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Torneos SPC calcul Felipe R
8-11-2004 - Pésame Angel Ji
57º campeonato rus Angel Ji
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57º Ch ruso en el Angel Ji
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57th Ch ruso (3) - Angel Ji
57th Ch Ruso (3) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] 57th Ch ruso (4) - 3/3
Fecha:Jueves, 18 de Noviembre, 2004  21:33:46 (-0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>

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*Grischuk - *Tseshkovsky

1:0, 18/11/2004.

1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. f3 e5 4. d5 Be7 5. Be3 O-O 6. c4 c6 7. Nc3 Na6 8. Bd3 cxd5 9. cxd5 Nh5 Dinamit (IM) kibitzes: What about Nge2? manitodeplomo (IM) kibitzes: cge2 += 10. Nge2 1466 10... Bh4 160 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: disrupting 11. g3 227 11... Bg5 1 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Tseshkovsky was a GM when my father was a little child rocket9999 (FM) whispers: just Qd2 StarkL (FM) whispers: Bf2 here manitodeplomo (IM) kibitzes: Bf2 has a problem manitodeplomo (IM) kibitzes: Ah3 StarkL (FM) whispers: right but then black is fine here manitodeplomo (IM) kibitzes: so amybe we must play Dd2 manitodeplomo (IM) kibitzes: ok manitodeplomo (IM) kibitzes: in any case white have more space and black have 2 side knight so white may still better StarkL (FM) whispers: but black has much more ideas like f5 and Nc5 after a trade on e3 StarkL (FM) whispers: white just can react manitodeplomo (IM) kibitzes: yes ideas he have but ideas...... 12. Bxg5 875 12... Qxg5 1 13. Qd2 8 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: misunderstanding Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: actually , black has bad bishop Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: restricted by white pawns Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: doesn't matter if Q's are traded or not; white is better because he has more space and better pieces Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: nonsense botte 13... Qd8 408 zagonetka2 (IM) kibitzes: this is equal Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: i would still take white Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: lol (right about the disease) zagonetka2 (IM) kibitzes: whites chances on the queenside are equal to black chances on the kingside and Qd8 great move by old maestro! 14. g4 179 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: g4 looks great btw Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: :) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: hey Botte, whats up Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: Qh4+ Ng3 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: Qf2 rocket9999 (FM) whispers: how old is he ..over 50? rocket9999 (FM) whispers: k thx zagonetka2 (IM) kibitzes: qh4 ng3?nf4 zagonetka2 (IM) kibitzes: so qh4,kf1 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: Nf4 is hardly the end of the world, is it? zagonetka2 (IM) kibitzes: :) rocket9999 (FM) whispers: I agree Nyyisti Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: Qd8 looks to the queenside too, while Qe7 doesn't (i guess) zagonetka2 (IM) kibitzes: its not,but could be the end of the game u never know Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: 3 question marks, RossA? a bit excessive zagonetka2 (IM) kibitzes: qh4,kf1,qh3,kf2,qh4,kg2:) Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: yes Kd1 and Kf1 seem possible too Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: and in view of ZAPPIs line, they seem better 14... Nf6 737 15. Ng3 10 15... Nd7 160 16. Be2 336 16... Ndc5 304 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: draw 17. O-O 502 17... Bd7 322 18. Kh1 10 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: how to stop white's attack? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: any ideas? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: N on f5 is always attack:) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: definitely not defence:) Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: definitely Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Nc3-d1-e3 Nh5 Nf5:) 18... Rc8 886 19. Rac1 344 19... g6 347 Talion (GM) kibitzes: black is slowly improving position Talion (GM) kibitzes: g6 is perfectly ok Talion (GM) kibitzes: he's just waiting for white to open up Talion (GM) kibitzes: rg1, nf5 doesn't do anything Talion (GM) kibitzes: ok qh6 and then what 20. Qh6 312 Talion (GM) kibitzes: qf6 Talion (GM) kibitzes: nh5 qh8 Talion (GM) kibitzes: ng3 qf6 draw Talion (GM) kibitzes: they only thingi don't like about black's position are those 2 knights 20... f6 229 21. Rg1 23 21... Qe7 145 22. Qe3 5 Talion (GM) kibitzes: told ya qh6 was nothing Talion (GM) kibitzes: nf5 was bad Talion (GM) kibitzes: that exchanged was good for black Talion (GM) kibitzes: black is fine here it seems 22... Qd8 543 23. Kg2 347 23... Kh8 256 24. Kh1 131 Talion (GM) kibitzes: so white is offering a draw basically Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: h3!? next:) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: anti-time trouble 24... Rf7 141 25. Rb1 5 Talion (GM) kibitzes: nb4 Talion (GM) kibitzes: followed by a5 Talion (GM) kibitzes: yeha white shouldn't let it Talion (GM) kibitzes: probably qd2 or rc1 Talion (GM) kibitzes: then a5 Talion (GM) kibitzes: black getting uncurled 25... Qb6 179 26. Rgc1 225 26... Qb4 6 27. Rd1 190 27... Rff8 11 28. h4 1 28... Qb6 263 29. h5 121 29... g5 8 30. Kg2 1 30... Nb4 114 31. Qd2 65 31... Rc7 199 32. h6 5 32... Na4 11 Talion (GM) kibitzes: white is getting killed slowly Talion (GM) kibitzes: rdc1 first Talion (GM) kibitzes: then na4 33. Nh5 167 33... Rcc8 194 34. Rdc1 8 34... Qd4 7 35. Rd1 6 35... Qb6 172 36. Ng7 13 36... Nc5 129 37. Rdc1 8 37... a5 11 38. Qd1 7 38... a4 8 39. Qd2 1 39... Qa5 151 40. Rd1 6 40... Qb6 5 Mekoch (WGM) kibitzes: a3 41. Kg3 596 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: funny knight on g7 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Grishuk is waiting for black's mistake.. Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Ra1, Rc1, Nd1-e3!? 41... Rg8 1263 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Rg7?! DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: these two should try to exchange some pieces one day Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: N-> e3 plan 42. Bc4 800 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Rg8? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: white seized initiative:) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: :) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: in the whole Universe, balrog Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: destroy erase improve Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: respect to Nimzo Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: he wrote the chess Bible - "Mysystem" Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: old testament of chess Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: who will write NEw testament? Dvoretsky? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: or Pandolfini?:) lol!! Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: not bad = "not too good" ? yeah Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Dvooretsky is for 2500+ players Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: the best chess book is a "Chess, Sex and Violence. Part I" Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: i really recomend "Chess for Dummies" and chess for "complete idiots" - quite talented written stuff Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Kramnik "chess and health" :) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: :)) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Hubner is scientist, aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i played huebner in swiss team Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: just some players are schizophrenics aries2 (IM) kibitzes: riehen vs. biel Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: no wonder aries2 (IM) kibitzes: are you experienced... have you ever experienced.... huebner aries2 (IM) kibitzes: he won a torturous ending aries2 (IM) kibitzes: paraphrasing, oui? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: is grisch playing to flag the old-timer aries2 (IM) kibitzes: i heard that no papyrologists have heard of him... he might have gotten his degree & immed. quit aries2 (IM) kibitzes: we can only verify by asking aforementioned 'papyrologist' - but where to find one? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: bird=death arrow=love bird-arrow=death-love aries2 (IM) kibitzes: papyrology can be entertaining Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Bc4 was a killer aries2 (IM) kibitzes: There are some cabinet vacancies, Bush is in preliminary discussions with Fischer aries2 (IM) kibitzes: Fischer's geopolitical insights make him perfect for Secretary of State aries2 (IM) kibitzes: The press said we couldn't do worse than RIce aries2 (IM) kibitzes: so fischer seems about same Mincho (IM) kibitzes: black is better Mincho (IM) kibitzes: yes LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Black? aries2 (IM) kibitzes: mincho has been chewin' the dream leaves LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: LOL Mincho (IM) kibitzes: Ng6 Mincho (IM) kibitzes: nf4 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yes Ng6 is strong now LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: moves will come up soon 42... Qa5 3110 43. Nf5 5 43... Bxf5 4 44. exf5 3 44... Qb6 4 45. Rdc1 25 45... Rgd8 12 46. b3 13 46... a3 2 47. Nb5 25 47... Nca6 7 48. Be2 175 48... Rc5 13 49. Nc3 13 49... Rxc3 20 50. Rxc3 4 50... Qd4 1 Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: wow!! Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: a2 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: Tsesh is playing like its the 1970s still... Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: xa2 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: after an exchange on d4, Black's going to get the a2-pawn and plant the Knight on c3 I guess Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: on sovsem v3besilsia, v4era morozevich, segodnia grischuk Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: 3avtra kasparov?:) DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: Rd1 Nxa2 anyway, the Rc3 hangs 51. Qc1 120 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: hehe, back rank mate 51... Qf4 17 Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: hm.. MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: Kg2 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: maybe he's just going to exchange Queens and play Nc5 then MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: yes, Nc5 seems strong Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: Kg2 Qc1 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: he's got to block the c-file Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: and nc5 Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: 60 Krasapa (IM) kibitzes: tsech born 1944 lighter (IM) kibitzes: Tsesh is worse 52. Kg2 362 lighter (IM) kibitzes: Rc8 threats 52... Qxc1 3 53. Rbxc1 9 53... Nc5 12 54. Rc4 8 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: blacks toast LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: as I said like an hour or so ago LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: NO lighter (IM) kibitzes: Nxd5 then b5-b4 maybe draw FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: Nxd5 Kf2 b5? Rxc5! dxc5 Rd1! seems evil LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: actually that blockade idea isnt so stupid LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: b4 then Frozen? lighter (IM) kibitzes: oh, a pin FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: Bc4 then LP? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Kg8 FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: then I take your piece and laugh merrily :) LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: oh wait, its semiopen c-file never mind LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yes, laughing merrily is a very good idea lighter (IM) kibitzes: he wont get more chances for it if RxN threats LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nxd5 is forced LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: how is Nd5 Rxc5 good for white? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I take and laugh merrily? FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: Rxc5 immediately after Nxd5 isnt good, as Rd1 is prevented due to Ne3+ lighter (IM) kibitzes: Kf2 first DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: what about Na2 Ra1 b5 Rc5 dc5 Ra2 b4 and ...Rd6 next? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: hmm LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: FS confused me LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: you havent taken the knight dummy LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nxa2 R1c2 b5 Rxc5 dxc5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Rxa2 b4 Rd2 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Rd6! DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: that's what I said LP :P FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: that line oughta suck for black darkmagician, but maybe this position does FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: after Bc4 Rd6 then white just brings king to e4 and Bb5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: hmmmm so? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I stick my king on b6 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: yep, hopefully it gets there fast enough FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: might work if it gets there soon enough DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: yeah, I think I might get to b6 in time FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: Nxa2 Ra1 b5 Rxc5 dxc5 Rxa2 b4 Rd2!? Rd6 Kf2 Kg8 Ke3 Kf7 Bb5 Ke7 Bc6 Kd8 Kd3 Kc7 Kc4 Kb6 and sadly, black might hold DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: if he gets away with this, it'll be a pretty nice blockading technique lighter (IM) kibitzes: endgame after Nxa2 must be lost FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: what does it change spacechess? DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: Na2 Rc2 b5 traps the c4 Rook FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: besides it being first on the fritz list for some strange reason LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: what is first on the fritz list? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Fritz is for losers harhar LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: now tell me the line :P FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: Ra1 and Rcc2 seem to lead to same thing LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: because they ARE the same thing LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nba6 loses to b4 FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: well i thought R1c2 is first for fritz as all these guys seem to suggest it LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: well Ra1 and R1c2 is exactly the same funnybird (FM) kibitzes: Nxa2 now, right? FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: sorry, shouldve known its some better program FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: too dumb to understand these two moves are equilavent, though FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: hmm i found idea for white in the ending with Rd6 and stuff FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: so after b4, white plays Rd2 FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: Rd6 is pretty much forced to prevent d-pawn going forward right? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yeah LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yeah lighter (IM) kibitzes: though it seems that Nxa and endgame R&R+B is the best chance FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: then Bb5! immediately, intending Bc6, Rc2, take all away LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yeah, I agree LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok that was very difficult LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok no, I dont agree LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Bb5 Kg8 FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: ah true Bc6 c4 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: oh on Kg8 you have Rc2! FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: hmm true, zuggie :)) LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: cute LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: on Kf8 then Bc6 FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: this was all considered before i suggested the brilliant bb5 thing of course lighter (IM) kibitzes: stage with B king on d6 is possible Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: done FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: Nxa2 Ra1 b5 Rxc5 dxc5 Rxa2 b4 Rd2 Rd6 then Bb5 FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: not really chr, black has no compensation from lost position there DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: ...Nd5 Kf2 b6 with the idea of b4 b5? DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: as an alternative try to ...Na2 here LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ki cute, but just Rd1 instead of b4 I think DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: yeah, that's what I figured LP lighter (IM) kibitzes: Nxa2 lost unfortunately DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: actually, why b6 there? maybe just Nd5 Kf2 Nb6? DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: LP surely does LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: si, yo hablar español -_- LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: es broma, en que te puedo ayudar 54... Nxd5 1204 55. Kf2 7 55... b5 8 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: Nb6 here I guess 56. Rxc5 5 DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: hehe, he missed your line Frozen 56... dxc5 4 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: problemas con el sitio LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: DUH 57. Rd1 7 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: that was very stupid LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: King doesnt get to e7 in time LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: si, ya lighter (IM) kibitzes: Tsesh is losing LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Tsesh lost DarkMagician (IM) kibitzes: one move short - he shoulda played ...Nb6 instead of ...b5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yeah LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yes, Tsesh has a brilliant future LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: soon he will be beating up on Steinitz and Lasker LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: :) lighter (IM) kibitzes: observe 1 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Tsesh was doing so good Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: dead pin Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: dead horse is good horse:) DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: but I think Black was already lost after 51.Qc1! [1:0]


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