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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 19/04 - Field Studies in Ecuador
Fecha:Jueves, 12 de Febrero, 2004  17:13:36 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

 CeHuNews 19/04 

Field Studies in Ecuador

in the Galapagos Isles, Andes Mountains, North Coast

and Tropical Rainforest

June 28 – July 21, 2004


(6 Credits in Geography, Earth Science, History or African American Studies)


Sponsored by Eastern Illinois University

Department of Geology and Geography and

School of Continuing Education


CREDIT  This is a special off-campus course providing undergraduate or graduate level or audit semester credits at Eastern Illinois University. Participants enroll in Geography or Earth Science or History or African American Studies (GEG/ESC/HIS/AFR 4998)for 6 summer semester credits and may choose to enroll in an additional 3 fall semester credits of related research (GEG/ESC 4996). One prior geography or earth science course is recommended. Ability to speak or read Spanish is not required. The instructor is fluent in Spanish.


FEES  The program cost is $3,540. This includes 3 plane tickets (Chicago-Ecuador RT, Quito-jungle RT and Quito-Galapagos RT), first class boat in Galapagos Isles, land transportation, lodging, park entry fees, meals, and course materials. Tuition is additional and depends on whether graduate tuition ($125.00/credit) or undergraduate tuition ($118.75/credit) is paid. There is also a delivery fee ($30/credit). To secure a place on the trip, send $150 deposit and the application form below (or you can use the web site application form). Checks should be payable to Eastern Illinois University. Balance of program cost ($3,390) and registration packet materials are due April 15, 2004.  Program fee, tuition and Office of Continuing Education fees will be billed to you by the University.


====================== CUT OR COPY ======================


TO APPLY  Complete the Ecuador Trip Deposit Form below or a photocopy and send it with $150 deposit payable to Eastern Illinois University to Dr. Betty Smith, Dept. of Geology and Geography, 600 Lincoln Ave., Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL 61920. Students will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, so early application is advisable. You will be sent a registration packet from the Office of Continuing Education containing full details.


ECUADOR TRIP DEPOSIT FORM                                PASSPORT Number ________________

                                                                                              Or Passport pending _______


Name ________________________________________               Social Security Number  _____________

            Last                 First                 Middle


Address ______________________________________               Telephone Number ______________


            ______________________________________                E-mail _________________________


All participants enroll in 6 credits of Geography or Earth Science or History or African American Studies.

Participants may enroll in an additional 3 credits of research for fall semester.


First choose one of the following:

Geography ____ or Earth Sciences ____ or History _____ or African American Studies _____.

Then choose either Undergraduate credit ____ or Graduate credit  ____ or Audit _____.

Then, do you want a Research Project for 3 additional credits registered in fall?   YES ___  NO ___

Then, indicate if you are currently enrolled at Eastern Illinois University:   YES ___  NO ___

Finally, indicate if you have ever taken courses at Eastern Illinois University:   YES ___  NO ___


To contact Dr. Betty Smith call (217) 549-4900 or (217) 581-6340 or send Email to



Field Studies in Ecuador

in the Galapagos Isles, Andes Mountains, North Coast

and Tropical Rainforest

June 28 – July 21, 2004  


(6 Credits in Geography, Earth Science, History or African American Studies)   


OBJECTIVES  This program will provide a cross cultural and scientific experience as participants, over a three week period of time, traverse and explore unique ecological zones along the equator. The course combines the study of geography, earth science, history and African American studies (we visit Afro-Ecuadorian communities). Participants will study the volcanic landscape forming processes of the region and observe the impacts of these processeson topography, hydrology, soils, various forms of agriculture and settlement patterns. The geography of human environment interactions are examined in the high Andes Mountains, north coast, tropical rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and on the Galapagos Isles located 600 miles off the coast of South America.


ITINERARY  We depart from and return to Chicago O’Hare Airport. The point of arrival in Ecuador is Quito, a city located 9,200 feet above sea level with warm dry spring like day-time temperatures and cool temperatures in the evening. We explore four distinct geographic regions, the first two in our private bus. First, volcanoes, villages and markets of the Andes Mountains; second, the north coast; third, the Ecuadorian Amazon, beginning with a flight from Quito to the rainforest, travelling two hours by boat to the lodge; and fourth, the course climax, a five day excursion among the Galapagos Isles (includes airfare to isles and first class boat). A sample of activities:


-  Stay at eco-tourism lodge                          -  Visit the north coast and walk along the beach

-  Hike trails through the rainforest                -  Tropical rainforest ecology, farming, coffee, chocolate

-  Ride in boat inside volcano caldera           -  Cross Continental Divide of the Andes Mountains

-  Visit volcanoes and ride mule                    -  Visit traditional cultures and outdoor markets

-  Learn global positioning system (GPS)     -  See survey monuments marking the equator

-  Mt. Cotopaxi National Park                         -  Beautiful turquoise-colored Lake Quilotoa

-  Climb a volcano (optional)                         -  Time to shop and time to learn map-reading skills

-  Cruise among the Galapagos Isles                       -  Snorkel and swim among the fish and seals

-  Walk trails among blue-footed birds          -  Study the volcanic origins of Galapagos Isles


FACULTY  Dr. Betty Smithjoined the Department of Geology and Geography at Eastern Illinois University in 1995 after receiving her Ph.D. in Geography. She teaches Cultural Geography, Land Use Planning, Geography & Culture of Latin America, Urban Geography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She has conducted field work in Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina and is fluent in Spanish. She has published in scholarly journals and books. She specializes in human environmental interactions and has spent over a year in Ecuador on ten research and study abroad trips over the past 14 years. Dr. Smith collaborates in research and scholarly writing with Ecuadorian geographers and is President of the Midwest Association for Latin American Studies. Dr. Smith believes there is no better way to acquire knowledge than through the experiential learning of a field course.


To see photos and more information visit internet site

Dr. Betty Smith (217) 549-4900 (cell) or send Email or