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22/02 - The Fifth Humboldt
23/02 - Fifth Humb Humboldt
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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 04/02 - About Humboldt Centre
Fecha:Martes, 28 de Mayo, 2002  20:16:51 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

Centre of Studies Alexander von Humboldt



Humboldt Centre is a Civil Association for researching about environmental, society and economics, especially Geography.

It was created on the 25th May, 1995.


President: Lic Juan Roberto Benítez
Vicepresident: Lic. Ana María Liberali
Secretary: Lic. Humberto N. Voltolini
Accounting: Prof. Omar H. Gejo
Full Members: Dr. Gustavo Buzai, Lic. Jorge Osvaldo Morina Dra. Marisol Gejo, Prof. Beatriz Posada and Lic. Cristina Carballo.


. Prof. Dr. Wilfried Endlicher, from Humboldt Universität, Berlin (Germany)
. Dr. Ángel Bassols Batalla, Emeritus from Universidad Nacional de México (México)
. Dr. Jean Bastié, Emeritus from Université de Paris-La Sorbonne (France)
. Dra. Elena Chiozza, from Universidad Nacional de Luján (Argentina)
. Dr. Alfredo Siragusa, from Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Humbold Centre has three important publications:
.Bulletin, directed by Dr. Guillermo Velázquez
.Meridiano - revista de Geografía, directed by Prof. Omar H. Gejo.
.Posición Internacional, directed by Dr. Gustavo Buzai.

Bulletin has principal activities made by the Institution and another ones about Geography.

Meridiano has an important international comitee from five continents.
It accepts papers in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.
This journal is received by the Congress Library of Washington and by the most important libraries of Latin America and Europe.
You can get a suscription by Swet Subscription Service or by Latbook.

Posición Internacional is an electronic journal.
It accepts papers in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

Every time Humboldt Centre submits by mail CeHu News.


Humboldt Centre has been made three meetings and it is preparing the forth.
They are The International Humboldt Meetings:
The First has been celebrate in Buenos Aires (Argentina), on November 1999.
The Second has been celebrate in Mar del Plata (Argentina), on October 2000.
The Third was celebrated at Salta (Argentina), on October 2001.
And the Fourth will be at Puerto Iguazú(Argentina), on the next September.

Researches from different regions of Argentina have come to the Encounters and from Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, México, Puerto Rico, U.S.A., Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Austria.

The Fourth Meeting is calling "Geography of Integration", and is organized by Lic. Juan Roberto Benítez.

Papers can be submit in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.