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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Xqmaster is the champion of China
Fecha:Viernes, 6 de Enero, 2006  11:19:08 (-0000)
Autor:Lucas Mendoza <lumenco>

Tiembla Rybka, tus días de gloria han terminado.
Xqmaster is the champion of the 10th Computer Olympiad Chinese chess
program, absolutely the super star among the Chinese chess software in the whole world. Xqmaster can play chess like a master player. Three kinds of languages are supplied by xqmaster, they are Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. No wonder xqmaster can be welcomed by friends from different countries. Xqmaster will be an essential tool for Chinese chess players of all strengths making the chess games you play or analyze much more interesting, unpredictable and exciting than ever before. With Xqmaster you get an intelligent chess partner which actually learns and improves with you!
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