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Asunto:[CeHuNews] CeHu News 25/06 - One year academic post at York University
Fecha:Miercoles, 19 de Julio, 2006  16:21:00 (+0000)
Autor:Alexander von Humboldt <cehumboldt>

The Politics Department at York is looking for a replacement lecturer for Adrian
Leftwitch from this October for one year (with the possibility of renewal). For

The appointment will be made at spinal point 9 on the Lecturer A scale. The
department is
looking for someone to teach on the Politics of Development, a second-year large
undergraduate course, which will entail some case study experience, but also an
to teach across the discipline of development studies thematically. 

In addition to that an ability to do an introductory course in Politics to
graduates is
an advantage but NOT a requirement. 

As there is already a Latin Americanist on staff, someone who can do any other
region of
the world may have a slight advantage, but if a Latin Americanist is
able/prepared to
cover cases elsewhere as well in lectures, then a Latin America expertise should
count as a disadvantage.

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