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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Does Fischer Want To Be Kasparov's Predecessor?
Fecha:Domingo, 2 de Enero, 2005  14:11:39 (-0000)
Autor:Lucas Mendoza <lumenco>

To bring it home to most of the pro-Kasparov public  that Garry is not
the scapegoat , as he is often depicted, but the real culprit of the
current squalor in the chess world, please read what I found in Raymond
Keene's book on the Kasparov-Short match (Batsford edition, 1993)

For our readers delectation we propose today a document which is not
widely known. This is the transcript of the telephone conversation
between Garry Kasparov and Raymond Keene 0n February 24, 1993 before
the match between Kasparov and Short. Today we can understand with
ample clarity the conspiracy that lay behind this conversation. We can
understand that it was Kasparov who destroyed the World Championship
system and put the chess world and FIDE in total chaos. Read this
conversation a la James Bond.
"Ray: Hi, Garry.

Garry: Hi. I had a long talk with Nigel.

Ray: Yes.

Garry: Well, I think we agreed on most of the issues.

Ray: Right. Good.

Garry: Now, the plan is that you have to work with Dominic Lawson.

Ray: To do a press release.

Garry: Now listen. My draft proposal: Nigel agreed that we would need
to cite more than just one of Campomaness bad decisions in order to
break with FIDE.

Ray: Of course.

Garry: Now, it should be serious list of accusations.

Ray: Yes.

Garry: Why FIDE is immoral.

Ray: Yes. Why FIDE is unprofessional.

Ray: Yes.

Garry: Why FIDE does not fulfill the interest of chess.

Ray: Yes.

Garry: Now, taking into account what was said, we made a decision to go
for a new organization.

Ray: Good.

Garry: Re-unite our forces.

Ray: Good.

Garry: And we will run the World Championship match.

Ray: yes.

Garry: We will start from this one. This new organization, World
Players Association, that we agreed to form, will have to re-unite
players, all professionals, and will do whatever the Grandmasters
Association, set up in 1986 as a counterweight to FIDE but in recent
years largely ineffective, failed to do. Now, I think Nigel is right 
we should give 10% of the prize fund to the new organization.

Ray: What do you want to call the new organization?

Garry: The World Chess Players Association.

Ray: And in this letter we also invite new bids to stage the world
championship, yes?

Garry: Yes. It would invite bids to be submitted for, say, within next
20 days. And the bids will be opened in London on the given date in the
presence of the Challenger, the World Champion and their
representative.That is basically the situation. It is a hell of a
business, Ray. The problem is that I will be involved in the middle of
the tournament, I will be involved in a big war.

Ray: Yes.

Garry: Warfare.

Ray: Were just used to this.

Garry: But Im playing chess, Nigels not playing chess.

Ray: But you play better under these circumstances, Garry. Remember our
election campaign at Dubai 1986.

Garry: Yes.

Ray: We were fighting the election together every day, but still you
won the gold medal  it was a brilliant performance.

Garry: Ray, now you you have your chance. Dont blow it.

Ray: No.

Garry: Work very carefully with Dominic  we have plenty of time. It
should be the big shot.

Ray: Yes.

Garry: Please dont let rumors spread around.

Ray: Of course.

Garry: I think it should catch Campomanes by surprise. I think we
should concentrate our treatment on the problem by re-uniting the chess

Ray: Yes, brilliant, fantastic.

Garry: Now Ray, God bless you. Do what you have to do.

Ray: Right. Now you and Nigel will come to the opening of the bids,

Garry: Yes. Nigel agreed to come to London.

Ray: Thats perfect.

Garry: I dont think we should go to Linares. That would be a mess and
Linares is not a big place.

Ray: Exactly. Well do it in London.

Garry: It should be London, and it should be a very big, big story. And
I am sure that then we can re-unite the players and obviously that
would be the most powerful organisation. Then they should finish of

Ray: OK, once the bids are open you and Nigel will visit all the
places, select and get it absolutely right.

Garry: No, I am not going to visit. Andrew Page will visit them. I will
appoint my representative to go there for me. Dont forget you have to
discuss it with Dominic. There will be some technical problems with
creating a new organization and we will need plenty of people
throughout the world working for us.

Ray: Well get them.

Garry: I have my plan of how to do it. I think I will convince Nigel
how the new organization should look and perform.

Ray: Now, every bid will be thoroughly checked and tested to find the
best one.

Garry: No. Im not talking about the organization now.

Ray: No, Im asking you, we wont just decide on the size of the prize
money or whatever. Well test every bid for the good of chess, the size
of the prized money, etc. Yes?

Garry: Yes.

Ray: Everybody will get a chance to prove that their bid is the best
one. A real competition.

Garry: Yes, even Manchester.

Ray: Of course, Manchester as well. Absolutely, they can bid again.

Garry: I think this will be a very unpleasant surprise for our big

Ray: Yes, this is one of the best days of my life. This is fantastic.
What is it? 24th February?

Garry: Yes.

Ray: It will go in history this day.

Garry: February is a good month.

Ray: Yes, 15th February, 9th November, 24th February  important days.
13th April . ( 15th Feb. 1985 was the day Campomanes halted the first
Karpov-Kasparov match in Moscow; 9th Nov.1985 1985 was the day Kasparov
became World Champion; 24th Feb.1993 was the date of this conversation
and 13th April is Kasparovs birthday  L.K.)

Garry: Go ahead, and well talk.

Ray: Fantastic"

So, FIDE was not as sick at that time as it is today.Despite
Kasparov's sabotage, FIDE organized a match between Karpov and Timman,
and later between Kamsky and Karpov.Curiously, Kasparov finally joined
FIDE for the Prague scam - so FIDE is alive and kicking!  And he really
showed that he is "a man of action"...   

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