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57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (8 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (9 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (1 Angel Ji
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Traducción automát José Cap
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] 57th Russian Ch (7) - 2/3
Fecha:Lunes, 22 de Noviembre, 2004  20:27:33 (-0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>

27. Rh3 379 %04379 ICC: '%0428' ICC: '%04379 HyperJao (IM) kibitzes: how many kids do you have susan? zhaox46 (WGM) kibitzes: Tseshkovsky is 60 years old? wow gringo (FM) kibitzes: Re5 zhaox46 (WGM) kibitzes: ni hao SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Very interesting Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: this must be a dream tournament fir Tseshkovsky, he has nothing to lose and is going all out for a win. Younger players should take note SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: It is quite an accomplishment for Tseshkovsky to qualify for this championship. Drawing Garry is another milestone. Beating Garry is an earth shattering feat. LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Th3 I guess h6 now? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: whats wrong with h6? Talaris (FM) whispers: AlmostDecent, funny line: 27...e3 28.Qxh7+ Kf8 29.Rg3 Qe5 30.Bxe3 Rbc8 31.c3 bxa4 32.Rg5? Qxg5! -+ S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: yes e3! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: well, for the 1000th time, wtf is wrong with h6? zhaox46 (WGM) kibitzes: h6 Rh6? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: wtf? I analyze better then all you fritzers? h6 Qg6 e3? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: -_- fritzers! gringo (FM) kibitzes: lol LP SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I hope I can GoodLuc (GM) kibitzes: now we have the fritzers, the tourists and what else ? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Thanks LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: she already played Karpov, in which world do you fritzers live in?! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: harhar -_- gringo (FM) kibitzes: Re5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Broatse kibitzes: white has slight advantage (talk about Fritz!) SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: chmate, why would that even make sense? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: so brilliant it telepathically talks to fritz? junior64 (IM) whispers: 27...Re5!? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: white LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Susan, they all like chess babes matches harhar LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: h6 Rg3 Qe5 is deadly? junior64 (IM) whispers: Alex que piensas de 27...Re5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: debe de ser de las mejores jugadas S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: 0-1 S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: e3!! S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: e3!'

[27. Bxe4 4 %0425 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Bxe4 undoubtedly jensk (IM) kibitzes: In 1978 I thin it was Dorffman and Gulko 27... Rxe4 12 (27... Re6 %0423 %0425 weasel (FM) kibitzes: did bc5 work in the qxg3 variation? %0414 28. Qxh7 1 panteratucumana (IM) kibitzes: c3 %0483 (28. Rc3 1 28... Bxc3 14; 28. axb5 3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: get this in jensk (IM) kibitzes: Tseshkovsky is formet sovjet-Ch, but when? cant remember, but I think at about 1980 28... Rxb5 15 29. Qxh7 1 29... Kf8 1) 28... Kf8 %040 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: nice trick Rg3 Qxg3 %0411 %041 29. Rg3 %0422 %041 weasel (FM) kibitzes: :) (29. b4 1 29... Rh6 8 30. Bc5 %044 %044 30... Ke8 1 (30... Qxc5 1 31. bxc5 1 31... Rxh7 1 32. Bxh7 1 32... bxa4 1 %15N LD3(b8:b1) LD3(a1:b1)) 31. Qg8 4 31... Kd7 1 32. Rd3 1) 29... Qxg3 4 %041 %0419 30. Bc5 1 %041 30... Ke8 1 (30... Qd6 3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: but he has this 31. Bxd6 5 31... Rxd6 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: game contiues LarryC (GM) kibitzes: continues weasel (FM) kibitzes: :( LarryC (GM) kibitzes: whtie is betterthough 32. g3 %0421 %0412 (32. h4 3 32... bxa4 %046 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: no LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Black is happy) 32... bxa4 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: also here LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes h4 not good) 31. Qg8 3 31... Kd7 4 32. Qxf7 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes) 28. Qxe4 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white must be much better here]

27... h6 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: ok now last we checked, qg6 is a killer %04121 %04121 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: in this position LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Tseshkovsky missed a good chance %04121 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: here %04121 ICC: '%0454 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: maybe this %0422' ICC: '%04121 S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: bad gringo (FM) kibitzes: LP gonna be pissed now..with that statement Talaris (FM) whispers: lat1(C): true e3! had been *the* move modulator (IM) kibitzes: h6 rg3 e3 qg6 qe5 qf7 kh8 re3 gringo (FM) kibitzes: omg gringo (FM) kibitzes: game over gringo (FM) kibitzes: Kasparov loses gringo (FM) kibitzes: This is horendous Shaposhnikov (GM) kibitzes: Tsesh- champion of USSR in past!'

[27... bxa4 27 28. Bc5 1 jensk (IM) kibitzes: In 79 it was Geller LarryC (GM) kibitzes: he has ideas of this (28. Qxh7 10 28... Kf8 2 29. Rg3 5 %044 jensk (IM) kibitzes: Well, I do remember that tsheshkovsky was not exactly a young and rising star, when he got his breakthrough LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes LarryC (GM) kibitzes: bxa4 is crushed (29. Bxe4 18)) 28... h6 9 29. Rxh6 11 (29. Rg3 20 29... Rxb2 %047 %15N #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/8/1CO6)) 29... Bxh6 1 30. Qg6 1 30... Bg7 1 31. Bd4 1 31... Re5 7 jensk (IM) kibitzes: Kasparov AND Psakhis in 1981 32. Bxe5 4 32... Qxe5 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: no;

27... Re5 11 28. Qxh7 21 28... Kf8 1 29. Bxe4 9 29... Rbe8 %048 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Re5 looks like the only chance 30. Bd4 24 30... Qc4 9]

28. Rg3 0 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: all moot now--Tsesh played this %040 %040 ICC: '%04113 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: littlepeasant is like nakamura? gringo (FM) kibitzes: haha LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: hmmm some one here will be found beaten up in a dark alley LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Rg3? oh well, gg LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Qe5 wins now gringo (FM) kibitzes: I knew LP would get angry for the dude who said that LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Qe5 is just winning for black gringo (FM) kibitzes: Qe5 loses LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: terrible move by Tseshkovsky modulator (IM) kibitzes: qe5 qf7+ kh8 be4! SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I hope chess fans and players don't end up like the NBA fans and players Me-better (FM) kibitzes: was Ra3 a mistake?'

[28. Qg6 0 %040 %040 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: with 28 Qg6 %040 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this nearly paralyzes Black LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Kf8 Bc5+ LarryC (GM) kibitzes: B has qe5 or e3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: wait a sec %040 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: now here ICC: '%0426 %15N LD3(h3:g3) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: black is really toasted here %042' 28... Kf8 %0415 %0419 ICC: '%0410'

a) 28... e3 24 %041 %0412 %049 %044 %0430 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: best chance LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Kf8 Bc5 %0443 ICC: '%0432' 29. Rg3 3 %044 %0414 %049 %041 ICC: '%042' 29... Qe5 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: btw, svidler the only chance junior64 (IM) whispers: Bf7 junior64 (IM) whispers: Re3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: in this line he had Rxe3 or Bxe3 %041 %044 %042 %041 ICC: '%045' 30. Bxf7 27 %041 %0424 %045 %040 %042 ICC: '%042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: a slaughter' 30... Kh8 0 %041 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: what? %041 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Tsesh could have played axb5 on many occasions %041 31. Bxe8 1 (31. Rh3 %0412 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: ob 5 junior64 (IM) whispers: Re3 %045 jensk (IM) kibitzes: Qf4 Bxe7 e2!? LarryC (GM) kibitzes: aha %0433 %043 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: now this %15N LD3(h3:h6) %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: now this LarryC (GM) kibitzes: notBxe8 31... Qe4 1 %0420 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: only move LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Re3 is also possible %0413 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: forced (31... Qf6 22 32. Rxh6 1; 31... Qf4 5 %0415 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: to stop mate %15N #S(8/8/7CO/8/8/8/8/8) %0439 32. Bxe8 %041 %0422 %048 %041 32... e2 1 %041 33. Qe6 %044 %15N #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/4CO3/8) %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is ez (33. Qd6 1) 33... Qd2 8 34. Re3 1; 31... e2 8 32. Rxh6 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: mate) 32. Bxe8 %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: no more e2 %048 32... Rxe8 7 %043 33. Qxe4 %041 %043 33... Rxe4 1 %041 34. Rxe3 10 %041 34... Rxe3 2 %042 35. Bxe3 2 %042 35... bxa4 1 %043 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: now c3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: or Bc1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white looks winning (35... Bxb2 1) 36. Bc1 10 %0419 36... h5 2 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Black would have some chances junior64 (IM) whispers: g3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes %045 37. Kg1 %046 37... Kh7 2 38. Kf2 1 38... Kg6 1 39. Kf3 1 39... Kf5 1 40. g3 %041 %15N LD3(f3:a3) LD3(g3:g4) LD3(h2:h3); 31. Rxe3 2 %041 31... Qxe3 %042 %041 32. Bxe3 1 %042 32... Rxe3 %041 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: not so ez %15N #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/8/4CO3) 33. g3 21 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: I like white %15N LD3(g6:h7) LD3(d5:e4) LD3(f7:c4) %047 33... bxa4 12 %042 34. Bc4 1 %0421 %042 34... Rxb2 %041 %041 35. Bd3 1 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white is better LarryC (GM) kibitzes: but Black has drawing chances 35... Rxd3 1 (35... Kg8 13) 36. Qxd3 1) 31... e2 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is dangerous;

b) 28... Qf4 8 29. Rg3 6 %15N #S(8/5COCO1/8/8/8/8/8/8);

c) 28... Qe5 %0416 %049 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this looks best 29. Bxf7 15 29... Kh8 1 ;

d) 28... Rb6 7 29. Bxf7 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: with this idea (29. Bxb6 6 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this idea even better) 29... Kf8 12 30. Bxb6 11;

e) 28... e3 32 29. Rg3 2 29... Qe5 5 30. Bxf7 %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: a slaughter;

f) 28... Kf8 10 29. Bc5 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: ouch 29... Qxc5 7 (29... Kg8 3 30. Rxh6 1 30... Qxc5 5 (30... Re5 5 31. Qh7# 0) 31. Qxf7# 1) 30. Qxf7# %041; 29. Bc5 %042 %15N #S(8/4CO3/8/8/8/8/8/8) %041 ICC: '%041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: ouch' 29... Kg8 3 (29... Qxc5 7 30. Qxf7# 1; 29... Kg8 3 30. Rxh6 %041 30... Qxc5 5 (30... Re5 5 31. Qh7# 0) 31. Qxf7# 1) 30. Rxh6 1 30... Qxc5 5 (30... Re5 5 31. Qh7# 0) 31. Qxf7# 1]

28... Qe5 16 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: qg6 comes very close LarryC (GM) kibitzes: that is what Tsesh missed %0429 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Bd4 where? %042 ICC: '%0483 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: cute, but just Re7 in that line modulator LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: and white will have to resign LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok, Kasparov wins Me-better (FM) kibitzes: maybe Rf1 instead of Ra3 Speelman (GM) kibitzes: according to the great oracle itself Qg6 was v good for W instead of Rg3 Me-better (FM) kibitzes: ok Xzibit (FM) kibitzes: wasn't Rf1 much better than Ra3??? Talaris (FM) whispers: I'g guess both players did not value 28.Qg6 correctly (only the computer does so) LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I wont repeat it, Qf7+ Kh8 Be4?? Re7 - LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: -+ SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: As I said before, anything can happen in such position. To expect Tseshkovsky to come up with 5-10 good moves straight is unrealistic LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I think its rather realistic, Susan LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Qe5 had to be checked, its obviously good for black, so Qg6 was the only choice LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: perdido LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: cause thats what we get paid to do bfritz LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Qf7+ Kh8 is just an exchange gringo (FM) kibitzes: now Qxf7+ Kh8 Bxe4 threatening Qg6 modulator (IM) kibitzes: what happens after qg6 here? Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: qg6,qf6,qf6 takes yummy yummy SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: In kibitz mode, no problem. But against someone like Garry, nerve will set in eventually and 1 bad move can ruin 9 good moves SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: As you can see in this game LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: sure, weak nerves is totally another issue, something he should have resolved 40 years ago gringo (FM) kibitzes: This is not over dude!! Speelman (GM) kibitzes: Indeed it's perfectly normal to make mistakes when under pressure against a stronger opponent - just a shame LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: oh and on Qg6 I guess just Re7 to defend f7 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: verdict is blacks winning LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: h6 was a good move MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: what's comp eval here ? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: 1. e4 too LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: who cares about conmp eval? gringo (FM) kibitzes: h6 was bad because of Qg6 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: look at the bloody position, whites toast MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: -0.93 for whom ? LarryC (GM) kibitzes: the tables are turning SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: You know, babies wear diapers. Then they grow up. Then they grow old and back to diapers again. Part of the human process. Tseshkovsky is 60+. I cannot imagine his nerve is at an all time high as in his 20's or 30's. Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: actually Susan I wonder.... he has no pressure here regius (GM) kibitzes: so Tseshkovsky needs to wear dipers is the conclusion... gringo (FM) kibitzes: black is not as bad here as if Qg6 was played's not over Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: tseshkovsky wearing diapers? SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: When you have a great position against Garry, pressure will automatically sets in Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: that is true. GoodLuc (GM) kibitzes: and the moral is : never play Garry without your diapers LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: he might as well as try to get to an endgame with the last ammount of material down LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Bxe5 instead of Rxe5 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: How many tennis players have set point or match point and cannot convert. Same with many other sports. How many people needed a draw or win in the last round for a chess title or norm and cannot convert. Easy to talk, hard to deliver onlooker (DM) kibitzes: Grischuk drew, so if Kasparov wins he's in the lead LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: means Kasparov is in the lead LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Motylev's draw was a dissapointment for Kasparov ,but he should convert this one SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Of course tseshkovsky deserves a lot of credit, even for just qualifying for this championship. Amazing! SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: karaybe, when a sponsor want to put a match together gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm D-Fridman (GM) kibitzes: qf7 kh8 be4 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: I like Black now gringo (FM) kibitzes: Qxf7 Kh8 Bxe4 Qf6' 29. Bxf7 40 %0412 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: for those who joined us late %041 ICC: '%0497'

[29. Qxf7 11 %0423 %042 %0426 29... Kh8 %041 %041 %049 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: qg6 Re7 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: not there jensk (IM) kibitzes: Mĺske... 30. Bxe4 9 %041 (30. Qg6 1 %0412 %041 30... Re7 2 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: he missed this Re7 defense %041 jensk (IM) kibitzes: Excuse me, isnt Bxf7+ Kh8 Qg6 Re7 Be3 quite good for W? %041 31. Be3 10 (31. Bc5 52 31... Rf8 %042 %15N LD3(f8:f1)) 31... Qxd5 1) 30... Re7 18 junior64 (IM) whispers: Re7 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: sickenig junior64 (IM) whispers: win %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this %049 31. Qg6 1 31... Qxe4 1;

29. Qg6 %0467 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: lets check this one now 29... Re7 %0425 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes LarryC (GM) kibitzes: too late]

29... Kh8 %041 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: looks like Kaspy is favored now %041 ICC: '%044 D-Fridman (GM) kibitzes: i see, thanks :)' 30. Qg6 1 %041 %04126 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Kasparov is looking at e3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: and Red8 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: and Re7 %040 ICC: '%0419 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yes Rg3 was very bad LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: only Qg6 was worth considering, probably a draw after that D-Fridman (GM) kibitzes: red8 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok Re7 just to move the rook out of the way (oh yes, great GM analysis huh?) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: is this game score correct? why did white do 22. nf5 DrLethargo (FM) kibitzes: Von einem GM erwarte ich einfach, daß er Züge wie 28.Dg6! e3 29.Tg3 De5 30.Lxf7+ Kf8 31. Th3! = findet aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i'm not asking them, i'm asking the assembled multitudes here aries2 (IM) kibitzes: what was the general impression of 22. nxf5 when it occurred Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Kramnik is writing a book "Chess and Health" gringo (FM) kibitzes: whoever wasresponsible for giving u the last point that gave you your last GM norm should be shot aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it looks unnecessary gringo (FM) kibitzes: LP onlooker (DM) kibitzes: is it really all that obvious here yet? must be pretty tricky to work out lines like Re7 ab ab Rh3 Qf4!? Be3 Ra8 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i don't know why he did that aries2 (IM) kibitzes: freaky because before 22. nf5 he was just up material Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: darn kramnik he only really tried in 3 games of the last match against Leko GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Guess the Move! Tell me your predictions before each move. gringo (FM) kibitzes: well..I like Rxf7...makes defence easier gringo (FM) kibitzes: ooops..mistell' 30... Rf8 2 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: kasparov has played this LarryC (GM) kibitzes: lets finally get in axb5 ICC: '%04525 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Wouldn't be nice to see players in the top 12 playing in a super RR? :) LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: thats what they do all the time, would be nice to do what they are doing here, playing against some "loser" opposition LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Corus, Linares, Dortmund LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: always top 12 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: She already started to prepare SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: She was preparing when I saw her last week SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Jan 05 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Whatever super event in Jan SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Oliver SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: is his name modulator (IM) kibitzes: Bd5 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: She is not active in chess, she has other interest SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Father's name'

[30... Re7 %041 jensk (IM) kibitzes: Immaqa %044 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: now Re7 %04127 31. Be3 16 (31. Rh3 13 31... Qf4 2 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: lets check this LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white runs out of steam here 32. Be3 18 (32. Bd5 20 32... e3 5 (32... Rd8 10 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Rd8 is also good LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Tsesh missed his chance with 28 Qg6 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: and maybe earlier too)) 32... Qf1 1 33. Bg1 3 33... Qxf7 %045 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: 0-1; 31. axb5 %0412 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: lets get this in at any rate %0432 31... axb5 18 (31... Qf6 23 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Black has this move LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Tseshkovsky had 27 qg6 close to if not winning for white LarryC (GM) kibitzes: 28 qg6 %041 32. Qxf6 76 %044 32... Bxf6 1 %041 33. Bd5 10 (33. Bg6 9 33... e3 1 (33... Rxb5 11 34. b3 9 34... Rg5 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: looks grim 35. Rxg5 14 35... Bxg5 1 36. Bd4 %048 36... Kg8 1 37. Bc5 9 37... Rd7 7); 33. Bh5 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: maybe this 33... Rxb5 %045 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: no also bad LarryC (GM) kibitzes: loses b-pawn) 33... e3 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is the problem)) 31... Rd8 %044 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: counterattack sets in jensk (IM) kibitzes: Yeah, got it %15N LD3(d8:d6) #S(8/8/3CO4/8/8/8/8/3CO4)]

31. axb5 57 %040 ICC: '%04199 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 31.axb5: two-sheds (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) kanza (IM) kibitzes: scary females play chess S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: good move SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: She just gave birth gringo (FM) kibitzes: axb5 might be a blunder' 31... axb5 8 %048 %0441 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Rf8 appears to be inferior to Re7 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Re7 had this shot axb5 qf6 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: e4 is protected LarryC (GM) kibitzes: with Re7 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: compared to Rf8 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: so Re3 looks logical ICC: '%0481 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 31...axb5: SpyRule guest5283 gringo (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) gringo (FM) kibitzes: maybe not SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: NYSF-Bling, as I said earlier, I think top GMs should be doing a lot more to promote the game and do more to popularize it' 32. Bd5 19 %15N LD3(e5:f6) ICC: '%0495 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: stupid move LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: just Rf1? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: well, he was lost though, guess it isnt "stupid" FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: white was lost already anyway SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Broatse, in my opinion, yes. He is good enough to train me and others very strong players LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Rf1 threatens to win in a couple of moves after Rxg1 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Rf6 Qxg7 looks pretty bad for black Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: on Rf6 Qg7 is not forced D-Fridman (GM) kibitzes: rf1 c3 maybe LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Rf1 Bxe4 Rxg1+ LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yes good point'

[32. Re3 1 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: that makes sense %15N LD3(f7:b3) #S(8/8/8/8/8/2CO5/8/8) %0495 32... Qxb2 25 (32... Qf6 16 33. Qxf6 2 33... Bxf6 2 34. Bd5 7 %044 34... Bd4 1 (34... Bxb2 17) 35. Rxe4 1) 33. c3 5]

32... Rf1 %0413 %048 ICC: '%04150 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 32...Rf1: JFernandez SpyRule Fluid-X LittlePeasant Atticus guest2759IPlayThePie ces AphexTwin FWCC bourinator D-Fridman knightonranden jonina (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) gringo (FM) kibitzes: omg'

[32... Rf4 %0422 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: maybe Rf4 33. c3 37]

33. c3 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: so c3 is forced %0414 kanza (IM) kibitzes: not here rf8 :-) ICC: '%046 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yes im the guess the move masta gringo (FM) kibitzes: huh SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Garry smells victory. He is gunning for it kanza (IM) kibitzes: rd8? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: so nobody really looked at 22. nf3 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: hmmmmmmmmm subtely double rooks :) Rbf8! gringo (FM) kibitzes: butbag played c3 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Bxe4 Rxg1 -+ D-Fridman (GM) kibitzes: re1 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: at that point he had no time? Xzibit (FM) kibitzes: no in 5 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: My club is opened daily from the afternoon. I have many volunteers there. It is like a community place SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: 3 0, maybe NYSF. 5 0 no kanza (IM) kibitzes: Kasparov is old man LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I think a 2 game match made on playchess between Naka and Kasparov might end 1-1 :) gringo (FM) kibitzes: Rd8 Bxe4 Rxg1 Kxg1 Qf4+...hmm LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Qf4 isnt check gringo Golcher (IM) kibitzes: Re1'

[33. Qxe4 12 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: maybe qxe4 33... Qxe4 24 34. Bxe4 1 34... Bd4 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: ouch;

33. Bxe4 %041 %15N LD3(g6:h7) 33... Rxg1 7 34. Kxg1 1 34... Qd4 %042 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this? LarryC (GM) kibitzes: also good 35. Kf1 %0422 35... Qd1 2 36. Kf2 1 36... Bd4 2 37. Re3 5 37... Qd2 %043 %15N LD3(d2:e3)]

33... Rbf8 57 %15N #S(8/8/8/2CO5/8/8/8/8) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: qxe4 must lose LarryC (GM) kibitzes: nice also qd4 %0429 %0413 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Garry is attracted by that queen sac %047 ICC: '%04271 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 33...Rbf8: Molari Naturspiller Downhill ccie1 SpyRule guest5283 fear83 runquetera iamzero (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) kanza (IM) kibitzes: qe4 maybe'

[33... e3 %0425 %041 34. Be4 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: not that %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is annoying 34... Kg8 6 %0412 %044 (34... Rbf8 %0411 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: I like this kanza (IM) kibitzes: i move befor) 35. Rxe3 7 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is good LarryC (GM) kibitzes: e3 is premature (35. Bc2 1);

33... Re1 24 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this? kanza (IM) kibitzes: rbf8 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: yes also strong 34. h4 21 (34. Re3 31 34... Rxe3 1 35. Bxe3 2 35... Qxd5 0)]

34. h3 %047 ICC: '%0415 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 34.h3: bigmac (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)'

[34. Qxe4 12 34... Qxe4 1 35. Bxe4 1 35... Re1 7 36. Bd3 1 36... Rf2 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this is hopless LarryC (GM) kibitzes: hopeless;

34. Bxe4 7 %0425 %0416 34... Rxg1 2 %041 %042 35. Kxg1 %040 %041 %040 35... Qc5 1 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: this wins (35... Qd4 %041 %041)]

34... Qf6 6 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: so this was played LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white cannot escape that pin ICC: '%043 SusanPolgar (GM) kibitzes: Bye FWCC S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: Be4 only' 35. Bxe4 %0427 ICC: '%0495' 35... Qxg6 16 %0429 ICC: '%044 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: just r8f2 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: r8f2 crunch' 36. Rxg6 2 %0446 %04124 %041 ICC: '%0441 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 36.Rxg6: guest2759 bigmac atimco (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: draw StarkL (FM) kibitzes: looks like 0-1 S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: draw gringo (FM) kibitzes: Re8 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i am not really understanding why he avoided 22. nf3 S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: draw S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: draw StarkL (FM) kibitzes: draw shouting doesn't make the position a draw S-Hassan (IM) kibitzes: draw SalCheech (FM) kibitzes: rf2 bd3 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: how about re8 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i was saying r8f2 if bxg6 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: now, re8' 36... Re8 33 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: at any rate he played this %041 ICC: '%04143 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 36...Re8: hangin bourinator livermore-jesse guest2759 guest2939 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Sweere (GM) kibitzes: engines cause angina gringo (FM) kibitzes: yup'

[36... Re1 1 %15N LD3(f8:f1) %041 %041 37. Bd3 3 (37. Bf3 1 37... Rd8 1 %15N LD3(d2:a2) LD3(d8:d2) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: he still crawls in LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white has the problem of Be5+ LarryC (GM) kibitzes: after Kh2; 37. Re6 %047 %15N #S(4CO3/8/8/8/8/8/8/8) 37... Rff1 4 38. Re8 1 38... Bf8 0 (38... Rf8 22 39. Re7 7 39... b4 3 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: how about this 40. Kh2 15 40... bxc3 4 41. bxc3 1 41... Bxc3 2) 39. Kh2 3 39... Rxg1 10 40. Rxf8 2 40... Kg7 1 41. Rf4 7 41... Rh1 7 42. Kg3 %041 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: white is fighting here) 37... Rf2 1 %15N f2:c2) LD3(f2:b2) #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/3CO4/8) LarryC (GM) kibitzes: looks totally gone 38. Kh2 7 38... Be5 2]

37. Bd3 4 LarryC (GM) kibitzes: Tsesh played this ICC: '%0470 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 37. Bd3: dflam tesselation batwang PaintDryer ChannelingCapa (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)'

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