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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 37/06 - Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference
Fecha:Miercoles, 11 de Octubre, 2006  10:30:44 (-0300)
Autor:CeHu News <cehunews>

CeHuNews 37/06

Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference

at Texas State University

San Marcos, Texas, USA



Wednesday Nov 1

Thursday Nov 2

Friday Nov 3

Saturday Nov 4

8:00 - 9:40



Public Address:
John Duke Anthony, President, National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, "Future Implications of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Arab and Islamic World"

Introduction by Byron Augustin, Texas State University-San Marcos

Venue: LBJ Ballroom


Public Address:
Rolando Hinojosa, University of Texas at Austin, "This Writer's Sense of Place"

Introduction by Jaime Mejia and Ann Marie Ellis, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Texas State University-San Marcos

Venue: LBJ Ballroom

8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

Fieldtrips in Central and South Texas

Hispano San Antonio
Leader: Frank de la Teja, Texas State University-San Marcos

Ghettos, Enclaves, and Citadels in Austin
Leader: Emily Skop, University of Texas at Austin

10:00 - 11:40


Recognition of Central Texas School Children Posters about Race and Ethnicity

San Marcos School Children Ballet Folklorico, Break Dance, and Mariachi Bands

Organizer and Chair: Kimberly Porterfield, Texas State University-San Marcos

Welcome by Rosalinda Barrera, Gilda Garcia, Sandra Mayo, and Ruth Welborn, Texas State University-San Marcos

Venue: Outside LBJ Student Center South Entrance

Session 2101
AAG Panel on U.S. and Latin American Collaboration in Geographic Research and Education

Session 2102
Health in U.S. Places

Session 2103
Language, Culture, and Ethnicity

Session 2104
Asian Ethnic Settlements

Session 2105
Housing and Neighborhoods

Session 2106
Adjustments of Underrepresented Students to University Life

Session 2107
Education and Inequities

Session 2108
Panel on Using Service Learning to Help Preservice Teachers Learn About Diversity

Session 2109
Panel on Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Session 2110
Panel on Mentoring a Diverse Student Body: Professional Perspectives

Session 2111
Panel on First Generation College Students

Session 2112
Panel on Affordable Housing I ________________

Session 2113
On The Front Lines: Latino  Healthcare Providers    in Central Texas


Session 3101
Understanding Privilege in America: Issues of Race and Ethnicity

Session 3102
Architecture, Cultural Interaction, and Place

Session 3103
Hurricane Impacts on Ethnic Groups

Session 3104
Ethnic Profiles and Dimensions

Session 3105
Panel on Internationalization of Our Campuses and Discipline

Session 3106
Race and Ethnicity in Literature

Session 3107
Healthcare and Politics

Session 3108
Women, Children, and Ethnicity

Session 3109
Why Take Risks? Understanding Adolescent Behaviors Focusing on Race/Ethnicity Factors

Session 3110
Panel on Teaching Latino Students in the New South

Session 3111
Race, Memory, and Landscape in the American South

Session 3112
Ethnic Pasts

Session 3113  
Tejanos and their Homeland

Session 3114

Workshop on Diversity Issues

Session 3115
Student Posters

Ethnicity along the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers
Leader: James Kimmel, Texas State University-San Marcos

A Taste of Hill Country German Culture--New Braunfels Wurstfest Leader: Byron Augustin, Texas State University-San Marcos

Culture Groups of the Texas Hill Country
Leaders: Richard Earl and Donald Huebner, Texas State University-San Marcos

Wimberley: Preserving the Past, Preserving Place
Leader: Sally Caldwell, Texas State University-San Marcos


Ethnic Change: The Tale of Two Central Texas Communities
Leader: Brock Brown, Texas State University-San Marcos

Environment, People, and Culture: Stories of San Marcos
Leaders: Miguel Guajardo and Mike Gividen, Texas State University-San Marcos


12:00 - 1:40


Venue: LBJ Student Center on Third Floor Outside Ballroom Main Entrance

Diversity Canvas Painting Begins

Venue: Outside LBJ Student Center South Entrance ______________

12:00 Noon - 2:00 p.m.

Texas State Student Organizations Activities

Venue: Mall between LBJ Student Center and Alkek Library

November 1-3,
8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

The Art of Diversity: A Texas Statement

Art Show Organizer: Jerry Kimmel, artist and photographer

Reception at 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, 1 November

Norma Clark
Fidencio Duran
Tonya Engel
T. Paul Hernandez
Shou Ping Newcomb
Rama Tiru

Venue: Third Floor, LBJ Student Center


Acknowledgments, John Frazier, Binghamton University (SUNY)

Public Address:
President Lois B. DeFleur, Binghamton University (SUNY), President George C. Wright, Prairie View A&M University, and President Denise M. Trauth, Texas State University-San Marcos; "On Race, Ethnicity, and Place in Higher Education"

Introductions by Perry Moore, Texas State University-San Marcos Provost

Venue: LBJ Ballroom


Public Address:
Bernard Rapoport, Founder and Former President of the American Income Life Insurance Company, and Donald Zale, Former Chairman and CEO of Zale Corporation,and Fred Zeidman, Chairman, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, "Jewish Leaders in Texas"

Introduction by Richard Golden, Director, Jewish Studies Program, University of North Texas

Venue: LBJ Ballroom


2:00 - 3:40

Session 1201

Toyin Falola on African Nationalism

Session 1202

Black Communities and Commentaries

Session 1203
Defining Race and Ethnicity ______________

Session 1204
Outreach to Security

Session 1205
Race and Ethnicity and Popular Culture

Session 1206
Ethnic Landscapes and Immigrants

Session 1207
Racial and Ethnic Issues: From Denmark to Alabama

Session 1208
Student Perspectives on Southwestern Literature

Session 1209
Student Panel on First-Generation College Students: A Resource for Enhancing the Cultural Competence of the Social Work Profession

Session 1210
Enhancing International Business Education: The Latin American Business Program at Texas State

Session 1211
Panel on Texas Latino Music _____________

Session 1212

Student Panel on Mentoring a Diverse Student Body: Student Perspectives

Session 1213
Perspectives on Study Abroad Programs: Europe

Session 1214
Student Posters and Photography

Sesssion 1215
GIS Workshop on Race and Ethnicity

Session 2201
Panel on Latino Health Issues

Session 2202

Migration and Mobility in North America: Experiences of Africans

Session 2203

Urban Issues

Session 2204
Latin American Themes

Session 2205
Race, Ethnicity, and Place in the Courts

Session 2206
Student Panel on First-Generation College Students

Session 2207
Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Session 2208
Panel on Reducing Disproportionality in Child Welfare through Collaboration and Community Engagement

Session 2209
Panel on Challenges and Opportunities in Diversifying Academe: A Social Work Perspective

Session 2210
Affordable Housing II _________________

Session 2211

Panel on An Antidote for Radical Religious Fundamentalism: Interfaith Caregiving, Dialogue, and Alliances

Session 2212
Perspectives from India _________________

Session 2213
Documentary Film on Mariachi Music in Texas

Session 3201
Rethinking Racism

Session 3202

Urban Racial and Ethnic Issues in the U.S.

Session 3203

La(s) Frontera(s) de Desarrollo: The Evolving South Texas Borderland: From Then Til Now

Session 3204
Cultural and Historical Geographies of African Americans

Session 3205
Teaching about Race and Ethnicity

Session 3206
Race, Ethnicity, and Katrina

Session 3207
Community Stories: Socially Mapping Race, Public Policy, Schools and
Change in San Marcos, Texas

Session 3208
Language and Place

Session 3209

Race Is the Place Video

Session 3210

Indigenous People, Immigrants, and Refugees

Session 3211A

Student Paper Session I on Understanding Privilege in America: Issues of Race and Ethnicity

Session 3211B
Student Paper Session II on Understanding Privilege in America: Issues of Race and Ethnicity

Session 3212
The Business of  Latin American Business at Texas State

Session 3213
Latinos, Language, and Learning on La Frontera


4:00 - 5:40

Session 1301
Living in Limbo: A Century of Successes and Challenges for Latinos at Texas State University-San Marcos

Session 1302

International Issues and Connections

Session 1303

Urban Latino Place Making in the U.S.

Session 1304
Education: Illegal Aliens to Physical Therapists

Session 1305

Photographers of Race and Place and Racialized Landscapes

Session 1306
New Faces in Engineering &
Technology: Minority Scholars Achievement Experiences

Session 1307
Student Panel on Latinas Unidas: Empowering Ourselves

Session 1308

Panel on the Racial Dynamics of Bilingual Education

Session 1309

Silent Racism to Yutaibo _____________

Session 1310

Student Panel on the Houston-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation _____________

Session 1311
Perspectives on Study Abroad Programs:  Latin America and Japan

Session 1312
The Praxis of Place: International Social Work _____________

Session 1313

Breastfeeding to Dyadic Mentoring

Session 2301  
Panel on Affordable Housing in Central Texas   

Session 2302

Panel on Ethnic Health Advocacy

Session 2303
Places of Remembrance ______________

Session 2304
Urban African Americans

Session 2305
Interdisciplinary Research on Indigenous Peoples and Place

Session 2306

Panel on Perspectives of a Borderlands Pedagogy for Entering and Exiting College Students

Session 2307
Panel on the Tiger Woods Dilemma: Reflections on Multiracial and
Multiethnic Americans

Session 2308
Panel on Environmental Justicea

Session 2309
The Stony Road We Trod: The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama

Session 2310
Panel on Sources for Data on Race and Hispanic Origin from the U.S. Census Bureau

Session 2311
Recognizing the Importance of and Achievements in International Education at Texas State

Session 2312
Panel on World Musics in Intra and Interdisciplinary Music Teaching and Research

Session 2313

Disparity within the Latino Population

Session 2314 
Workshop on
Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Session 3301

Teaching the Racial and Ethnic Geography at the Collegiate Level: Some Examples

Session 3302

Identities and Perceptions

Session 3303

La(s) Frontera(s) de Desarrollo: The Evolving South Texas Borderland: Now

Session 3304
Latino Socioeconomic Patterns in the U.S.

Session 3305
Panel on Ethnic Music in Texas

Session 3306
Globalization, Migration, and African Diasporas

Session 3307
Computerized Analysis of Natural Language to Understand Ethnicity and Place

Session 3308
Film Shorts from Indigenous America

Session 3309

Student Discussions on Understanding Privilege in America: Issues of Race and Ethnicity

Session 3310
The Lingering Effects of the Stockholm Syndrome: Why White Matters to Today's African Americans

Session 3311
Minorities in Science

Session 3312
Media and the Civil Rights Movement

Session 3313
We Are Asian Americans Too!  South Asian Americans in the Context
of Asian America

Session 3314
Workshop on Detecting and Mapping Health Disparities Using a Space-time Information System in Geography


5:45- 10:30


Texas State Mariachi Band

Introduction by Joe Stuessy, Texas State University-San Marcos




Texas State University-San Marcos President Denise M. Trauth, San Marcos Mayor Susan Narviaz, Hays County Judge Jim Powers, and Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference Founder John Frazier, and Kyle Morris, Texas State Associated Student Government President

7:30-8:30 p.m.

Public Address:
Ignacio Garza, Former Mayor of Brownsville, Texas and Commissioner of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, "On Immigration"

Introduction by Andrew Sansom and Gilda Garcia


Texas State Salsa Band

Venue: Aquarena Center


Reception by Invitation

Texas State
Jazz Ensemble

Joan Heath, Alkek Library, Texas State University-San Marcos


Ojos Para Volar/Eyes To Fly With

by Graciela Iturbide, Internationally Acclaimed Mexican Photographer

Chair and Presenter:
Connie Todd, Texas State University-San Marcos

Venue: Wittliff Gallery, 7th Floor Alkek Library




Public Address:   

Introduction by President Denise M, Trauth, and Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference Founder John Frazier


Public Address:
Venue: Hays County Courthouse Square


Texas State Steel Drum Ensemble





Public Address:
Ruby Dee, Famed African-American Actress

Introduction by Patricia Candia, Interim President, St. Philip's College



Stars of Texas Program

Blues and Soul Singer/Songwriter Lavelle White and Latin Rock Band Vallejo

Master of Ceremonies, Gary Hartman, Director, Center for Texas Music History, Texas State University-San Marcos


After Hours at George's

Venue: LBJ Student Center


REP III, 2006 Conference Flyer/Poster