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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 121/03 - Geography at Humboldt-University in Berlin
Fecha:Domingo, 1 de Junio, 2003  23:40:47 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

CeHu News 121/03
A la venta A la venta
Humboldt-University in Berlin

Department of Geography

Partnership Universities and Exchange Programs

The Department of Geography has various contracts with partnership universities in Europe and America such as with the universities of Amsterdam, Vienna, Warsaw, the Karls- University in Prag, the Eötrös Loránd University in Budapest, the Kliment- Ochridski- University in Sofia, the Lomonossow- University in Moscow, the University of Toronto, the City College- the City University of New York and the University of Habana. Additionally each member of the faculty maintains numerous contacts to universities and research institutions all over the world.
Since 1998 a special student exchange program "NEURUS" (Network for European- US Regional and Urban Studies) has been conducted, comprising three universities from Europe and three from the US. For further information contact the
NEURUS homepage.

A la venta

The program offers students an opportunity to enhance their study of urban or regional development by spending a semester abroad and by studying closely with a faculty member who has similar interests.

In addition to gaining access to a Trans-Atlantic network of professionals involved in development studies, students will gain research experience and access to expertise on a particular research issue.

Navigating this site...

This site is the general site for the exchange program.  Each partner university maintains its own site.  After navigating through the general information on these pages, an interested student should view the pages for his home university and the particular universities the student is interested in visiting.  

Program: This page provides basic details about the program, including who is eligible, program dates, and requirements.

Universities: There are three U.S. and three European universities participating in the Exchange.  This page has links to individual pages for each university.

Faculty: This page has a list of participating faculty by area of research, to help you find some that matches your own interests.

Study program:  Aspects of the study program are still being finalized, but interested students can get an idea of what the exchange program will require.

Students: Look here for information about how students will be involved in the Exchange Program.  Go to individual university pages for more details about student life, including language requirements, housing, and financial information.

Apply:  Although each university has a separate and unique application procedure, this page answers some basic questions about eligibility requirements.  Look here also for contact information for the project director at each university.  This person will be your primary contact with the network.


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