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Asunto:[CeHuNews] 74/03 - Geographical Researches in Denmark
Fecha:Miercoles, 21 de Mayo, 2003  04:16:17 (-0300)
Autor:Humboldt <humboldt>

Día luminoso

CeHuNews 74/03

Main Research Themes

The study of geography is based on traditional natural and social science disciplines. The Institute of Geography holds leading positions in the following fields: geomorphology, hydrography, hydrology and sediment transport, climatology, soil geography,  geography of the cultural landscape, agricultural geography, urban geography, economic geography and social geography.

Geography is an interdisciplinary subject researching problems in a local, regional and global perspective. At the present geography calls specific attention to issues like global change, globalisation and management of the environment and resources.

Strong Research Areas

  • Coastal, estuarine and fluvial sediment dynamics and morphology.
  • Interaction between climate and landscape in the North Atlantic region including Arctic geomorphology and arctic environmental problems.
  • Carbon dynamics in the soil-plant-atmosphere system including the exchange of greenhouse gases between soil and atmosphere, and furthermore the influence of carbon and gas to processes in the unsaturated zone.
  • Pedology and  nutrient circulation in the Tropics, the Arctic and in Denmark.
  • Micro-meteorology, remote sensing and modelling for the studies of climate, hydrology, water balance, vegetation and primary production.
  • Interactions between production and environment in the natural and the cultural landscape.
  • Natural resources management at local, regional and water shed scales with focus on agriculture and environment in developing countries.
  • Agro-industrial restructuring, migrations and urbanisation in developing countries.
  • Globalisation and urban development covering social polarization, restructuring of economy, urban governance focussing the significance of institutions in city innovations.
  • Economic geography, urban and regional development, infrastructure and technology in a economic and environmental planning and modelling perspective.

Research Group

Current Research Projects

  • Barrier Spit System - [2001-2004]
  • Carbon Dioxide Budget of a Growing Metropolitan Region of Northern Europe. - [2002-2003]
  • COMET - Competitive Metropolises - Economic Transformation, Labour Market and
    Competition in European Agglomerations. - [2001-2004]
  • CONWOY - Consequences of Weather and Climate Changes for Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems - Conceptual and Operational Forecasting of the Aquatic Environment. -  [2002-2006]
  • DUCED  SLUSE (The Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development with focus on Sustainable Land Use and Natural Resource Management) - [1999-2003]
  • EO-FLUX-BUDGET - Earth Observation data for upscaling carbon FLUX and water BUDGET at Zealand. -  [2001-2004]
  • EOVS - Earth Observation of Vegetation Status. - [2000-2003]
  • ICT Learning and Training - an Exploration of Data in the EU. -  [2002-2004]

  • INTEO - Integration of Earth Observation data in Distributed Agrohydrological Models. -  [2001-2005]
  • NECC- Nordic Centre for Studies of Ecosystem Carbon Exchange and its Interactions with the Climate System. -  [2001-2007]
  • RSAL  -  Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory. Research and teaching collaboration between Ghana and Denmark. (Danida/Enreca)
  • RS-Model - Remote Sensing based crop simulation and Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer Modelling. - [1997-2004]
  • Serein - The Sahel-Sudan Environmental Research Initiative. - [2001-2004]
  • SISCAL - Satellite-based Information System on Coastal Areas and Lakes. - [2001-2004]
  • Snow Melt - Automatic Recording of Landscape Changes and Snowcover. - [2000-2005]
  • Sulphide Mineral Oxidation - A Souce of Heavy Metal Pollution in Arctic Ecosystems 
  • Surging glacier på Disko, Vestgrønland - [2000-2004]

ARCHIVE: Previous Projects

Conferences, Symposia, Workshops and Meetings

Local Land Use Strategies in a Globalizing World - Shaping Sustainable Social and Natural Environments, Copenhagen, August 21-23, 2003
Theme:: Sustainable land use and natural resource management.
Organizer at IGUC: Ole Mertz:

Northern Research Basins - 14th International Symposium and Workshop, Kangerlussuaq/Sdr. Strømfjord, Greenland, August 25-29, 2003
Theme: Arctic hydrology changes on nutrients, bio-geochemistry and ecosystem structure and function.
Organizers at IGUC: Bent Hasholt - Birger Ulf Hansen - Morten Rasch - Bo Elberling

Northern Consumption / Southern Production - A Mini-Conference on Cross-Continental Food Commodity Chain Systems, Copenhagen, October 10-12, 2003
Theme: Agro-food globalization and the construction of commodity chain systems linking sites of production and sites of consumption.
Organizer at IGUC: Niels Fold

Tialites-2004 - 6th International Conference on Tidal Sedimentology, Copenhagen, August 2-5, 2004
Theme: Tidal or tide-influenced sedimentation and related physical, geomorphological, biological, geochemical and geotechnical processes.
Organizers at IGUC: Jesper Bartholdy - Troels Aagaard - Thorbjørn Joest Andersen - Christian Christiansen - Morten Pejurp - Niels Vinther