences

Organizer and Chair: Jaime Hernandez, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 4-1.9

Luis Garza, Texas State University-San Marcos

Tom Guerrero, Texas State University-San Marcos
Matt Luna, Texas State University-San Marcos
Osaze Ogbeide, Texas State University-San Marcos
Session 1307
Student Panel on Latinas Unidas: Empowering Ourselves

Organizer and Chair:
Mary Jo Garcia Biggs, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-13.1
Mary Jo Garcia Biggs, Texas State University-San Marcos
Stella Silva, Texas State University-San Marcos
Beverly A. Oberle, Texas State University-San Marcos
Sonya Lopez, Texas State University-San Marcos
Session 1308
Panel on the Racial Dynamics of Bilingual Education

Organizer and Chair: Octavio Pimentel, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-7.1

Charise Pimentel, Texas State University-San Marcos
Jesse Gainer, Texas State University-San Marcos
Paul Velazquez, Texas State University-San Marcos
Octavio Pimentel, Texas State University-San Marcos

Session 1309
Silent Racism to Yutaibo


Von E. Nebbitt, Howard University

LBJ 3-11.1
Jason Lamb, Bowling Green State University, "Silent Racism and the Geographies of Hope: How Perspective, Power and Change Impact White Anti-racist Practice"

John B. Strait, Sam Houston State University, "An Epidemiology of Neighborhood Poverty: Causal Factors of Infant Mortality among Blacks and Whites in the Metropolitan United States"

Von E. Nebbitt, Howard University, "Assessing the Moderating Affect of Housing Project Structure on African-American Adolescents’ Mental Health"

Amy Nathan Wright, University of Texas-Austin, "Performing Poverty from Marks, Mississippi to Washington, D.C.:  The Mule Train to the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign"

Joaquín Rivaya-Martínez, Texas State University-San Marcos," Yutaibo: Contemporary Comanche Indians’ Views of Hispanics"

Session 1310
Student Panel on the Houston-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Susan Romanella, Texas State University-San Marcos
Gregory Passty, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-6.1

Casey Martinez, Green Design & Sustainability Consulting, Austin, Texas

Naureen Wahed, Applied Materials, Austin, Texas

Mas Aoshima, Texas State University-San Marcos Alumnus

Alex Patino and Asha James, Texas State University-San Marcos

Valerie Valencia, Marina Andruzzi, and Michael Bazan, Texas State University-San Marcos

Session 1311
Perspectives on Study Abroad Programs:  Latin America and Japan

Organizer and Chair: Isis Gomez, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-15.1

Byron Augustin, Texas State University-San Marcos

Mayumi Moriuchi, Texas State University-San Marcos

Lauralea Drummond, Texas State University-San Marcos

Daniel Walker, Texas State University-San Marcos

Joao Middleton, Texas State University-San Marcos

Session 1312
The Praxis of Place: International Social Work

Organizer and Chair: Catherine A. Hawkins, Texas State University-San Marcos

LBJ 3-4.1

Val Gomez, Texas State University-San Marcos, "I Play as a Volunteer in Playas, Ecuador"
Karen Brown, Texas State University-San Marcos,
"From Russia with Love: Cross-Cultural Collaboration"
Laura Summerhill, Texas State University-San Marcos, "International Adoption: Returning to One's Roots in Romania and Paraguay"
Catherine A. Hawkins, Texas State University-San Marcos, "Cultural Immersion in New York: The World's Most Diverse City"

Session 1313
Breastfeeding to Dyadic Mentoring

Robert Vargas, DePaul University    

LBJ 3-9.1

Megan Soukup, Texas State University-San Marcos, "Race, Place, and Mother's Milk: Who is Breastfeeding in San Marcos, Texas?"

Robert Vargas, DePaul University, "The Battle for Uptown: A Diverse Community's Response to Gentrification"

Jennifer Ramirez-Johnson, University of Texas-San Marcos, "Using Instant Messaging to Teach English Technology"

Susan L. Kirby, Texas State University-San Marcos, and Orlando C. Richard, University of Texas at Dallas, "The Impact of Race and Gender Composition on Dyadic Mentoring Relationships"


Session 1314
Workshop on
Literature and Film in Interdisciplinary Teaching about the American Southwest

Organizer and Chair: Mark Busby, Director, Center for the Study of the Southwest, Texas State University-San Marcos

105 Alkek Library






REP III, 2006 Conference Flyer/Poster