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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 52/06 - Greetings & Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year 2007
Fecha:Jueves, 28 de Diciembre, 2006  15:25:53 (-0300)
Autor:CeHu News <cehunews>

CeHuNews 52/06
Greetings & Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year 2007 --
May this year bring you Progress, Prosperity and Peace
You must wake and call me early, call me early, friendly dear;
To-morrow 'ill be the happiest time of all the glad New-year;
Of all the glad New-year, friend, the maddest merriest day.
..... Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)
"Thinking together is a new vision of start. Going together is a new start for march. Walking together is a real march for progress. Realising together is the final progress towards revelation – enlightenment.
A spiritual walk is the ladder, sacred ways are the steps, and human understanding is the destination. Without a way a pilgrim or traveller gets lost in the route. The way is a ‘spirit’ – spirit is an eternal sight for passing on the path in the right order. This ‘spirit’ is a blessing from the Mother Earth/ Mother Nature.
Let us keep the spirit always awakened and pray the Mother to always direct us on the right path. This is a call for the nourishment of Soil, Soul and Society where the Humanity meets to the Divinity". Let us try to Understand it and Feel it". ......... Rana
"The peace in the sky, the peace in the mid air.
The peace on the earth, the peace in the water.
The peace in plants, the peace in the forest trees.
And peace in all the divinities, the peace in ultimate reality.
The peace in all things. The peace in peace.
May that peace come to us".
............ thus said the Yajur Veda (X.17.1), a text of the 10th century B.C.E.
# Think universally, see globally, but act locally. --- Rana
Our very dear friend, co-pilgrim and inspirer:
You would wake and see the fresh light,
Remember the friendship and be full of delight.
Tomorrow will be happiest time welcoming New Year,
In memory of all the grand New-years enjoy sweet beer.
Sweet returns,
Lovely greetings &
the Best wishes for the
Happy, Peaceful & Prosperous New Year 2007
(A) Rana P.B. Singh: Collaboration, Activities & Major Events of 2006.
02 Jan., the saddest day to know that my old doctoral student, Dr Shyam Pyare (38 yrs) along with his wife Poonam and 1½ yr son, died at the spot in a road accident by a loaded truck.
07 Jan., received and welcome to Prof. Sandy Huntington and his 11 students, USA .
08 Jan., boating and walking along Ghats with Prof. Sandy’s group; & lecture in the evening.
10 Jan., Area walk, Durgakund, Tulasi Manas Temple with Prof. Sandy’s group.
11 Jan., lecture in the evening on ‘Sacred Geography of Kashi’ for Prof. Sandy’s group.
12 Jan., Panchakroshi pilgrimage, Kardameshvara to Kapildhara, with Prof. Sandy’s group.
14 Jan., Usha, Rana’s wife, 51st birthday celebrated by the family members.
15 Jan., afternoon: visit Shitala-Ji at Adalhat with Prof. Sandy’s group.
17 Jan., visit and walk around Sarnath’s Buddhist landscape, museum with Prof. Sandy’s group.
22 Jan., visit to Vindhyachal Goddess territory – Pilgrimage, with Prof. Sandy’s group.
24 Jan., visit to Lekhania Dari Pre-historic paintings, waterfall with Prof. Sandy’s group.
26 Jan., forenoon visit to Southpoint School function with Prof. Sandy’s group; afternoon meeting with Austrian film director, Dr. Michael Stöger.
27 Jan., send off/ Good Bye to Prof. Sandy Huntington’s group, railway stn. Varanasi , evening.
03 Feb., meeting and dinner with Dr Ms NAGASAKI Hiroko ( Japan ), together with Dr Ravi.
04 Feb., addressed the International Future Forum (20 scholars delegation from Europe ), Jnana Pravaha.
06 Feb., meeting and discourses with Dr Roxanne Gupta, Prof. Sukdeo Singh, and Dr Mark Dyczkowski.
08 Feb., evening discourses and dinner with French (Prof. Serge Santelli) and Austrian architects (Dr. Grigor Doytchinov, Dr. Hasso Hohmann and Dr. Wolfgang Dokonal) at Ravi ’s home.
09 Feb., evening Seminar, French and Austrian architects, Kautilya Society, org. by Ms Vrinda Dar.
10 Feb., morning Rana’s lecture on Culture of Banaras at Radisson Hotel for American delegation.
11 Feb., discourses with Austrian architects: Hasso, Griger and Dokonal and lunch at Rana’s home.
13 Feb., received FWP-LIU New York , Dr. Kristy Coleman & Mr. Matthew Wilson and 13 students.
14 Feb., boating to see riverfront Banaras with FWP-LIU NY group; evening discourses with Austrian architects: Hasso, Griger and Dokonal and dinner at Aman Restaurant, together with Ravi .
15 Feb., evening to Dashashvamedha Ghat: see the Ganga Arati with FWP-LIU New York group.
16 Feb., visit to Muslim landscape and culture with FWP-LIU New York group; afternoon meeting with Prof. Pramod Chandra and Ms Vrinda Dar about INTACH Banaras; evening concert.
18 Feb., visit to Buddhist landscape and monasteries, Sarnath with FWP-LIU New York group; evening lecture on Vindhyachal goddess area.
19 Feb., visit and pilgrimage to Vindhyachal Goddess Territory with FWP-LIU New York group.
20 Feb., meeting and discourses with Prof. SHINODA Takashi ( Japan ), at Assi Ghat.
21 Feb., together with Usha visit to Shitala goddess (Adalpura), Bhimachandi and Kardameshvara with FWP-LIU New York group.
22 Feb. morning walk to Durga and Tulasi Manas temple with FWP-LIU NY group; evening concert.
23 Feb., visited Lekhania Dari hills and falls (63km SW of Varanasi), where in an accident Rana’s right leg ankle fractured; later on plastered & complete rest required for 5-weeks.
26 Feb, Shivaratri, morning visit of Raoul Ravena ( Italy ) and have religious discourses.
28 Feb., at Rana’s house: Puja-Katha rituals, attended by FWP-LIU NY group and Philippa (UK); also Rana’s lecture on sacred geography of Banaras ; Celebrated 36th marriage anniversary: Rana- Usha.
01 Mar, evening,  FWP- Long Is Univ. Group left for Kolkata; Dr Ravi look after and send off at Stn.
02 Mar, meeting and discourses with collaborator Dr Marc Katz ( Karlstad , Sweden ) at Rana’s home.
06-7 Mar, presided over students’ seminar, MA/MSc IV semester Geography, B.H.U.
01 April, the Fools’ Day: Rana’s right leg ankle plaster is cleaned up, after accident on 23 Feb.
13 Apr., discourses about the heritage and planning of Banaras with Austrian delegation: Andy Maleta, Ilsa Bernhard and Dr. Herbert Schwabl at Rana’s home.
18 May to 20 June, as Visiting Professor, seminar and lectures at Karlstad Univ. , Sweden .
28 to 30 May, stayed at Oslo University College and gave lectures and have discourses with colleagues.
15 to 18 June, Convened a panel “Landscape and Spirit of Place’, Conference on ‘Space, Discourses and Haunting’, Karlstad University , Sweden . Discourses with Prof. Martin Haigh ( Oxford ) and Prof. Jamie Scott ( Toronto ).
20 to 26 June, stay with Prof. Erik R. Sand, Copenhagen University , lecturing on Indian culture and discourses with old students and faculties.
27 to 30 June, Convened and Chaired a Panel “Pilgrimage and Planning the Heritage Cities’, in the 19th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies’, Leiden University , the Netherlands .
14 August. Malviya Peace Research Centre, BHU: discourse with Prof. Amresh Dubey ( New Delhi ), Dr. M. Satish Kumar ( UK ), and dinner & reception with them and other scholars.
22 Aug., evening meeting and discussion on Riverfront Heritage with Ms Vrinda Dar.
25 Aug., Rana’s Interview and TV shooting on Kashi by the E-TV, Mr  Rohit Singh.
29 Aug., slide-show lecture on ‘Sacred Kashi’, Univ. of Wisconsin USA students group.
07 Sept., Evening meet and discourses with Prof. David Haberman ( Indiana Univ. , USA ), Assi Ghat.
08 Sept., meeting and discourses with Ms Philippa Williams (Geogr. PhD student from Cambridge , UK )
21 Sept., meeting and discourses with Prof. Taigen HASHIMOTO ( Tokyo , Japan ), an Indologist.
22 Sept., meeting and discourses with Dr Niels Gutschow (a renowned architect, Germany ).
25 to 27 September;  UNESCO Conf. on ‘Networking Indian Cities of Living Heritage’, Jaipur.
05 to 7 October; 1st International Indian Geography Congress; Osmania University , Hyderabad .
11 Oct, evening meet and discourses with Karolina, a student from Karlstad Univ. , Sweden .
16 Oct., evening, meeting with German scholars: Axel Michaels, Joerg Gengnagel, Christiane Broius, etc.
17 Oct., morning boating along the Banaras Ghats with German scholars from Heidelberg .
21 Oct., Dipavali, Festival of Light, morning meeting with Greek photographers led by Alexander.

23 Oct., evening meet & discourses with Mark Tully & Gillian Wright (ex-BBC corr.),at my home.

10 to 12 Nov., 28th Indian Geography Congress, NAGI, Magadh University Bodh Gaya.
17 Nov., Evening meet & discourses with Prof. David Habermann ( Indiana Univ. , USA )
18 Nov., Lecture and meet with scholars group from Belgium , & dinner; u/d Prof. Winand Callewaert
13 to 29 Nov., coordinated NYSICCSI-USA Group in Varanasi , Director: Prof. Rob Linrothe.
15 Nov., Boating and Ghat view with group of students, NYSICCSI-USA, u/d Prof. Rob Linrothe.
21 Nov., Panchakroshi pilgrimage with group of students, NYSICCSI-USA, u/d Prof. Rob Linrothe.
23 Nov., visited Kabir Math and Muslim shrines with NYSICCSI-USA, u/d Prof. Rob Linrothe.
24 Nov., Vindhyachal goddess pilgrimage with NYSICCSI-USA group, u/d Prof. Rob Linrothe.

25 Nov. , evening meeting Ms Cathy Pearson & Randall, ref. Fernadale Films, Ireland : filming death & life in Banaras.

26 Nov., Lekhania Dari: Ashokan inscription, waterfall with NYSICCSI-USA group, u/d Prof. Rob Linrothe.
27 Nov., Evening meeting with Dr Assa Doren ( Israel ), Post-Doc Singapore Univ.
29 Nov., Meeting at Sarnath with NYSICCSI Group, u/d Prof. Rob Linrothe.
30 Nov., Slide-show lecture on Sacred Banaras, for Global Learning Group USA, u/d Dr. Galen Murton.
02 Dec., Panchakroshi pilgrimage with group of students, Global Learning Gr. USA, u/d. Dr Galen Murton.
08 to 09 Dec., gave four power point lectures on Modern Geographical Thought, ASC Gorakhpur Univ.
10 Dec., Interview and videography of Rana by Italian journalist Leonardo Ferri at Assi Ghat, Varanasi .

13 Dec., a domestic dog (native area Revelganj) bitten Rana in the thumb.

15 Dec., Rana’s 56th Birthday celebration by the family members in Revelganj (native village area).
18-19 Dec., with Prof. Pushpesh Pant, co-chaired Panel ‘State, Society & Culture’, International Seminar on ‘Challenges of Democracy and Development in Nepal ’, at Centre for the Study of Nepal, Fac. SS, B.H.U.

19 Dec., Discourses on Yogini Pithas with Dr István Keul ( Berlin ), evening at Assi Ghat.

28 Dec., Welcome to Prof. Erik R. Sand and his wife Jonna ( Copenhagen , Denmark ), in Varanasi .
29 Dec., Boating and Ghat view with Prof. Erik Sand & his wife ( Denmark ).
30 Dec., Vindhyachal goddess pilgrimage with Prof. Erik Sand & his wife ( Denmark ), and Usha.
31 Dec., Panchakroshi pilgrimage with Prof. Erik Sand & his wife ( Denmark ), and Usha; dinner at home.


A- ii, 2007: Collaboration, Activities & Major Events.

02-3 Jan., wandering, experiencing old Banaras with Prof. Erik R. Sand and his wife Jonna ( Denmark )

8-10 Jan., meeting and discourses with Dr Oluf Schönbeck & his wife Charlotte ( Denmark ).

11-12 Jan., address to 4th International Seminar on Sacred Places-Sacred Journeys; Kumbha Mela, Allahabad . IGU-CCHD Meet.

14 Jan., Usha, Rana’s wife, 52nd birthday celebrated by the family members.

11-16 Feb., area walk, Panchakroshi and Siva temples with Raoul Ravena ( Italy ) group.

22-24 Feb., meeting & discourses with Dr Roxanne Gupta (USA), visit to Vindhyachal.

28 Feb., at Rana’s house: Puja-Katha rituals; Celebrate 37th  marriage anniversary: Rana- Usha.

28 Feb.-2 Mar., meeting, walks, visiting sacred places with Ms Diana Huntington (USA).

22-24 Apr., meeting & discourses with Prof. N. Robert Glass, Dean & colleagues ( LIU , USA ).

13 to 28 Nov., coordinate NYSICCSI-USA Group (20 students) in Varanasi , Director: Prof. Lisa Trivedi.


(B) Rana P. B. Singh: Publications, 2006:
1.      Singh, Rana P. B. 2006 a. Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi (1869‑1948). In, Fifty Key Thinkers on Development, ed. David Simon. Routledge, London & New York : pp. 106-111.
2.      Singh, Rana P. B. 2006 b. Pilgrimage in Hinduism, Historical Context and Modern Perspectives; in, Tourism, Religion, and Spiritual Journeys, eds. Dallen J. Timothy and Daniel H. Olsen; Routledge, London & New York: pp. 220-236.
3.      Singh, Ravi S. and Singh, Rana P. B. 2006 c. Goddesses in Kashi ( Varanasi ): Spatial Patterns and Symbolic Orders; in, Visualised Space in Banaras : Images, Maps, and the Practice of Representations, eds. Martin Gaenszle and Jörg Gengnagel. (Ethno-Indology Series, vol. 4. Heidelberg Studies in South Asian Rituals). Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden : pp. 41 – 68.
4.      Singh, Rana P.B. 2006 d. Temples of Hindu Gods in the Core Area of Varanasi . Magazin ISG (Internationales Städteforum Graz; Graz , Austria ), 4 (December):
(C) Anthologies released, 2006
#  Michell, George and Singh, Rana P.B. (eds.) [31 December] 2005. Banaras, the City Revealed. [13 short thematic essays by T.K. Biswas, Sandria B. Freitag, Klaus Rötzer, Niels Gutschow, Julia Hegewald, Christopher London, P.S. Dwivedi, Vrinda Dar, Rana P.B. Singh, George Michell]. Marg Publications, Mumbai. Size 305 x 241 mm, 152pp with 133 coloured photos and illustrations.
         ISBN: 81-85026-72-6, LC: 2005-318067. Price: IN Rs 2,500, US$ 66 (postage not included).
(D) Articles/Research Papers in Process, to be released in 2007
  1. Singh, Rana P. B. 2007 a. The contestation of heritage: the enduring importance of religion; in  Graham, Brian and Howard, Peter (eds.). Ashgate Research Companion to Heritage & Identity. Ashgate Publs., Aldershot & London.
  2. Singh, Rana P. B. and Singh, Ravi S. 2007 b. Varanasi, the eternal city of India; in, Misra, R. P. ed. Million Cities of India. Concept Publ., New Delhi .
  3. Singh, Rana P. B.  2007 c. Banaras Hindu University, Architectural Plan: Symbolism & Meaning; in Gupta, R.C. et al. (eds.) SOUVENIR. Third International BHU Alumni Meet, & International Seminar on Education in the 21st Century and Mahamana’s Vision, 6-7 January 2007. BHU in association with Mahamana Malviya Mission, Varanasi : 50-57.
  4. Singh, Rana P. B.  2007 d. Banaras (Kashi): Setting the Culture & Breathe of India ; in Gupta, R.C. et al. (eds.) SOUVENIR. Third International BHU Alumni Meet, & International Seminar on Education in the 21st Century and Mahamana’s Vision, 6-7 January 2007. BHU in association with Mahamana Malviya Mission, Varanasi : 77-93.
  5. Singh, Rana P.B. 2007. Ghats and Palaces of Varanasi . Magazin ISG (Internationales Städteforum Graz; Graz , Austria ), 1 (March):
  6. Singh, Rana P. B.  2007 e. Representation of Kashi through the Cartographic Art in the 19th Century. In, Contribution of Banaras to Indian Art and Culture (Proceedings of a National Seminar, 22-24 March 2004); eds. Ananda Krishna and Mukul Raj Mehta. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Simla.

(E) Other books in preparation [To be released by 2008]


* Kashi & Cosmos. Ritualscape and Sacred Geography of Banaras .

  Rana P. B. Singh

8 ½” x 11”. 600pp. 150 maps/ figures, 64 B-W photographs.


* Roots of Geographic Thoughts in India :

Message for 21st Century Ethics, Ecology and Culture.

Rana P. B. Singh

5 ¾ ” x 7 ½”. 224pp. 50 maps/ figures..


(F) Anthologies/ book/s in Process, to be released by 2007
§ (1)  Singh, Rana P. B.  Banaras ( Varanasi ): History, Geography, & Bibliography (950). 126pp., 15 Figures.  Sundeep Publ., New Delhi .
§ (2) Singh, Rana P. B. (ed.), Sacred Geography of Goddesses in South Asia . A Festschrift to David Kinsley. [essays by Annette Wilke, Georgana Foster & Robert Stoddard, Xenia Zeiler, Laura K. Amazzone, Claudia Ramasso, Hillary Rodrigues, Amita Sinha, Elinor W. Gadon, Rana P.B. Singh, Ravi S. Singh]. Sundeep Publ., New Delhi
§ (3) Singh, Rana P. B. (ed.), Sacred Places, Ritualscape and Pilgrimage. [essays by Rana P.B. Singh, Vatsala Iyengar, Padma C. Poudel, Ravi S. Singh, Eric R. Sand, Assa Doron, Peter G. Friedlander, Fukunaga Masaaki, D.P. Dubey, Amita Sinha]. Sundeep publ., New Delhi .
(E) Other recent books released recently
Pilgrimage & Cosmology Series: 1.
* Banaras Region. A Spiritual and Cultural Guide
Rana P. B. Singh and Pravin S. Rana
March 2002; 402pp, 111 maps/figs. ISBN 81-86569-24-3. Rs 350/ $ 20.
Pilgrimage & Cosmology Series: 3.
* Towards the Pilgrimage Archetype. Pancakroshi Yatra of Banaras .
Rana P. B. Singh
May 2002. 222pp, 72 figs/maps. ISBN: 81-86569-30-8. Rs 250/ $16.
Pilgrimage & Cosmology Series: 5
* Where the Buddha Walked. A Companion to the Buddhist Places of India
Rana P. B. Singh
May 2003. 322pp., 110 Figs. ISBN: 81-86569-36-7.  Hb Rs 375/ $ 22. Pb Rs 295/ $ 18.
Pilgrimage & Cosmology Series: 6.
* Cultural Landscapes and the Lifeworld. Literary Images of Banaras
Rana P. B. Singh
December 2004. 398pp., 55 figures. ISBN: 81-86569-45-6. Pb Rs 375, $ 22, Hb Rs 450/ $ 24.
Publisher: INDICA BOOKS : D 40/ 18 Godaulia, Varanasi , UP 221001. INDIA
Tel. & Fax : 091-542-2321640, & 2357401. E-mail:
Distributor: Harmony Books, B 1/160 Assi Ghat, Varanasi , UP 221005, India .
Tel/Fax: 091-542-2310218. Manager: Rakesh Singh, Email:
§  In unknown territory look for a compass, not a map.
Prof. Dr. RANA P. B. SINGH
Professor of Cultural Geography, Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi , UP 221005.
[Founding President: Society of Heritage Planning and Environmental Health; & Founding President:
Society of Pilgrimage Studies; & Founding President: Indo-Nordic Cultural Association, INCA ]
Member: European Association of South Asian Studies, EASAS (IIAS, Leiden, the Netherlands)
Member, South Asia, IGU Initiative CCHD: Cultures and Civilizations for Human Development
Member, UNESCO Networking Indian Cities of Living Heritage (; myself representing Varanasi)
Chief Advisor & Member: INTACH, Indian National Trust for Art, Culture and Heritage (site: Varanasi)
POSTAL ADDRESS [Residence] :
# New F - 7 Jodhpur Colony,
Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi, UP 221005.
Tel. (Res.): +091-542-2575-843.
Mobile: (+091)- (0)- 9838 119474.
(Tel. hours 06.00-09.30 AM & 17.00-22.30 PM IST= + 5.30hr GMT)
Fax: c/o Geography, B.H.U.: +091-542-2368174.