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Fecha:Lunes, 24 de Noviembre, 2003  14:06:42 (-0300)
Autor:humboldt <humboldt>

CeHuNews 276/03

Research Degrees 
Opportunities for research leading to the higher degrees of MPhil or PhD of
Glasgow Caledonian University are available in all departments on a full-time or
part-time basis. There are currently 370 research students within the University.
The period of registration for an MPhil ranges from a minimum of 1½ years
full-time to a maximum of 4 years on a part-time basis, with a PhD programme
requiring between 2¾ years and 6 years of study.

Prospective candidates should normally hold a good honours degree in a subject
appropriate to their research topic but equivalent professional qualifications
and appropriate experience may also be considered under the University's policy
of accreditation of prior experiential learning. All research proposals leading
to registration for the award of MPhil or PhD are considered by the University's
Research Degrees Committee as part of the quality assurance procedures and to
ensure that students are adequately supervised during their periods of research.

A number of research studentships are available in the University for a period
of three years. Each studentship gives successful applicants a maintenance grant
of £6,800 (2000/2001), access to all University facilities and entitlement to
apply for registration for an MPhil or PhD. These are advertised in the local and
national press. In addition, a limited number of grants may be available from the
research councils and for overseas students through the Overseas Research
Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS). Students may also undertake research, either
full-time or part-time, on a self-funding basis.

Research Fees 2001-2002
EU Full Time £2805.00 per annum 
EU Part Time £800.00 per annum 
Non EU Full Time £6875.00 per annum 
Offshore Based (non EU) £1500.00 per annum 
Offshore (non-EU) students are those who attend the University for six weeks per
annum, the minimum time required under the University regulations. They register
on a part-time basis.

Students interested in pursuing research in a specific subject, on either a
full-time or part-time basis, may approach departments directly to discuss
possibilities. Alternatively, a research application form may be obtained from
the Admissions Office.

The University encourages part-time study, particularly in collaboration with
employers and has been involved in Teaching Company Schemes. The University also
collaborates with various industrial, professional, commercial and educational
establishments in the Glasgow area and further afield in the UK and overseas.

Application form in pdf format.

Contact: J.Ash@...

The Academic Secretariat
Tel: 0141 331 3768

Last updated: 31 August 2001
Edited by: webmaster@...

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