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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 20/03 - Kabul University
Fecha:Miercoles, 26 de Marzo, 2003  16:57:18 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>


CeHuNews 20/03

Kabul University, Kabul (Inofficial page from VTU, Virginia, USA)

Exempt From The Requirements Of State Approval.

  Dear students, applicants, and information seekers. 

Please note that Virginia Theological University ends its Contract with Kabul University, as of May 25th 2003.  No new students will be admitted to the joint Kabul University and Virginia Theological University as of October 1st, 2002.

 All new applicants will be joining Virginia Theological University of Richmond Virginia.  Our entire site will be redeveloped shortly to reflect the changes in our programs and we will now open our own publication libraries to all who seek to learn and inquire.  We also intend to publish books that we have acquired from their authors.  These books will be put in public domain, for free public access, and they represent current new books, and not simply old books with expired copyrights.   

Please note that all students currently enrolled in joint degree programs are not affected by our decision to end our contract with Kabul University.  Current students will receive joint degrees under the rules of our contract, and University policy at the time of admission of the student.

We made this difficult decision, based upon reasons, which we shall disclose below.  To begin with we resolved to help keep alive Kabul University long before any one in America, or the West, had heard of, or cared about, the Taliban regime and its rulers.  It was a long before the “terrorist attacks of 09/11/01”.

Today a new government exists in Afghanistan.  Our American government as well as all the nations of the world recognize this new Afghan government.  President Karzai is duly elected leader of his people.  We welcome the political changes in Afghanistan, and its return to the rule by an Elected President.  Despite the continuing war in Afghanistan, Kabul University remains open and serves its students to the best of its abilities. 

Kabul University is now supported by money from our government as well as the help it receives from vast resources, among them are several American and foreign Universities.

Conditions no longer exist that warrant Virginia Theological University or the Professors Without Borders to exhaust our meager resources on an Institution that is now returned to its legitimate government and its people with a bright future.   

In 1995 when we took over Kabul University under contract from its legitimate government, which was duly recognized by the UN, our purpose was simple.  Our goal was to help the Afghan Student in Diaspora, as well as those who could contact us for the verification of their degrees. 

To facilitate this the Afghan Government of that time, appointed a Deputy Provost for Kabul University, who worked along side with V.T.U, guiding and helping us in making proper decisions, concerning Kabul University students and its operations.  The Government of Afghanistan at that time did not leave Kabul University in chaos, since its President Rabbani was himself a former Professor. 

As an accident of time and history the Kabul University Contract also was a form of quid pro quo since, Kabul University was an accredited State university and our contract with them allowed us to issue dual degrees, which benefited students of both institutions. 

Shortly after we took over Kabul University, the Taliban bombed the city of Kabul, and Ahmed Shah Masood the commander of the army of the Northern Alliance vacated the city declaring it an open city under the articles of war, thereby saving the lives of majority of its citizens, who were about to face the worst enemy they then discovered, other than the Communist regime imposed upon them by the Soviets.

We are now in discussion with several State and Private Universities around the globe in order to create new partnerships, and bring to them our abilities that will help provide them with current technical knowledge, and development of curriculum as well as well as the integration of modern methods of learning and teaching jointly with us as well as research, and publications.  These partners will also provide joint degree conferment, as was the case with Kabul University.

For a long time we have maintained that we will bring new research and publications to our students.  Today it seems as if the West is at war with Islam, we therefore have decided to release complete books: namely the Focus on Islam, as well as the Women’s Status in Islam.  Today South Asia is the sole flash point of a future nuclear holocaust, threat due to a small piece of territory; namely the divided State of Kashmir.  We have acquired the copyright to the History of Kashmir, and will publish it on our site shortly. 

Since, the world of monotheist religions is divided between Christian, Muslims and Jews, thus we intend to publish the three books of these related Semite religions, namely the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran.  We have too many preachers, and media gurus who keep preaching to the average person, as to what each book states, by picking a particular verse, or paragraph, which they conveniently cite in order to entertain us, but mostly to train us according to their biases and political philosophies. 

This is no longer a political strategy supported by religious leaders from various religions.  One can find religious leaders such as Franklin Graham calling “Islam an evil religion”, based on the actions of 19 terrorists.  Graham made this extremely irrational statement on November 16 2001, during an interview with MSNBC. 

Let us logically look at the calculus of the 09/11 terrorist attacks on us, vs. our history.  A cursory look at the holocaust of the 20th century, where Our Christian Brothers and Sisters slaughtered 73 million people during the First and Second World Wars, would that then lead us to conclude under Mr. Franklin Grahams unique logic that  “Christianity can be defined as an evil religion”?  Certainly not under any circumstance of God’s law, or Christ’s teachings can one call Christianity or Judaism evil religions. 

Such dim-witted ideas must be dealt with immediately and stopped before they become the virus of hate and ignorance, which affects all who come in contact with such moronic ideas.  Simply because the average person did not know any better, or did not realize our history, or tested the ideas on the base of logic. 

It is therefore, our duty to set the record straight, by publishing not only the three books, of the three religions, but to in fact inquire as to the reality of each books message, as it has been produced in our research, and lectures, as well as those written by the Scholars of each of the three religions.  Herein, we differ from other seminaries, or Theological Universities and Colleges.  We empathically declare, that we lead none, nor ask any one to follow us.  Our sole desire is to teach, and explore the world of knowledge.  It is not our job to bring people to a particular religion.  That is God’s Will.   

Our sole purpose is to bring “logic to the understanding of the religions”, in addition to history, and scientific inquiry, thereby diminishing the biases, which control the minds of men and women of the world.  Our relationship with Kabul University will not terminate, it is an on going relationship between two institutions of higher learning and we sincerely hope that many more institutions will join us towards the march against ignorance.


Professors Without Borders







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Our Philosophy is to provide you with tools of success. Let us help you in reaching optimum results by helping you build a global market place for your product or service.

Our researchers are Professors in Universities worldwide; their individual and combined knowledge and ability are well tested. We are the only University in the world that requires students at all levels to conduct research. Our resources are so competitively priced, that no institution private or public, with matching assets can provide you a service that we can offer at a set price.

A major benefit to your organization will also accrue in the form of "Social Factor", whereas, you will be supporting the first free university in the world by contributing to its finances. We neither accept donations, nor do we seek money in charity. We raise our funds through providing services to Companies, and Individuals. There is no other institution Public or Private that can make similar claim to earning its way while providing public service. We are the most unique Organization in the world. We are the Future of Business, Technology, & Education.


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Kabul University Students
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