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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 154/03 - Postgrades at University of Hong Kong
Fecha:Martes, 10 de Junio, 2003  08:13:32 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>


CeHuNews 154/03
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Social Science
Department of Geography and Resource Management

Master of Philosophy Programme

Further Qualifications for Admission

In addition to the general qualifications required for admission to the Graduate School, candidates are expected to have a basic training in their undergraduate studies in Geography or other appropriate subjects.


The programme requires two academic years for completion. Each MPhil student must complete 10 units of course work, exclusive of thesis (14 units). Courses offered by the Division include:

  1. Advanced Geographical Methodology (compulsory, 3 units)
  2. Research Seminar (compulsory, 4 units)
  3. Special Topics in Geography of Pacific Asia (elective, 3 units)
  4. Special Topics in Human Geography (elective, 3 units)
  5. Special Topics in Environmental and Resource Management (elective, 3 units)

Unit distribution of the MPhil programme is as follows:

First Year
Advanced Geographical Methodology (3 units)
Research Seminar (2 units)
One Elective Course (3 units)
Thesis (4 units)

Second Year
Research Seminar (2 units)
Thesis (10 units)
Total: 24 units

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme

The Department of Geography has fostered an active postgraduate research programme at both the MPhil and PhD levels. There are currently 16 MPhil candidates and 9 PhD candidates undertaking research in a variety of fields that reflects the broad range of interests and skills of staff members and the facilities of the Department.


This programme is strongly research-oriented, though candidates may be required to take additional courses or other instructional sessions as deemed necessary. The programme must be completed within 3 to 7 academic years (full-time) and 4 to 8 academic years (part-time).

Advancement to PhD candidature is conditional upon the passing of a comprehensive examination, and within six months after advancement to PhD candidature, the candidate must submit a thesis proposal.

Qualification for Admission

Candidates seeking admission to the PhD programme must satisfy the University requirements for general admission. Candidates should also possess a master's degree in geography or a related field from this University or other recognized institutions, and will be required to furnish proof of their research capability (in the form of strongly favourable academic references or research publications). There may also be a language test and/or an oral exam.



Teaching Assistantship

Graduate Assistantships and Postgraduate Studentships are available in most Graduate Divisions for full-time students registered for research degree programmes. Students appointed to Graduate Assistantships or awarded Studentships will receive stipends in return for assisting in the teaching and research work of the Graduate Division.