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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 167/03 - Social Sciences in Iran
Fecha:Martes, 17 de Junio, 2003  08:13:39 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

CeHuNews 167/03
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Allame Tabatab'ee University

Faculty of Social Sciences

Due to the increasing awareness of the importance of social problems, sociology and the relevant subjects have come to be regarded as the most stimulating and exciting areas of study and research in the universities. It is not surprising to find a strong demand from employers for graduates in the field of social sciences.

The faculty is noted for its strength in the study of contemporary social problems, the latest developments in sociology and different social issues and movements. It aims to achieve excellence in teaching and research in various areas of sociological concern. In particular the faculty aims to produce graduates capable of independent and rigorous thought who can apply their knowledge and abilities in a wide range of professions including social work, planning and research, journalism, community welfare and cultural affairs.

The Faculty of social sciences consists of six departments and has a teaching staff of 45, who are actively involved in teaching and research. The research interests of the members of the departments cover a wide range of topics in social science related areas such as social needs analysis, social inequality, culture and society, sociology of health, public relations, society and education, sociology of race and racism, social policy analysis, social planning and development, housing and urban policy, comparative sociology, etc.

The faculty introduces the students to the study of Iranian society, the history of its development and its principal characteristics. They will examine the principles and issues underlying disciplines such as communication sciences, public relations, journalism and sociology as a means of better understanding the world in which we live.

Students will be exposed to a broad range of ideas and view points concerning the ways in which the various welfare needs of individuals, groups and communities can be met or at least affected. They come to combine the knowledge, skills and values of social work in a level of practice which demonstrates their competence for employment as social workers. Within the content of university education they will be trained in social community work, social planning and research, operational procedures of the radio and television journalism, editing and news management, etc. some of these courses are compulsory depending on the degree for which they are registered.

Our graduates enter a range of professions in social services, news agencies, research institutes, printing companies, mass media, and other associated fields.



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