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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 7/06 - Job Watch: Mexico Solidarity Netwo
Fecha:Domingo, 12 de Febrero, 2006  02:38:33 (-0300)
Autor:Centro Humboldt <humboldt>

CeHuNews 7/06
Job Watch: Mexico Solidarity Network


The Mexico Solidarity Network has a job opening for an activist/academic.  The successful candidate will have:

ˇ extensive experience in community-based and grassroots organizing in the US context
ˇ the capacity to teach theoretical and practical aspects of political economy and social movements to university level students, and at least a masters degree in political science, economics, sociology, Mexican history or some related field
ˇ knowledge of Mexico's social, political and economic context
ˇ the ability to travel at least six months per year
ˇ Spanish fluency and the ability to teach in English
ˇ a political orientation that is anti-capitalist and a strong commitment to fundamental political change in the US and Mexico
ˇ a valid drivers license in either the US or Mexico

The position involves:

ˇ teaching a 14-week study abroad program in Mexico. The program is oriented toward study of Mexican social movements with theoretical and practical implications for organizing in the US context.
ˇ grassroots and community organizing in the US, most likely based out of Washington, DC (though we may be flexible for exceptional candidates that meet all of the other criteria).

The job will be based in Mexico at least four months per year and most likely in Washington, DC the other eight months of the year.  We may also be open to a candidate based year round in Mexico.  The position includes health insurance and four weeks paid vacation per year.  Starting salary is $30,000.  Interested candidates should forward a resume and writing sample (something less than 5 pages that will give us an idea of your political orientation)

The Mexico Solidarity Network maintains offices in Chicago and Washington, DC, and will open a third office in El Paso in late 2006.  Our program includes:

ˇ a study abroad program focused on Mexican social movements that prepares young activists for work in the US and Mexican contexts,
ˇ solidarity programs with the Zapatistas, ex-Braceros, and women?s organizations struggling against the femicides in Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez,
ˇ community centers in Chicago and Washington focused on organizing undocumented workers.

For more information on the Mexico Solidarity Network, please see MSC web site at