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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 13/02 - Symposium Global Change
Fecha:Jueves, 29 de Agosto, 2002  13:29:25 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

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CeHuNews 13/02

Symposium “Global Change: Toward a Systemic View”



Punta Arenas, Chile, January 23-25, 2003


Abstract deadline is 18 October 2002.


Abstracts will be two 8.5x11” pages maximum


This symposium will focus on physical and socio-economic issues in different ecosystems, with emphasis in findings of scientific research involving Latin America, in the context of Global Change. In general, it will include the topics listed below that are covered by the IGBP and the IHDP. The scientific committee will also consider other topics relevant to Global Change science.


The Scientific Committee will select abstracts to be presented during paper sessions or as posters. Selected abstracts will be published in the symposium proceedings.


There will be limited financial aid for young authors (graduate students and researchers under 35) based on scientific merit and fund availability.



Observations and Evolution of the Climatic System

Biogeochemical Cycles

Climate change processes and impacts modeling

Ocean-atmosphere-criosphere-biosphere-lithosphere interactions

Gas and aerosols inventory and projections

Climate and Society (vulnerability, mitigation, sociocultural and economic aspects)

Management, instruments and policies for Environmental and Global Change Research


For full program and registration details visit our website


Submit abstracts to:

Ms. Sandra Covarrubias

Centro de Modelamiento Matemático

Universidad de Chile

P.O.Box 170, Correo 3


Or via email:


We encourage you to circulate this information to interested colleagues.