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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Rybka 1 Preview Readme - Dec 11, 2005
Fecha:Martes, 20 de Diciembre, 2005  21:33:38 (-0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>

Ya está disponible en e-mule: Ya hay una ligerita mejora en el programa !!.


¿A qué esperáis?... .


Un saludo,





Rybka 1 Preview Readme

Dec 11, 2005



Thank you for purchasing a copy of Rybka 1. Rybka is a standalone UCI chess engine which can be installed and run in any chess graphical front-end which supports that protocol. If this last sentence is cryptic to you, installation documentation will be made available with the Rybka 1.1 Early release of the engine on Dec 17, 2005.




This purchase gives you either the right to personally use this product on any number of computers, or to install it on one computer for multiple users. If multiple people are using the software on multiple computers, additional licenses are required.


Engine Releases


Most software is rushed to market, and Rybka is no exception. This is the first of three releases of the Rybka 1 engine. We hope with this approach to give our more expert customers an early chance to work with the engine, while more casual customers are advised to wait for the full and less bothersome Rybka 1.2 release on January 10. The full release schedule is as follows:


Rybka 1.0 Preview


Date: Dec 11, 2005

Goal: early peek at engine


1) Not completely stable

2) Can lose on time

3) Lacks full UCI implementation

4) Improper handling of mates

5) Imperfect checkmating technique

6) Various quirks in analysis display

7) No endgame tablebase access

8) No endgame knowledge

9) Limited user features


Rybka 1.1 Early


Date: Dec 17, 2005

Goal: stability and usability


1) No endgame knowledge

2) Limited user features


Rybka 1.2


Date: Jan 10, 2006

Goal: support for reliable chess analysis

Problems: None :-)


A notification with a download link will be automatically sent to your email account when Rybka 1.1 Early and Rybka 1.2 are available. These later versions are of course included with your current order - there will be no additional cost.