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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 263/03 - Postdoctoral Studies in Russia
Fecha:Domingo, 9 de Noviembre, 2003  00:16:16 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>


CeHuNews 263/03

Postdoctoral Studies

Postdoctoral studies are the main form of training scientific-educational and research specialists of the highest qualification.

According to the data on January 1, 2003, 40 people are doing their Higher Doctoral Degree at the Kuban State University’s postdoctoral studies.

List of Majors


Mechanics of a deformable solid


Physics of condensed state


Inorganic chemistry


Analytical chemistry


Physical chemistry


Ecology (physical and mathematical sciences)


Russian history


World history


Economic theory


National economy management


Finance, money circulation and credit




Russian language


Theory of language


Criminal law and criminology; criminal-executive law


Criminal procedure, crime detection and forensic examination; operation
and investigation activities


General pedagogics, history of pedagogics and education


General psychology, psychology of an individual, history of psychology


Geophysics, geophysical methods of minerals prospecting

Requirements for Eligibility. Documents to be Submitted

Applicants must:
– have a PhD degree;
– have scientific achievements in the corresponding field of knowledge;
– be capable to carry out high level fundamental, exploratory and applied research in the field of knowledge corresponding to the above majors;
– work in state budget educational organizations.

Postdoctoral studies are performed full-time. The training period cannot exceed 3 years.

Applicants meeting the above requirements should submit in the period from September 10 till October 10 the following documents addressed to the President of Kuban State University:
- an application form dully filled;
- a certified copy of the PhD degree;
- a detailed plan of the higher doctoral thesis;
- research report theses;
- the manuscript of the prepared part of the doctoral research;
- list of publications, inventions with the scientific works on the topic of the higher doctoral thesis enclosed (in accordance with the new standards of the Supreme Attestation Commission);
- a reference letter from the place of employment (for the employees of other higher education institutions);
- an extract of the decision of the Faculty Academic Council.

The postdoctoral studies offer applicants enrolment on state- and self-funded basis. The enrolment on self-funded basis is performed over the provisioned intake scheme.

Applicants should deliver a scientific report on the topic of their higher doctoral thesis at the meeting of the department.

The admittance to the postdoctoral studies is decided by the Entrance Commission of the University on the basis of the Department’s conclusion and results of the interview. The admittance is registered with the order of the President of Kuban State University.

The expenses for training at the postdoctoral studies are covered both by natural and juridical persons.

The documents are to be submitted personally!