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57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (8 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (9 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] 57th Russian Ch (7) - 1/3
Fecha:Lunes, 22 de Noviembre, 2004  20:27:33 (-0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>


Timofeev, Arty - Bareev, E.

½:½, 22/11/2004.

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. exd5 cxd5 4. c4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e6 6. Nf3 Bb4 7. Bd3 dxc4 8. Bxc4 O-O 9. O-O b6 10. Bg5 Bb7 11. Ne5 Nbd7

[11... Nc6 12. Bxf6 Qxf6 13. Nd7 Qh4 14. Nxf8 Rxf8 15. a3 Be7 16. d5 Bd6 17. f4 exd5 18. Nxd5 Ne5 19. Qe2 Ng4 20. h3 Bc5 21. Kh1 Ne3 22. b4 Bd4 1/2-1/2 Krush,I-Wells,P/Hastings 2002/CD PDR (22)]

12. Nxd7 Qxd7 13. Bxf6 gxf6 14. d5 Bxc3 15. bxc3 Bxd5 16. Qg4 Kh8 17. Qh4

[17. Qd4 Rac8 18. Qxf6 Kg8 19. Bd3 Qd8 20. Qh6 f5 21. c4 Bxg2 22. Qxe6 Kg7 23. Qe5 Rf6 24. Rfd1 Rc5 25. Qc3 Bc6 26. Be4 Qc7 27. Bxc6 Qxc6 28. Rac1 b5 29. cxb5 Rxc3 30. bxc6 Rfxc6 31. Rxc3 Rxc3 Jussupow,A-Ivanchuk,V/Brussels 1991/Candidates/[Jussupow]/1/2-1/2 (41)]

17... Bxc4 [½:½]


Morozevich, A. - Grischuk, A.

½:½, 22/11/2004.

1. c4 Nf6 2. Nf3 b6 3. g3 c5 4. Bg2 Bb7 5. O-O g6 6. Nc3 Bg7 7. Re1 Ne4 8. Qc2

[8. Nxe4 Bxe4 9. d3 Bb7 10. d4 (10. Rb1 O-O 11. a3 d6 12. b4 Nd7 13. Bb2 Bxb2 14. Rxb2 Rb8 15. Qd2 a6 16. Reb1 Qc7 17. h4 h5 18. bxc5 bxc5 19. Ne5 Bxg2 20. Nxd7 Rxb2 21. Qxb2 Qxd7 22. Kxg2 Qa4 23. Qc3 Qc6 24. Kg1 Qc7 Dzindzichashvili,R-Kudrin,S/USA 1989/CD PDR/1/2-1/2 (48)) 10... cxd4 11. Nxd4 Bxg2 12. Kxg2 Nc6 13. Nxc6 1/2-1/2 Ruck,R-Agrest,E/Griesheim GER 2003/The Week in Chess 430 (13);

8. Nd5 e6 9. Nf4 Nf6 10. Rb1 Nc6 11. a3 a5 12. d4 Nxd4 13. Nxd4 Bxg2 14. Nxg2 cxd4 15. Qxd4 O-O 16. e4 d6 17. Qd3 Qc7 18. Bf4 Rfd8 19. Rbd1 Bf8 20. Bg5 Be7 21. Qd4 Ng4 22. Bxe7 Qxe7 Bosboom,M-Epishin,V/Amsterdam 2000/CBM 77 ext/0-1 (36)]

8... Nxc3 9. dxc3 d6 10. Bf4

[10. Bg5 Nd7 11. Rad1 Qc7 12. e4 h6 13. Bc1 g5 14. Qe2 Bf6 15. Nd2 h5 16. Nf1 O-O-O 17. Ne3 e6 18. f4 gxf4 19. gxf4 Bh4 20. Rf1 Rdg8 21. Kh1 Nf6 22. e5 dxe5 23. fxe5 Ne4 24. Nd5 exd5 Cummings,D-Speelman,J/England 1998/CBM 64 ext/0-1 (43)]

10... Nd7 11. Rad1 Qc7 12. e4 Ne5 13. Nxe5 dxe5 14. Be3 O-O 15. b4 ICC: 'Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Looks ok for black, rfd8/e6/bf8 is just one line of many that seems fine if you are worried about the c5 pawn getting weak.' 15... e6 ICC: '%04779' 16. bxc5 ICC: '%04150' 16... bxc5 ICC: '%042' 17. Qa4 ICC: '%045 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: ..and TB for all. :)' 17... Rfc8 ICC: '%04585' 18. Rb1 Bf8 19. Qa3 Qc6 20. Rb3 Ba6 21. Bf1 Rcb8 22. Bg5 h6 23. Bf6 Bg7 24. Be7 Bf8 25. Bf6 Bg7 26. Be7 [½:½]


Tseshkovsky - Kasparov

0:1, 22/11/2004.

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 6. Be2 e6 7. O-O Be7 8. a4 Nc6 9. Be3 O-O 10. f4 Qc7 11. Kh1 Re8 12. Bg1 Bd7 13. Nb3 b6 14. Bf3

[14. g4 Bc8 15. g5 Nd7 16. Bf3 Bb7 17. Bg2 Bf8 18. Qh5 g6 19. Qh3 Ne7 20. Rad1 Bg7 21. Bd4 e5 22. Be3 exf4 23. Bxf4 Ne5 24. Bxe5 dxe5 25. Rf3 Rad8 26. Rdf1 Rf8 27. Qh4 Bc8 28. Bh3 1/2-1/2 Sokolov,A-Ivanchuk,V/Moscow 1988/CD PDR (28)]

14... Rab8

[14... Bc8 15. e5 dxe5 16. fxe5 Nd7 17. Bxc6 Qxc6 18. Nd4 Qb7 19. Qh5 g6 20. Qe2 Qc7 21. Qf3 Rf8 22. Rae1 Bb7 23. Qf4 Bb4 24. Re3 Bxc3 1/2-1/2 Glek,I-Sax,G/Senden 1998/CBM 67 ext (24)]

15. Qe2 Nb4

[15... Bc8 16. e5 Nd7 17. exd6 Bxd6 18. Rad1 Nf6 19. Ne4 Be7 20. Nxf6 Bxf6 21. Qc4 Bb7 22. c3 Rec8 23. Rd2 b5 24. axb5 axb5 25. Qe2 Na5 26. Nc5 Bxf3 27. Rxf3 Nc4 28. Rd7 Qc6 29. Rfd3 Rd8 30. b3 Lindberg,B-Nielsen,P/Malmo SWE 2003/The Week in Chess 485/0-1 (69)]

16. e5

[16. Rad1 e5 17. f5 d5 18. g4 d4 19. g5 dxc3 20. gxf6 Bxf6 21. bxc3 Na2 22. Rd3 Rec8 23. Qd2 Bxa4 24. Ra1 Nxc3 25. Nc5 bxc5 26. Rxc3 Bb5 27. Rxc5 Qb7 28. Rd1 Bc6 29. Qe2 g6 30. fxg6 hxg6 Karjakin,S-Vorobiov,E/Kramatorsk 2001/CBM 86/0-1 (58)]

16... Nfd5 17. Nxd5 Nxd5 18. Be4 b5 19. Nd4 g6 ICC: 'SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I think Hikaru is VERY TALENTED SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: But he needs help SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: He cannot be alone and be #1 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: He need others to work with him SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: No SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: No coach SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I work with my trainer before and during the Olympiad. It helped me a great deal SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Sunil is a FM SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Bobby had help SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: The US Team Captain is my trainer SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: yes SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: A heck of a trainer too SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: He is busy working on many chess projects SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I like to play Xie Jun, Garry, Stefanova and Karpov again SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Unfortunately no time for just fun chess SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: :( SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Once in a while SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Great KingCreole Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: f5 looks interesting SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: runq, he has a lot of line to choose from SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Hikaru is very good SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Dolph-x, study tactics and basic endgames Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: Naka is interesting kid:) SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I work on tactics daily SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: even now SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: My son who is 5 do 50 or more puzzles a day Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: maybe its Tseshkovskys last wish:)?ok,bad joke bad joke bad joke SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Tactics I work on can be from 5-10 moves SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I work on the speed in solving them as well as the actual solution SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: mitya, the most important thing is make it fun for her SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: no fun = giving up chess SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I use both SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: and my trainer gives me position to work on SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: FWCC I don't think so SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Many good ones Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: its useles to work on chess,for example u saw game Kasparov-Carlsen, and Kasparov was fighting for a draw with a kid..... Desant (GM) kibitzes: ab ab Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: finger oliveoyl,could that be Nigel? Morfius (IM) kibitzes: Did Kasparov take back a move against Judith few years ago? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Strange things happened to my internet connection :) SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Jadwin That was why I played Rf7 to give up the h6 pawn SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: It was a trap SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: :) SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: She cooperated LarryC (GM) kibitzes: fritz likes it Badigo (IM) kibitzes: lol ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: Anand es la bestia! SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Hi Larry ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: Hi LarryC. Been a long time. SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: princess, study a lot of tactics and endgame. Openings last SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Jadwin, she did not see it SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Larry is a very good tactician and attacking player ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: I think LarryC was one of few players that never was IM, went directly to GM. Correct? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: GM Larry can give any GM fit ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: Ron Henley the Texan hangin? There is a blast from the past. SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I love Kansas, very nice place and great people' ICC: 'LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white is thinking here %0481 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: here AlperEfe (FM) kibitzes: Storming the Barricades !? AlperEfe (FM) kibitzes: :)' 20. f5 ICC: '%0493 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: it makes sense to open the b-file'

[20. axb5 81 %0444 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: fritz likes it 20... axb5 newborn-king (IM) kibitzes: not a favourable one for our commentator %041 %047 21. f5 %041 %0449 %041 (21. Bxd5 56 21... exd5 1 22. Qf3 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: lets look at this one %15N #S(8/5CO2/8/3CO4/8/8/8/8) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: eyeing d5 and f7 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: looks safe and strong LarryC (GM) kibitzes: I fly out tomorrow 22... Be6 %04101 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Be6 really invites f5 %15N LD3(f4:f5) 23. f5 %048 23... gxf5 4 24. Ra7 %045 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: we played a number of times) 21... dxe5 %046 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: now this looks like the best move LarryC (GM) kibitzes: we have been exploring Nxe6 %041 %044 AlperEfe (FM) kibitzes: Th AlperEfe (FM) kibitzes: This reminds me the position from Hamdouchi - Lautier game with small differences, where white rook eyes to vulnerable f7-square... LarryC (GM) kibitzes: but fritz like bxd5more 22. fxe6 1 %0474 (22. Nxe6 25 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: how about this %0424 22... fxe6 9 %0424 %0413 23. fxg6 2 %15N LD3(e2:h5) LD3(f1:f4) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: I like this %041 %0410 (23. Ra7 38 23... Qc4 3 24. Bd3 6 newborn-king (IM) kibitzes: I remember a story about the first game (and only? ) Christiansen-Kasparov game. "I will attack him, he doesnt like that" said Larry (or something similar)... things haven't changed much, judging from this analysis LarryC (GM) kibitzes: now we're talking 24... Qc6 23 25. fxg6 1 25... Nf6 1 26. Qxe5 %046 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: cave-in LarryC (GM) kibitzes: thinking; 23. Bxd5 26 23... exd5 1 24. f6 0 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: possible 24... Be6 17 (24... Bf5 19 25. fxe7 8 25... Rxe7 1 26. Ra7 1 26... Qd6 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: that looks ok for Black) 25. fxe7 2 25... Rxe7 %041 26. Ra7 3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: good for white) 23... Nf4 3 (23... Nf6 24 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this looks forced %041 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this seems forced 24. Ra7 %0420 %046 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: which brings us up to here (24. Rxf6 %0412 %044 24... Bxf6 1 %041 25. Ra7 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: crushing %042 25... Qc4 %0415 %0410 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: here? 26. Qh5 2 (26. Qf3 22; 26. Qxc4 8 26... bxc4 1 27. Rxd7 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Black is OK; 26. Bd3 7 26... Qd4 11 (26... Qd5 14 %15N LD3(e8:e7) 27. Qh5 3)) 26... Re7 4 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: for Black) 24... Qc4 9 25. Bd3 %048; 23... h6 16 24. Rf7 13 %15N LD3(e2:f3) (24. Ra7 %0420 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Ra7 24... Qd6 %0412 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: that looks like a winner 25. Qh5 9 %0425 25... Bg5 3 %041 26. g7 0 %15N LD3(h5:f7) %040 26... Re7 1 27. Bh7 %0415 (27. h4 10 27... Nf4 20 28. Qd1 23) 27... Kxh7 2 28. Rf7 %041) 24... Nf4 17)) 22... fxe6 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: well I am wondering why he did not play axbt5 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white is still thinking %041 23. Bxg6 (23. Nf3 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: fritz says Ra8) 23... hxg6 24. Qe4 (24. Qg4 43 24... Kg7 2 25. Nxe6 4 25... Bxe6 2 26. Qxe6 0 26... Bf8 8 %15N #S(8/8/8/3CO4/8/8/8/8) (26... Nf6 %045 %15N #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/8/CO7) 27. Ra7 2 27... Rb7 6 28. Rxb7 6 28... Qxb7 1 29. Rxf6 1 29... Bxf6 1 30. Qxe8 1 %15N LD3(b2:c2) LD3(e5: f5) #S(8/8/6CO1/1CO6/8/8/2CO3COCO/8) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: 4-3; 26... Nf4 %0419 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: looks like Nf4 holds 27. Rxf4 %043 %0430 newborn-king (IM) kibitzes: .maybe after Qg4, then g5 Nxe6 Qd6 27... exf4 1 %041 28. Bd4 1 (28. Ra7 1 28... Rb7 8; 28. Ra6 %045 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this %15N LD3(c7:c2) #S(8/8/6CO1/8/8/8/8/8) 28... Qxc2 13 29. Bd4 12 29... Kh6 1 30. Qh3 1 30... Kg5 1) 28... Kh6 6 29. Be5 9 29... Qc4 8 30. Qh3 6 30... Kg5 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Black lives)) 24... Kg7 %15N #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/8/CO7)]

20... exf5

[20... dxe5 11 21. Nxe6 3 21... fxe6 1 22. fxg6 1 22... Nf6 3]

21. Bxd5 dxe5 22. Nxf5 Bxf5 23. Rxf5 gxf5 24. Qh5 Bf8 ICC: 'Badigo (IM) kibitzes: ra3 ba3 qg5 kf8 qh6 ke7 and black is win the game FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: white's compensation seems reasonable after very simple Qxf5 Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: indeed... Bf8 was played rather quickly' ICC: '%0426' 25. Qxf5 ICC: '%04145' ICC: '%0434 %041' 25... Bg7 ICC: '%0426 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: he played this LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Red8 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Ra3 has one drawback--weakens the back-rank %041 %0412 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: so, 26 axb5 looks promising' ICC: 'Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: put b4+bc5 and over:) Badigo (IM) kibitzes: ab rb5 be4 Badigo (IM) kibitzes: + - FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: I agree, white is better here Badigo (IM) kibitzes: ab ab ra7 +- Xzibit (FM) kibitzes: Rf1 then if Re7 I go b4 and Bc5 and Be4xh7 is coming??? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: +/- .51 is nothing for human SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Bye Jadwin Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: old maestro plays cool:) Xzibit (FM) kibitzes: Tseshkovsky shouldn't be a new name....this is an old Soviet champ Badigo (IM) kibitzes: ra3 maybe win no? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Well, when you play this type of Sicilian, you have to expect this type of position SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I give White a lot of credit for playing all out Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: he plays like this cause he has nothing to lose,just for his soul:) Badigo (IM) kibitzes: x muisback Badigo (IM) kibitzes: x muisback Badigo (IM) kibitzes: ? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: It is sold out KingCreole SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I have 3 new ones coming out in a few months Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: haha satan SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: books no baby :) Talaris (FM) whispers: what is decisive after Ra3 Red8 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: You can find all info on my website SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I like White but Black is not dead by any mean SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: my name .com Talaris (FM) whispers: Ra3 Red8, what then lat1? Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: what fritz says? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: One of the most difficult things in chess is to win a won game Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: what is whites best move?anyone has fritz on? Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: yes,ra3 looks normal SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: If Fritz does not see a decisive advantage for white then Black is OK SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: This is the type of positions that Fritz is good at SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I think about +.50 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: by kc Speelman (GM) kibitzes: I just start a Fritz on over ChessBase and at the moment it's giving evrythign as += but will presumably show some discrimination in a bit Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: tseshkovsky is singing now"and i miss u like the deserts miss the rain" SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: White is a little better but I think Black can defend this Talaris (FM) whispers: Ra3 Red8 Rg3 Rxd5 Qf6 Kf8 is not clear to be - still very interesting FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: you dont find it funny when patzers use computer to comment, botte? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I wonder who thought of the comman finger. Sounds ............... SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: command SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Thanks BMG FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: why would you need a patzer with fritz comment, you can still switch the thing on yourself :) SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Of course I would take White but I would not have a heart attack with Black either SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: :) SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Did Al Gore invent Unix too? Speelman (GM) kibitzes: Maybe Rf1 and if Re7 b4 Catatonic (IM) kibitzes: if tsesh beats gazza then that would be awesome!! gringo (FM) kibitzes: wow SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: White better does something because the endgame looks good for Black Speelman (GM) kibitzes: Of course then Qd7 - the prob is to gewt the Bg1 into play without allowing too much counterplay or Bl to threaten to exchange queens in a sensible way dineshsharma (IM) kibitzes: be4 is correct - deep fritz8 IndianCobra (IM) kibitzes: the game shd logically end in draw! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yes, any endgame with an exchange up is usually good for the side with the exchange gringo (FM) kibitzes: Rf1 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: whats wrong with Ra3-g3 Qf6? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: If White wins, this may be one of the games of the year Talaris (FM) whispers: axb5 and then Rxb5 for sure (maybe Rxd5 following next)) dineshsharma (IM) kibitzes: Be4 h6 Qh7 kf8 b4 gringo (FM) kibitzes: axb5 is good too Speelman (GM) kibitzes: I presume if Be4 b4 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I play under different handles IndianCobra (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 Re7 Be4 !? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: White has too much to choose Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: be4 h6?? why h6? gringo (FM) kibitzes: yup Be4 b4 avoids axb5 and avoids Ra3 IndianCobra (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 Re7 Be4 ba4 Qh7 Kf8 Be3 idea Bh6? Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: be4,h6?b4 and u can have that h6 pawn dineshsharma (IM) kibitzes: ya cobra dineshsharma (IM) kibitzes: u r right gringo (FM) kibitzes: Rf1 Re7 Be3 looks serious Speelman (GM) kibitzes: Be4 b4 Rf1 is interesting threatening Bc5 I think Talaris (FM) whispers: remenber - chess is not about the h7 pawns, so why Be4?, so why h6 next? IndianCobra (IM) kibitzes: dinesh computer kya bol raha hai? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: just play it with another move order Speelman SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Please understand another point. You have fritz evaluation. White does not. He may think he is in trouble or he may not see good continuation. He is also playing Garry, nerve factor will set in as well LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Tseshkovsky has beaten better men then Garry ;) (not better chess players, mind!) Talaris (FM) whispers: Ra3 is unclear, not +- LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I think Ra3 wins SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I think the reunification is a joke. Kramnik should stop making exuses and play Talaris (FM) whispers: just one line about Ra3: then Red8 Rg3 Rxd5 Qf6 Kf8 is not clear SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: About 3400 or so SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: It is hard ccie1. It is very different when you sit here watching versus you sitting across another GM or Kasparov SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: more exciting than paint dry but not by much SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: It is easy to talk about philosophy. Do you know what went on my head when I made a sac against Chibu last month? I had to look at every single continuation SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: It is different in a real game'

[25... bxa4 1 26. Be4 1 26... Bg7 3 27. Qxh7 2 27... Kf8 1 28. Ra3 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this looks great 28... Rb5 11 29. Rg3 2 29... Bf6 %047 30. Rg6 16 30... Ke7 9]

26. Ra3 ICC: '%0460' ICC: '%040' ICC: '%041404 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: You career, your reputation and everything depends on 1 move SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: your Talaris (FM) whispers: great player that Tseshlovsky :)) Talaris (FM) whispers: Tseshkovsky :)) gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmmm Talaris (FM) whispers: Red8 looks reasonable now. zhaox46 (WGM) kibitzes: who is Tseshkovsky? gringo (FM) kibitzes: this is one person you don't expect to see beat Kasparov MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: what's comp eval here ? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: That was a novelty by my trainer but I had to work out the details over the board MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: +0.65 for white or for black LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: which game? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: White LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: lemme check it out LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Calvia, I guess? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Not online, at my club or in the NY area only gringo (FM) kibitzes: -.33 in favour of who?'

[26. Be4 6 26... bxa4 1 27. Qxh7 2 27... Kf8 1 28. Ra3;

26. b4 21;

26. Rf1 15 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: to tie Black down LarryC (GM) kibitzes: I like Rf1 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this one %0417 26... Re7 25 %0433 %045 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: let me scout the other games LarryC (GM) kibitzes: dreev's game is interesting (26... Kh8 23 27. Be4 1) 27. b4 3 %042 (27. Be4 14 %041 27... bxa4 1 %041 28. Qxh7 5 %041 28... Kf8 1 %041 29. Be3 15 %041 29... Qd6 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: stopping Bh6 %041 30. Bg6 16 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: renewing Bh5 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Bh6 %047 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: B needs room for his king 30... Rd7 %0431 %0416 %041 %0434 %15N LD3(e7:d8) LD3(f8:e7) 31. Bh6 %041 %042 %041 %045 31... Qxg6 2 (31... Qf6 2 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: a fritz defense LarryC (GM) kibitzes: fritz gives now Kg1 = %041 %15N LD3(f6: f1) %0422 %043 32. Kg1 20 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes Kg1 Qb6+ = (32. Qh8 19 32... Ke7 1 33. Bg5 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this?? 33... Rxh8 %046 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: nyet) 32... Qb6 1 %0410 33. Kh1 1 %042 33... Qf6 1 %041; 31... Bxh6 3 32. Rxf7 %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: of course this mates)) 27... Rd8 17 (27... Qd7 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is OK for Black LarryC (GM) kibitzes: looks promising for white) 28. Be4 1 28... Qc4 8 29. Qxh7 2 29... Kf8 %041 30. Bd3 7 30... Rxd3 7 31. cxd3 2 31... Qxb4 1 32. Rc1 %043 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: and wins;

26. axb5 23 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: lets check this weasel (FM) kibitzes: ab,dammit :) %0441 ICC: '%040' 26... Rxb5 %0414 %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Rxb5 is forced %0415 ICC: '%042' (26... axb5 1; 26... Rxb5 2 27. c4 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is critical LarryC (GM) kibitzes: that is a qood question (27. Qe4 21 Larry C (GM) kibitzes: qe4 here? LarryC (GM) kibitzes: everyone was wondering about that LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yeah Qe4 not forceful enogh)) 27. Be4 %044 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: you mean this? (27. c4 33 %047 ICC: '%041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is critical LarryC (GM) kibitzes: that is a qood question' 27... Rxb2 2 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: also possible (27... Rxd5 %0426 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: maybe he bails with Rxd5 28. cxd5 8 %0415 28... e4 1 29. Rxa6 15 29... e3 2 30. Bxe3 2 30... Qc1 3 31. Bg1 %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: and wins) 28. Rxa6 5 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: nice point covers b1 %15N LD3(a6:a7) LD3(f5:b1) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: hot water; 27. Qe4 21 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: qe4 here? LarryC (GM) kibitzes: everyone was wondering about that LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yeah Qe4 not forceful enogh) 27... Rxb2 25 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: the "prove-it" defense %048 28. Qxh7 1 28... Kf8 1]

26... e4 ICC: '%0424 %0425' ICC: '%04173 gringo (FM) kibitzes: huh? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Forest Hills is about 20-30 minutes from NYC LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: not really best game of informator quality gringo (FM) kibitzes: if Rh3 then Re5 Qxh7 Kf8 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: nah, white should have something here gringo (FM) kibitzes: Rad8 would ahve been definitely better gringo (FM) kibitzes: Rad8 I think woudl have held black a slight edge gringo (FM) kibitzes: yes Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: yes gringo, but you're only saying that bcs you have fritz in front of you! :) gringo (FM) kibitzes: I don't have fritz Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: i believe only GMs would have an idea of what to play here before fritz existed Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: e4 is a very normal human move SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: She had a boy gringo (FM) kibitzes: I think I would have played Rad8 to sac on the bishop....'

[26... Rbd8 26 ICC: 3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this looks right %15N #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/8/3CO4) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Be4 Rd1 ideas' 27. Be4 4 ICC: '%0441' 27... Rd1 1 28. Rg3 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: dbl attack plans %15N LD3(f5:h7) LD3(g4:g6) #S(8/ 8/8/8/6CO1/8/8/3CO4) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: of course qxh7 alsothreatened 28... Kf8 20 29. Qg4 10 29... Rxg1 2 30. Kxg1 0 30... Bh6 8 31. Qg8 8 31... Ke7 1 32. Qg7 1 (32. Qxh7 2 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Garry is + 2 so far LarryC (GM) kibitzes: but struggling today);

26... Red8 1 weasel (FM) kibitzes: AB,NO? LarryC (GM) kibitzes: lets check this %15N LD3(d8:d5) LD3(d8:d1) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Rxd5 27. Rg3 33 27... Rb6 4 (27... Rxd5 11 28. Qf6 0 28... Kf8 1 29. Rxg7 4 29... Rd1 9 30. Rxh7 3 30... Rxg1 1 31. Kxg1 1 31... Qb6 1 32. Qxb6 2 32... Rxb6 %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: maybe B can draw)]


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