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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 210/03 - Forestry in Macedonia
Fecha:Domingo, 29 de Junio, 2003  03:09:47 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

CeHuNews 210/03

The Faculty of Forestry was founded in 1947 as a department of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Since 1975 the Faculty of Forestry has been operating as an independent teaching, scientific and educational institution producing highly trained personnel in the sphere of forestry and the timber industry. In 1976 the Forestry Institute and the Faculty of Forestry were amalgamated into one institution.

The Faculty of Forestry comprises zoological, entomological, phytopathological, pedagogical, herbal, phytocoenological, seed beds and other collections, computer laboratory, educational and scientific field facilities, such as: a dendroparc, growing beds, a greenhouse, live collection of autochtonous and alochtonous forest species, a hunting site, etc.

The Faculty of Forestry carries out its teaching, educational, scientific and applicative activities in two institutes consisting of separate departments:

Institute of Forestry and Promotion of Living Environment
¨ Department for Forest Genetics and Forest Cultivation
¨ Department for Botany and Dendrology
¨ Department for Forest Growing and Raising
¨ Department for Forest and Tree Protection
¨ Department for Hunting
¨ Department for Exploitation of Forest and Forest Transport
¨ Department for Erosion and Geodesy
¨ Department for Economics and Organization of Forests
¨ Department for Designing of Forests

Institute of Timber Industry
¨ Department for Primary Processing of Wood
¨ Department for Compositional Materials
¨ Department for Technology of Final Production
¨ Department for Constructions and Production Preparing
¨ Department for Machines, Energetics and Transport
¨ Department for Economics and Organization of Timber Industry
¨ Department for Furniture and Interior Planning

The Faculty organises four-year continuous studies in the following study groups:
ˇ forestry
ˇ greening and promotion of living environment
ˇ Furniture and Interior Planning and Technology
ˇ Mechanical Technology of Woods

Upon the completion of the studies the title graduate forest engineer is received, study group one of the above-mentioned.

The Faculty also organises postgraduate masters' studies in forestry: forest raising, cultivating and raisng of forests, forest organisation, forest transport vehicles, economics and organisation of forest production, improvement of forest trees, dendrology and phytocoenology, forest utilisation, hunting economy, management of flooded watercourses, protection of soil from erosion and wood protection, primary wood processing, final wood processing, wood processing menagement, wood construction and production preparing.

Today, the teaching and educational process as well as the scientific and applicative activities of the Faculty are performed by 13 full, 5 associate and 13 assistant professors, 7 teaching assistants and 3 junior assistants.

Since its establishment 2,291 students have graduated at the Faculty, 50 candidates have acquired masters' degrees, and 40 candidates have become doctors of science.

In the academic 1999/2000 year 546 full-time and 132 part-time students were included, or 678 students in all, were pursuing their studies at all study groups of the Faculty of Forestry.