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Torneos SPC calcul Felipe R
8-11-2004 - Pésame Angel Ji
57º campeonato rus Angel Ji
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57º Ch ruso en el Angel Ji
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57th Ch ruso (3) - Angel Ji
57th Ch Ruso (3) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] 57th Russian Ch (6) - 4/5
Fecha:Domingo, 21 de Noviembre, 2004  21:29:01 (-0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>


25... a6 ICC: '%04102 Lala (FM) kibitzes: what the matter, fireball? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: sure, ne4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: want N to get to c5, support it with b4, that's the first step aries2 (IM) kibitzes: white is somewhat better but not winning, the key is to keep B/b7 penned in aries2 (IM) kibitzes: the first step is N transfer to c5 and b2-b4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: definitely not winning aries2 (IM) kibitzes: but has chances aries2 (IM) kibitzes: he is, but not clearly winning aries2 (IM) kibitzes: correct stan aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it's betw += and + over minus aries2 (IM) kibitzes: key is b/b7 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it's not a sure win, white has chances aries2 (IM) kibitzes: sure black has chances with latent pawn roller aries2 (IM) kibitzes: the move b2-b3 is possible too but after cb ab c5, black looks ok aries2 (IM) kibitzes: he's not dead lost sitting aries2 (IM) kibitzes: but we need to deal with it concretely aries2 (IM) kibitzes: black has chances, it's a tough position aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it's not dead yet botte that's the key GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: LOOKS JUST WINNING FOR WHITE aries2 (IM) kibitzes: LET'S SEE aries2 (IM) kibitzes: white is better, but the last time people yelled he was winning he didnt (vs motylev) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: botte trading r's cannot be forced' 26. Rd1 ICC: '%04581 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 26.Rd1: gmPocheveen (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it's not a walkover aries2 (IM) kibitzes: black has latent pawn roller it's always tricky GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: hm, I don't like Rd1 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: nobody can yell yet he's just clearly winning Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Rd1 is interesting to me, I had expected GK not to exchange the rook ... aries2 (IM) kibitzes: the audience doesn't trust kaspy much after the moty incident Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: your cat could play chess you' 26... Rxd1 ICC: '%04218 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 26...Rxd1: Scherzo josje guest7018 LookUp Dirtchess55 ccie1 Kingway Kings-dare Morrowind Chesslord Neo (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)' 27. Bxd1 ICC: '%041 Talion (GM) kibitzes: white is winning no? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: what the heck is gonig on after c5 ne4 bxe4 Talion (GM) kibitzes: probably winnin Talion (GM) kibitzes: doubled pawns that's why Kingway (IM) kibitzes: I note that Dreev exchanged quickly ... and I actually trust Dreev's judgement in endgames more than Kasparov's. Talion (GM) kibitzes: counts as one Talion (GM) kibitzes: : -)' 27... f5 ICC: 'B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: now it's not so easy to win that' ICC: '%0496 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 27...f5: gamlinginn lat1 pencuse (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Kingway (IM) kibitzes: rg8, rh8, even rc8 were reasonable if keeping rooks off was right for black ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: There is no question Dreev is an excellent endgame player. So if there is a draw here he will very likely find it. aries2 (IM) kibitzes: did anyone see the ad on Spike TV for the hockey goalie Vladikov aries2 (IM) kibitzes: vladikov is so large he blocks the entire goal, he backed his butt up into the goal like a truck aries2 (IM) kibitzes: an ad on spike tv proving you don't have to be in shape to play nhl hockey Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Bf3 Kd6 Kd4 f4 a3 c5# Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: guys... black cannot possibly win this Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: go read a chess book' 28. g4 ICC: '%040 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: g4 has been played Lala (FM) kibitzes: f5 jumps h3 taking g4 :) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Garry must trade the knight for the bishop and to keep his bishop' ICC: '%04233 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 28.g4: gamlinginn Morrowind Sterile Molari josje ThrustMaster pencuse Neo Kortsu (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: what does fritz say about this ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: Is not white better here? Winning maybe not, but better, yes? Desant (GM) kibitzes: Bravo Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Fritz says "hell yeah" ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: g4 necessary to eliminate or weaken f5 which prevents penetration by white king, yes? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 28...Kd6 29.Kd4 f4! 30.g5 c5# aries2 (IM) kibitzes: black has to try c5, last chance ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: don't see how this could be better for black?? Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: anyone who says black is winning will be censored ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: LOL Mataleo Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 28...Kd6 29.Kd4 f4! 30.g5 c5# ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: Is that line forced Petrovich :) Ruslan (GM) kibitzes: of course white keeps winning chances despite Petrovich is insisting on mating line :)' 28... fxg4 ICC: '%04186 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: fg has been played' ICC: '%04186 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 28...fxg4: Scherzogamlinginn josje LookUp ElJeffe Morrowind (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Kingway (IM) kibitzes: White's general plan is to trade one pawn on the kingside, leaving black with an isolated pawn. Next step attack the weakie with hopes of either winning it outright or forcing black to defend it so much that white can then sneak in the queenside.' 29. Bxg4 ICC: '%0416 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ne4 is coming %15N LD3(c6:c5) LD3(c3:e4) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: c5 is the only move B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: otherwise White is taking control over d4 and c5' ICC: '%0417 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 29. Bxg4: AnttiLaato Morrowind Kings-dare (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: he had ne4 there too Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: wasn'T Ne4 better ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: Interesting minor detail -- white's a pawn on right color for his bishop Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: no' 29... Kd6 ICC: '%0496 Desant (GM) kibitzes: ne4 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Garry is still checking B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ne4 and Be6 is too obvious B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: what about Grischuk ?' ICC: 'B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ne4 has been played' ICC: '%0496 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 29...Kd6: serialloser Sparta LookUp Chesslord AnttiLaato Neige shatmang (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: but doe she win after that N fork trick aries2 (IM) kibitzes: unclear Badigo (IM) kibitzes: ne4!!! aries2 (IM) kibitzes: let's see the trick Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: blunder aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i could put my K on e5 and go bc8, waiting aries2 (IM) kibitzes: then move up a-pawn Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: blunder DrainYou (GM) kibitzes: Knigt is very bad at b7 Badigo (IM) kibitzes: black have lost pozition DrainYou (GM) kibitzes: Might go Kd5 and c5 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: the fork might not win aries2 (IM) kibitzes: at some point black will try the bum's rush of pawns Badigo (IM) kibitzes: nyes ! ne4+ KD5 Kingway (IM) kibitzes: I like a4 here or in the near future Badigo (IM) kibitzes: BUT AFTER NE4 KD5 BF3! Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: draw aries2 (IM) kibitzes: poor epishin looks worse, i was hoping he would not lose Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: why so aries... he's so boring! aries2 (IM) kibitzes: he's a big underdog aries2 (IM) kibitzes: the fork trick winds up with horrible n on b7 Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: Ne4 was better than Bxg4 Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: easy draw for black aries2 (IM) whispers: can't black do the bum's rush if white undertakes the fork trick aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it's tuff i looked at some sample lines Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: checkmate in 42 moves.' 30. Ne4 ICC: '%040' ICC: '%04529' ICC: '%04529 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: First few to predict 30.Ne4+: Lovechess Botte Sparta thirstyscholar okuzucuSkiff2802 Jadwin jedwards knightonranden Morrowind Fikki Braveheart-xx ThrustMaster guest7018 chessty70 mathman WellWellWell jonina ironmonk187 LookUp freedom-man pencuse Ludsteck Firpo bourinator Mataleo ccie1 boomerang geometric3 l' 30... Kd5 ICC: '%048 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: checkmate in 41 moves. aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i cannot figure out if bxe6 wins or not, the lines are long aries2 (IM) kibitzes: pawngone, good to see you man aries2 (IM) kibitzes: what do u think marnoff (rhymes with sarnoff of RCA fame) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: how pawn aries2 (IM) kibitzes: reptile that's the thing, cannot see end ofthat'

[30... Ke5 1 ICC: '%048 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Be6 is forced' 31. Nc5 %041 (31. Bxe6 25 Desant (GM) kibitzes: 1-0! B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: is much better of course ICC: '%040 %040' 31... Kxe6 45 ICC: '%041 %041' 32. Nc5 1 ICC: '%041 %041' 32... Kd5 1 ICC: '%046 %041' 33. Nxb7 1 ICC: '%041 %15N LD3(b5:b4) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: maybe b4 ? HolyMess (WIM) kibitzes: Na5 and b3 funnybird (FM) kibitzes: c3 idea Kc4, b4 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: hm... Garry played Bf3!? %041' 33... c5 1 (33... b4 2 Desant (GM) kibitzes: na5 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: that is better then c5 Desant (GM) kibitzes: you analiz HolyMess (WIM) kibitzes: Na5 followed by b3 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: c5 loses Desant (GM) kibitzes: b3 tke Desant (GM) kibitzes: b3 an Desant (GM) kibitzes: b3 ab i mean 34. b3 31 Desant (GM) kibitzes: no here Desant (GM) kibitzes: i mean na5 b3 ab B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: yes correct still b3 is winning Desant (GM) kibitzes: lol :) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: so... why Bf3 ?? Desant (GM) kibitzes: Kasparov is tired Desant (GM) kibitzes: bc8 played B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: really strange ... what Garry has missed ? B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Be6 was winning at once Desant (GM) kibitzes: what happened with Garry Kasparov) 34. Na5 %0413 34... b4 7 35. b3 6 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: must be winning anyway 35... cxb3 19 (35... c3 23 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: maybe c3 is better 36. Kd3 25 36... Ke5 1 37. Nc4 %0411 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: must be winning anyway 37... Kd5 15 38. Ne3 %041 38... Ke5 2 39. Kc4 2 39... Kd6 6 40. Nc2 7 40... Kc6 2 41. a3 %043 %15N #S(8/8/8/8/8/2CO5/8/8) 41... a5 6 42. a4 1 42... Kd6 21 43. Kb5 1 43... Kd5 2 44. Kxa5 1 44... Ke4 1 45. Kb5 8 45... Kd3 1 46. Na1 3 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: not easy but winning) 36. axb3 1 36... Kd6 %041 37. Ke4 8 37... Ke6 4 38. Nc4 %041 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: zugzwang) 31... Bc8 2]

31. Bf3 ICC: '%04112 Desant (GM) kibitzes: what if Bc8 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: surprise B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: how to win that ? %04112' ICC: '%04112 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 31.Bf3: phardy gawk Jonmeista (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: N gets to b7, black starts bums rush Desant (GM) kibitzes: bc8 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i think the bxe6 may not have won, check it out Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Bxe6 is only a draw, so Bf3 still leaves winning chances aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i am not sure if bxe6 wins, check it out aries2 (IM) kibitzes: obs 607 for analysis of bxe6, marnoff AlperEfe (FM) kibitzes: R E P U B L I C O F F E N E R B A H C E AlperEfe (FM) kibitzes: R E P U B L I C O F F E N E R B A H C E Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: checkmate in 40 moves.' 31... Bc8 ICC: '%040 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: 10 moves left ! B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: it's not over yet Desant (GM) kibitzes: ah may be ng5 %04292 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Bc8 has been played' ICC: '%04292 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 31...Bc8: Desant Kings-dare (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Just imagine this with rooks on, black could never even try such a line as there would be mates all over the place, not to mention white rook invasion ideas. Wish he hadn't offer to trade rooks with rd1' 32. Bh5 ICC: '%040 Desant (GM) kibitzes: now ke5 bg4 bb7 be6 :) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Just passing the time control B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: c5 ! B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: only move B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Bd7 is losing Nf6 just B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: a5!' ICC: '%0485 Kawas (IM) kibitzes: nice ...e5 Bf7 mate Kawas (IM) kibitzes: oops not mate Kawas (IM) kibitzes: but still winning'

[32. Ng5 64 32... Kc5 1 Desant (GM) kibitzes: Nf7 33. Nf7 15 33... Bd7 1 Desant (GM) kibitzes: ne5 34. Ne5 10 34... Be8 %041 %15N LD3(a5:a4) LD3(a6:a5) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: then Black is improving a5-a4 Desant (GM) kibitzes: yes i see but 31.be6 was better yes a B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: not so easy to win here HolyMess (WIM) kibitzes: 31. Be6 was wining Ithink]

32... a5 ICC: '%0473 %15N LD3(a5:a4) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: yes, a4 is coming B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: White is better B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: but not so clear if Kasparov could win it after all' ICC: '%0470 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 32...a5: Jopacs SpaceChess thirstyscholar TIBO (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Kawas (IM) kibitzes: hello :) Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: 29.Ne4 would have been simpler' 33. Bf3 ICC: '%0470 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: a4 next B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: White can't lose of course B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: don't worry about time ( increment 30 sec )' ICC: '%0474 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 33.Bf3: MoodyMaster (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Desant (GM) kibitzes: hmm' 33... e5 ICC: '%0495 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: e5 has been played B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: hm... B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ng5! B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: e5 seems to be an accurance' ICC: '%0492' 34. Ng5 ICC: '%0456 %15N LD3(g5:f7) #S(8/8/8/4CO3/8/8/8/8) Desant (GM) kibitzes: ng5 Desant (GM) kibitzes: great kanza (IM) kibitzes: e5 looks like a target...' ICC: '%0440 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 34.Ng5+: TIBO josje (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)' 34... Kc5 ICC: '%045 %15N LD3(g5:f7) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: why not just Nf7 ?' ICC: '%0410' 35. Ne4 ICC: '%0413' ICC: '%0413'

[35. Nf7 23 35... Be6 1 36. Nxe5 %041 Desant (GM) kibitzes: c3 36... c3 4 37. bxc3 10 37... Bxa2 1 %15N (b5:b4) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: draw B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: hard to believe Garry missed another win]

35... Kd5 ICC: '%0418' ICC: '%0418' 36. a3 ICC: '%040 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: a3 has been played kanza (IM) kibitzes: Rd1 was mistake yes? B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: mini zugzwang B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: b4 then a4 Desant (GM) kibitzes: b4 ng5' ICC: '%0487 Desant (GM) kibitzes: time GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 36.a3: TIBO Molari (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Kawas (IM) kibitzes: kaspy will win :) Kawas (IM) kibitzes: no' 36... Ba6 ICC: '%0484 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ba6 has been played Desant (GM) kibitzes: ng5 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Bh5!' ICC: '%0483' 37. Bh5 ICC: '%0432 %15N LD3(h5:f7) Desant (GM) kibitzes: mate ! B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ba6 maybe a losing move B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: b4 was better Desant (GM) kibitzes: c5 only move B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Bc8 is the only' ICC: '%0422 Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Ng5 was better' 37... Bc8 ICC: '%0456' ICC: '%0466 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 37...Bc8: Sterile sammis TIBO thirstyscholar lat1 Dima2000 Braveheart-xx jinja (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)' 38. Bf3 ICC: '%040' ICC: '%0429' 38... Ba6 ICC: '%0418 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: no way' ICC: '%0418 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 38...Ba6: sammis (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Kawas (IM) kibitzes: fi moodymaster Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Ng5 1-0 Dreev blew it aries2 (IM) kibitzes: we checked out 31. bxe6 and it doeswin' 39. Ng5 ICC: '%040' ICC: '%0466 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 39.Ng5+: sammis TIBO EASYMAN Jadwin Molari Sterile guest4887 Morrowind Cowboystiefel bestebes (Tell GuessTheMove your guess)' 39... Kc5 ICC: '%045 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: yes Nf7 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: is the only move B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Be2 has been played B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: but why not Nf7 ?' ICC: '%047 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: fairly easy mathman do u want to see it again aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yoes showed the method Desant (GM) kibitzes: nf7 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yes pupo (IM) kibitzes: draw aries2 (IM) kibitzes: obs 462 Kawas (IM) kibitzes: or Ne6 and Nd8 maybe' 40. Be2 ICC: '%0476' ICC: '%0476 vut (IM) kibitzes: 0-1 time Kawas (IM) kibitzes: what the hell?'

[40. Nf7 0 40... b4 20 (40... c3 %046 41. b3 6 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: then a4 Rajaz (IM) kibitzes: a4 41... a4 25 42. bxa4 15 Rajaz (IM) kibitzes: b4 42... b4 1 43. axb4 7 43... Kxb4 1 44. Bxc6 2 Rajaz (IM) kibitzes: Bc4 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: close to draw but not yet joejan (FM) kibitzes: kb3 ! 44... Kb3 %0469 %15N LD3(c3:c2)) 41. a4 %041 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: then ? Ruslan (GM) kibitzes: perhaps c3 first 41... c3 35]

40... Bc8 ICC: '%0459 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: hard to win it B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: c3! very unpleasant threat' ICC: '%0459 Desant (GM) kibitzes: ke4 Desant (GM) kibitzes: ke4 1-0 Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: yes desant Kawas (IM) kibitzes: after Ke4 ...b4 can black get all the ps off? Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: Morphy ducked Staunton so... :) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: bxe6 won Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: i met Fischer in Sapporo Kawas (IM) kibitzes: Nf7, not Ke4' 41. Nf7 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Back to the top game funnybird (FM) kibitzes: be6 Ne5 Bd5 is an idea ICC: '%04360 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Nf7 has been played B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: yes c3 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: ok... Seems like Dreev will calculate very long variation' ICC: '%04360 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 41.Nf7: PawnGoneBananas MoluscoGrotesco gawk (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: Americans deserve Bush :) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yoes's line was correct, white had bxe6 trick earlier aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yes, good line by yoes aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yep kaspy had that N fork Desant (GM) kibitzes: 41.Ke4 was winning Desant (GM) kibitzes: now b4 and draw Desant (GM) kibitzes: yes Space Desant (GM) kibitzes: ke4 was 1-0 Desant (GM) kibitzes: why stop come on Desant (GM) kibitzes: ke4 was 1-0 Desant (GM) kibitzes: ok ke4 c3 Desant (GM) kibitzes: ke4 was 1-0! Desant (GM) kibitzes: :) Desant (GM) kibitzes: play spacechess a Desant (GM) kibitzes: where we can play aries2 (IM) kibitzes: fritz8 says c3 horrible blunder Desant (GM) kibitzes: ob 816 space aries2 (IM) kibitzes: chocobot: white missed bxe6 fork in this game! aries2 (IM) kibitzes: right, he mis-evaluated it aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yoes(GM) showed the (nice) win aries2 (IM) kibitzes: actually it wasn't a long "forcing" line, it was simply that N can return to battle aries2 (IM) kibitzes: and in retrospect he will be kicking himself cuz it was just a piece up aries2 (IM) kibitzes: but all checks aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i doubt it mirrorman, he prob just went a little haywire Liberal (IM) kibitzes: 41...b4?! 42.a4! +- aries2 (IM) kibitzes: maybe he will pay Dokhoian to talk about his thoughts in NIC mag aries2 (IM) kibitzes: that was the basic problem, no way for black to force too many p's off aries2 (IM) kibitzes: in that bxe6 line? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i don't think yoes was putting N on e4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i think he was putting it on a5 Kawas (IM) kibitzes: if ...b4 i would try a4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: in my line, n goes to f3, not e4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: then to d2 rocket9999 (FM) kibitzes: are there any winning chances here? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: f8 here sez white has an adv aries2 (IM) kibitzes: less now aries2 (IM) kibitzes: b4 nxe5 be6 a4 with some chances aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c3 just flat loses aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c3? bxc b4 nxe5 wins for W aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yes but viva earlier W had 31. bxe6 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: no, c3 loses aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i don't know opening, i was just looking at the 31. bxe6 thing aries2 (IM) kibitzes: but saskikiran did beat pono in switz. with this aries2 (IM) kibitzes: sasikiran Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: not anymore Scherzo aries2 (IM) kibitzes: correct timmins as annotated by saski in NIC mag aries2 (IM) kibitzes: fritz says black dogmeat after ke5 bf3+ ke6 ke4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i mean, nd8+ and ke4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: there are some great variations after b4 nxe5 be6 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it turns out white has a study-like win in the line b4 nxe5 be6 a4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: be6 will fail by transposition to the b4 line Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: he eats McCombos:) Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: snafu are you related to stfu? P-Rech (FM) kibitzes: Does not black have drawing chances after b4? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: if a chessplayer eats a bigmac, he gains a tactical advantage OTB about 75 min. later aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c3 flat loses aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yes way aries2 (IM) kibitzes: easy aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c3?? loses aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yes aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it's quite easy'

[41. Ke4 0 41... c3 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: forced]

41... b4 0 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: so b4 or c3 %04920 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: b4 has been played ICC: '%040' ICC: '%040' ICC: '%04920 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 41...b4: Morrowind aries2 Sonni azeriflip TeeRex (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: nxe5 be6 a4! leads to a study-like win Kawas (IM) kibitzes: yes, thanks aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c3 loses'

[41... Kd5 0 42. Bf3 1 42... Ke6 %042 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: loses %15N LD3(d8:c6) LD3(f7:d8) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Nd8-c6 issimple (42... Kc5 67 %15N LD3(f7:e5)) 43. Bg4 %046 43... Kxf7 1 44. Bxc8 1 44... Ke7 8 45. Ke4 2 45... Kd6 1 46. Bg4 2 46... b4 17 Chessbolo (IM) kibitzes: 43 nd8 Chessbolo (IM) kibitzes: 43 Nd8-c6 is better 47. a4 11 %0430 47... b3 3 48. Bd1 11 48... Kc5 2 49. Kxe5 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: hm... not sure %15N LD3(c4:c3);

41... Be6 0 42. Nxe5 9 42... a4 30 43. Bf3 10 43... Bd5 89 44. Be4 18 (44. Nd7 10 44... Kd6 1 45. Nf6 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: 50 % fo draw 50 for win B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: obviously now , Black has to keep pawns and not playing c3 or b4 which leads to disaster)]

42. Nxe5 %0410 %040 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ne5 is forced B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: then Be6! B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: the best B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: c3 loses B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Ne5 has been played %15N LD3(b2:c3) LD3(c4: c3) ICC: '%041' ICC: '%041' ICC: '%0485 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 42.Nxe5: Morrowind EASYMAN aries2 Kings-dare klownkaspie CT-NDSUman (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: be6 is forced aries2 (IM) kibitzes: and then a4 seems to be the correct way aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c3 loses MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: Be6 or c3 now Kawas (IM) kibitzes: if ...c3 Nd3 wins aries2 (IM) kibitzes: that loses lookup MASLAKKOST IA (IM) kibitzes: knight+bishop against bishop it's +3.13 for fritz, is't it ? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: black cannot get all pawns off P-Rech (FM) kibitzes: Be6 now shoul draw Desant (GM) kibitzes: be6 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: be6 a4! wins in a study-like manner aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c3, bxc P-Rech (FM) kibitzes: after be6 c3 with exchange of all pawns to follow aries2 (IM) kibitzes: if a3, bc4! splat aries2 (IM) kibitzes: no p-rech, a4! aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i just had excellent georgian red wine aries2 (IM) kibitzes: be6 a4! aries2 (IM) kibitzes: earlier that N fork trick was nice, yoes(GM) showed the way after 31. bxe6 P-Rech (FM) kibitzes: be6 a4 c3 bc3 bb3 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yes p-rech and there i have a trick' 42... Be6 71 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: I guess so B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: the idea Bd5 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: I don't want playing c3 anymore ! B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: c3 loses %04105 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: but Be6 is better , with idea c3 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: at least it's not that clear as after c3 ? Desant (GM) kibitzes: Boris 41.Ke4 was 1-0 yes B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: ö~~ àíí B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: me too B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: a4 Bd5 close to the draw ICC: '%04348 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 42... Be6: Junk Morrowind aries2 chocobot Morfina MASLAKKOSTIA adac P-Rech Desant klownkaspie JCSuperstar ChessRailer (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: now a4 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: the black army is surrounded:) aries2 (IM) kibitzes: why lookup what do u do on a4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: if bd5, Nd7+! idea nf6 Kawas (IM) kibitzes: a4 now aries2 (IM) kibitzes: no aries2 (IM) kibitzes: bd5 nd7+! GolubevM (GM) kibitzes: a4 gives some chances for a win, perhaps aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it's going to be close P-Rech (FM) kibitzes: a4 c3 bxc3 bb3 nd3ch Kc4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: he did have 31. bxe6 earlier Kawas (IM) kibitzes: a5 Bd5 Bf3 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i think i kaspy draws this he will be distraught this is the second time P-Rech (FM) kibitzes: a4 c3 nd3ch Kb6 bxc3 bb3 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: p-rech the line u just said w wins aries2 (IM) kibitzes: a4! here aries2 (IM) kibitzes: what do u do after a4 cmanson Mataleo (FM) kibitzes: the nerve on this Schiller... he should be ashamed to call himself a chessplayer aries2 (IM) kibitzes: nd7+ and nf6 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: on bd5, i play nd7+ and nf6 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: on c3, i play bxc aries2 (IM) kibitzes: play black mrvugg Desant (GM) kibitzes: kd2 Kawas (IM) kibitzes: i think white can still win aries2 (IM) kibitzes: phish i have a surprise move there Kawas (IM) kibitzes: dont see a way for black to get all ps off the board aries2 (IM) kibitzes: my surprise move is bg4 Kawas (IM) kibitzes: chances to win still with a4 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yes hda aries2 (IM) kibitzes: yoes(GM) showed it aries2 (IM) kibitzes: no phish on c3 i play bc aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i have a trick aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i have a trick aries2 (IM) kibitzes: it is ne4+ aries2 (IM) kibitzes: in that line aries2 (IM) kibitzes: a4 c3 bc bb3 nd3+ game goes on aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i can try for blockade aries2 (IM) kibitzes: in yr line phish i have ne4+ Desant (GM) kibitzes: kd2 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: c4!! aries2 (IM) kibitzes: key move aries2 (IM) kibitzes: blockades u Desant (GM) kibitzes: menca Kasparov Desant (GM) kibitzes: Salam Desant (GM) kibitzes: ama hechec oxshuyur aries2 (IM) kibitzes: nice move eh phish? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Chaos A.D. aries2 (IM) kibitzes: how SalCheech (FM) kibitzes: good chances 1 0 aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i will play it out on board 864 Liberal (IM) kibitzes: 43.a4 c3 44.bc3 Bb3!?45. Kd4!'

[42... c3 1 ICC: '%042' ICC: '%041' 43. bxc3 %041 ICC: '%041 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: the same line !' ICC: '%041' 43... bxa3 %041 ICC: '%048' ICC: '%041' (43... bxc3 100 44. Nd3 13 44... Kc4 5 45. Nc1 1 45... Kc5 2 46. Kd3 %041 %15N LD3(d3:c3) B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: pick up the pawn 46... Bb7 20) 44. Bc4 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: Garry keeps good winning chances ICC: '%041 Chessbolo (IM) kibitzes: 42...be6!?' ICC: '%041' 44... Kd6 61 (44... Bf5 82 %15N LD3(f5:b1) #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/CO7/8) 45. Ba2 4 45... Bh7 4 46. Nd3 2 46... Kd6 2 47. Kd4 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: and Black pawns will be lost %15N LD3(b3:a5) LD3(c1:b3) LD3(d3:c1) LD3(c4:c5) LD3(c3:c4) #S(8/8/8/CO7/8/CO7/8/8); 44... Ba6 2 45. Ba2 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: the forced line B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: close but WHite is still has some chances B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: maybe it lost B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: lets see the sample line; 44... Bf5 %0482 %15N LD3(f5:b1) #S(8/8/8/8/8/8/CO7/8) 45. Ba2 4 45... Bh7 4 46. Nd3 2 46... Kd6 2 47. Kd4 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: and Black pawns will be lost %15N LD3(b3:a5) LD3(c1:b3) LD3(d3:c1) LD3(c4:c5) LD3(c3:c4) #S(8/8/8/CO7/8/CO7/8/8)) 45. Nf7 3 45... Ke7 3 46. Ng5 2 46... Kf6 7 47. Kf4 1 47... Ba6 2 48. Ba2 1 B-Alterman (GM) kibitzes: and White is winning %15N LD3(e4:c5) LD3(f4:e5) LD3(g5:e4) LD3(a2:g8)]

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