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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 04/04 - Geography in Ukraine
Fecha:Sabado, 10 de Enero, 2004  23:35:33 (-0300)
Autor:humboldt <humboldt>

CeHuNews 04/04


School of Geology and Geography  
 The School of Geology and Geography provides training in Geology,
Geography, Social-Economic Geography and Ecology. The School graduates obtain
positions at research centres, geological prospecting parties, project research
organizations and companies dealing with international economic relations and
planning of social economic development, ecological and conservational
institutions, supervising bodies and also at secondary and higher educational
establishments as teachers and instructors of geography, ecology and
geo-information processing.

The School was founded as the Department of Mineralogy and Geognosy, which was
opened at Kharkiv University in 1837. Later the Department of the Russian State
Geography appeared. Since then geological and geographical research at the
University has never ceased. The Departments were headed by outstanding
researchers in the fields of geography, geobotany, soil science, country
who made a significant contribution to the development of the world science,
whose students maintained the University's traditions. After the University was
re-organized in 1933 the School's enrollment grew considerably. The 1930 -1940s
were marked by fruitful work of the University's Research Institute of Geology,
which continued research of the natural resources of Slobidska Ukraine and

The School has a significant research and teaching potential; it employs 10
professors, 27 associate professors, 15 instructors. 530 full-time, 420
(correspondence) and 25 postgraduate students are enrolled annually.

In order to ensure high standards of students' practical skills, the School
two training centres in the Kharkiv region (one in the village of Gaydary and
other in a suburban area near Izium). Training and professional practicums are
also conducted in the Crimea, the Carpathians, the Donets Basin, the Kharkiv
region and in Siberia.

The School closely cooperates with 4 universities of other countries and over
universities in the CIS. Recently a project for students academic exchange with
Manchester University (Great Britain) has been signed, according to which the
best students majoring in Social Economic Geography with a sufficient command
English are regularly sent for short-term study to Manchester. Theoretical and
practical training is combined with practice in research carried out at the

Theoretical training in fundamental subjects includes courses in Higher
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. 

The School offers courses in the Humanities: History of Ukraine, Philosophy,
Politology, Sociology, Religion Studies, Pedagogy, Psychology, a Foreign
Language, Business Ukrainian, etc. 

Among profession-oriented subjects are Introduction to the Speciality,
Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geo-Information Processing, Mathematical Methods of
Research, Research Methods for a Particular Speciality, General Geology,
Hydrogeology, Soil Science, General Ecology, Topography, Cartography, Economic
Geography of Ukraine, Economic and Political Geography of Foreign Countries,
Optimization of Natural Resources Utilization, Assessment of Influence upon the
Natural Environment, Geo-Informational Systems and Technologies, Computer
Cartography, Geographic-Meliorative Moniitoring, Hydrogeodynamics, Oil and Gas
Geology, Theory of Filtration, World Ocean Geology, Continents Geology, History
of Geographic Discoveries, subjects of the Geological, Geographical,
Hydrogeological and Ecological cycles.

The School provides the following core subjects: Methods of Specialized
Research, Methods of Prospecting and Assessment of Mineral Deposits,
of Mineral Resources and Underground Space, Underground Space Management,
Ecolithomonitoring, Methodology of Teaching Geography andEcology, Introduction
Pedagogy, Mathematical Simulation, Computer Technologies, elective courses in
Social Economics and Physical Geography, Ecology, Conservation Management,
Geo-Information Processing, Geology, Hydrogeology.

At military training courses students receive military education and the rank

The Departments are thoroughly tracking changes in the social demand for
specialists in geosciences and alter the training process correspondingly. Over
15 degree opportunities offered by the School are future-oriented, which is a
guarantee for School graduates' future employment.

The School incorporates the following Departments:

Department of Mineralogy, Petrography and Mineral Resources - Head of the
Department: Petro V. Zaritsky, doctor's degree in Geology and Mineralogy, full
professor. Tel: 45-75-38.

Areas of Research: concretion studies (concreciology and concretion analysis of
sedimentary geological formations); lithogenesis; tonsteins of coal basins.

Department of Geology - Head of the Department: Stanislav I. Shumenko, doctor's
degree in Geology and Mineralogy, full professor. Tel: 45-75-65.

Areas of Research: regional structural and historical geology; paleontology;
micropaleontology; paleobiochemistry; geological country science; oil and gas
geology, lithology.

Department of Hydrogeology - Head of the Department: Kostyantyn A. Nemets,
candidate's degree in Geology and Mineralogy, associate professor. Tel:

Areas of Research: regional hydrogeology; formation of chemical composition of
underground waters; paleohydrogeology; thermal mass transfers; conservation of
underground waters and geological environment; hydrogeological systems

Department of Physical Geography and Cartography - Head of the Department: Ivan
Yu. Levitsky, doctor's degree in Geography, full professor. Tel: 45-73-60.

Areas of Research: physical geography; hydrometeorology; cartography;

Department of Social Economic Geography, Conservation Management and
Geo-Information Processing - Head of the Department: Igor G. Chervanyov,
degree in Technical Sciences, full professor. Tel: 45-74-54.

Areas of Research: relief morphology (on the basis of the State Standards
Institute technologies); assessing the level of environmental objects
contamination with toxic ingredients; ecological monitoring of the Azov - Black
Sea region and the World Ocean; assessment of influence upon the natural
environment; geo-information processing; conservation management.

Department of Geo-Ecology and Constructive Geography - Head of the Department:
Volodymyr Yu. Nekos, doctor's degree in Geography, full professor. Tel:

Areas of Research: ecological education; Earth exploration from space; medical
ecology; regional ecological situation.

Dean of the School: Kostyantyn A. Nemets, candidate's degree in Geology and
Mineralogy, associate professor. Tel: 45-75-74; 45-73-71.

Deputy Dean for Academic Work: Mykola A. Gvozd, associate professor. Tel:

Deputy Dean for Research Work: Oleg V. Polevich, candidate's degree in
Sciences, senior research officer. Tel: 45-72-11.

Deputy Dean for Student Counselling: Vasyl Ya. Peresadko, senior lecturer. Tel:

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