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Torneos SPC calcul Felipe R
8-11-2004 - Pésame Angel Ji
57º campeonato rus Angel Ji
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57º Ch ruso en el Angel Ji
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57th Ch ruso (3) - Angel Ji
57th Ch Ruso (3) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch ruso (4) - Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Ch Rusia (5) Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (6 Angel Ji
57th Russian Ch (7 Angel Ji
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] 57th Ch ruso (3) - 2/2
Fecha:Miercoles, 17 de Noviembre, 2004  20:57:27 (-0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>


*Svidler - *Timofeev

0:1, 17/11/2004.

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5 6. Ndb5 d6 7. Nd5 Nxd5 8. exd5 Nb8 9. c4 a6 10. Nc3 Be7 11. Bd3 O-O 12. O-O f5 13. f3 Bg5 14. Kh1 Nd7 15. b4 a5 16. a3 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: ab Bg5 Qg5 ab Rxa1 Qxa1 Qe3 Be2 Leko-Krasenkow (and probably a few others) LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: ab Bg5 Qg5 ab Ra1 Qa1 Qe3 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: very creative line Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: sorry chessblaster, forgot to mention that one 16... axb4 258 17. Bxg5 9 17... Qxg5 2 18. axb4 6 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: dunno, botte 18... Rxa1 12 19. Qxa1 1 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: anyway this isn't supposed to create black any real problems HyperJao (IM) kibitzes: probably heading for a draw LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: Qe3 Be2 and black have b5 and Nb8 HyperJao (IM) kibitzes: grischuk - dreev draw HyperJao (IM) kibitzes: after 9 moves nataf (GM) kibitzes: now Nb8 is the strongest nataf (GM) kibitzes: . reactivate the knight , and also some scope for the bishop nataf (GM) kibitzes: . hehe :) not sure yet ! I played vs too many girls last year nataf (GM) kibitzes: . me twice :) 19... Qe3 643 nataf (GM) kibitzes: . draw nataf (GM) kibitzes: . pff, Nb8 was much stronger nataf (GM) kibitzes: sorry nataf (GM) kibitzes: Qe3 nataf (GM) kibitzes: . then Nb8 nataf (GM) kibitzes: . I was wrong, sorry :) nataf (GM) kibitzes: . now after Be2, 2 moves nataf (GM) kibitzes: .b5 or Nb8 nataf (GM) kibitzes: . Nb8 is the best nataf (GM) kibitzes: Be2-Nb8 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: but the bishop is not so good Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: still in theory Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Leko's move is Be2 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Hello friends! Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Yes Be2 is the most ayed move now Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: We will have to wait for Svidler new ideas Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Bc2 Follows Qf4 Bb3 Qh4 = nataf (GM) kibitzes: incredible that he is thinking so long to play Be2 StarkL (FM) kibitzes: I am not waiting any longer for sure ;-) nataf (GM) kibitzes: . it has been played a bunch ot time Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Yes nataf which is Svidler new idea? Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Be2 in depth meditation? Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: No it is incredible it has been played in lots of games Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Be2 Nb8 or b5 is the fashion now Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Qb1 e4 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Qb1 e4 fxe4 Ne5! Rd1 fxe4 -+ Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Yeah the move is Be2 I can not believe Svidlers long meditation Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Bc2 is also playable Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Be2 played 20. Be2 1065 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Nb8 or b5 now Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Computers consider this as equal Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: And practice too Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Nb8 or even b5 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: 268: Belozerov,A - Filippov,V, RUS-ch qual 57th 2004 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Yes Nb8 was played by filippov Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: the theory is just beginning, greysky 20... Nb8 797 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: qc1 here Morfius (IM) kibitzes: white is slightly better Morfius (IM) kibitzes: qc1 is a good move Morfius (IM) kibitzes: i think leko won krasenkow in this line Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qc1 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: has 20.Nb8 been played before here? Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: nataf said that it's the main line Morfius (IM) kibitzes: so why is Svidler thinkin now? Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: no idea why svidler thinks... he must have known this position might arise nataf (GM) kibitzes: I told you Nb8 guys, you remember ? nataf (GM) kibitzes: . :) nataf (GM) kibitzes: not yet :) Morfius (IM) kibitzes: so nataf when will you arrive to Reykjavik 21. Qb2 972 nataf (GM) kibitzes: te morfius why, you found some girls to introduce me on friday night ? :) Morfius (IM) kibitzes: :) 21... Na6 394 22. Rb1 66 Czentovic (FM) kibitzes: bjork doesnt mean anything Czentovic (FM) kibitzes: ö octie (WGM) kibitzes: good for them:) Morfius (IM) kibitzes: Morfius (IM) kibitzes: mouseslip! StarkL (FM) kibitzes: Morfius some girls are there...who are they? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Morfius's friends Morfius (IM) kibitzes: just teasing StarkL (FM) kibitzes: oh there are some without clothes too 22... Bd7 721 Czentovic (FM) kibitzes: björk is some sort of a tree, birch it is in english Czentovic (FM) kibitzes: no, dont like trees here in Iceland 23. Nd1 269 23... Qd4 92 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: so what is happening here in the game Zeratul (GM) kibitzes: f5-f4-Botte Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: preferably on ice Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: nope Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: hi to all Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qd4-ed4,Kg1- Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Qd4 ed Kg1 Rb8!? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Qd4 ed c5? Re8! -+ 24. Qxd4 411 24... exd4 1 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: i think white is little better Merick (IM) kibitzes: Kg1-Rb8!?,Nf2!? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Nf2 b5 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: hehe Nb8 as predicte Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Qb2! was de novelty Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: defending e2 c3 and b4 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: I dont believe it is so strong its pretty defensive 25. Kg1 122 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Nice school Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: ok now Rb8 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Yeah i believe the novelty was Qb2 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: it is 100% russian school of chess Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: The new plan Qb2 - Rb1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: 1-0 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: why GMAlex? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: what is after Rb8? DJShrek (GM) kibitzes: what 2 do after rb8? Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: xa6,d4 Russek (IM) kibitzes: d4 pawn is more isolated than Bush DJShrek (GM) kibitzes: wgat is frotz saing?:) DJShrek (GM) kibitzes: fritz Russek (IM) kibitzes: but maybeas strong Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Rb8 Nf2 b5 cb Bb5 Bb5 Rb5 Nd3 Nc7 Nf4 Na6 draw GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: friends, I was telling about Tsesh-Moro, 1-0 is there Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: :) DJShrek (GM) kibitzes: tsesh has better endgame Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: how are u DJ? GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: no, I am from my home in Israel GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: what do you mean better endgame for Tsesh?He is just winning Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: yes winning Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Moro was disappointed by draw vs Epishin GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: Bruhim ha baim, avioziel! Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: ?? Russek (IM) kibitzes: kol a kabot avizioel GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: probably , Petrovich, cause otherwise there is no explanation for his horrible play yesterday and today Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: GMALEx, how could you explain quick draw by Dreev Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: in your favorite Grunfeld Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: they has "business commitments" also?:) GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: well, Dreev used to have pretty sober approach.He encountered a novelty, spent a lot of time in the opening and didn't want to risk.Though in my opinion,white is better in the final position Arakel (FM) kibitzes: Isn't Tseshkovsky about 20 years lder than Kasparov? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: on a good day i can beat everyone, but when will be that day:) Morfius (IM) kibitzes: is Rb8 blacks next move Merick (IM) kibitzes: ...Rb8,b5-Nc5,Ra1 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: b5? DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: I like b5 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: I mean b5 for black DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: after Rb8 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: b5 Nc5 Ra1 Re8 Kf2 d3 Bf1 f4 Nb2 Bf5 Rd1 Re3 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: c5 Nb4 botte, what about it ? DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: c5 dxc5 b5 Nb4, I meant DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: b5 cb5 Nc7 b6 Nd5 Bc4 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Leko is so Russian as I am Arabic Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Bc4 Be6 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Nh3!? Rb3!? Ra1!? DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Nh3 sounds like an unlikely move, Guillermito :) DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: yes mathman, we were in theory just a couple moves ago DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: I may be wrong, of course, but it seems to me that after 25...Rb8 black is just fine DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: majorly important... having half an hour less in the clock is like being two pawns down 25... Rb8 1512 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: too much time for that hasse BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: what about Nf2? BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: and if b5 take everything and Nd3 += BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: no, it does not BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: then Nd3 baum BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: yes, that Nc5 forces a draw, right mathman BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: Nc5 N goes away then Na6 Nd3 draw Tani (WIM) kibitzes: b5 Nc5 Nf2+ Rd1...IS ONLY CHANCE FOR WHITE... fearless (IM) kibitzes: but na4 then ins of na6 BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: to lose BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: Na4 Nd3 and? fearless (IM) kibitzes: nc3 BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: Ra1 BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: I think you must go back to c5 otherwise whgite is better HolyMess (WIM) kibitzes: Nc3-Ra1-Nd5 fearless (IM) kibitzes: ok yes take means ra5 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Rb8 Solid b5 was !? BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: b5 Nc5 looks better for black BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: after b5 black does not want draw anymore Merick (IM) kibitzes: b5-nc5,Ra1 Merick (IM) kibitzes: b5-Nc5,ra1-Nb2, Merick (IM) kibitzes: b5-Nc5,Ra1-f4,Nb2 Merick (IM) kibitzes: then Rd1 26. b5 1341 26... Nc5 8 27. Nf2 7 27... Ra8 7 28. Rd1 8 28... Ra4 8 weasel (FM) kibitzes: black threatens d3,no? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: who is better:) weasel (FM) kibitzes: d3 nd3 rc4,whites pawns look weak to me 29. Nh3 355 Finegold (IM) kibitzes: Rxa2!!!! quel surprise! Morfius (IM) kibitzes: what about solid h6 now for black Morfius (IM) kibitzes: maybe some problem on the e file for black after d3 BaloghCs (GM) kibitzes: still cant believe how could a such strong player as Svidler play b5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: oh great, Moro is going to lose again Morfius (IM) kibitzes: maybe 25.Kg1 was a mistake Morfius (IM) kibitzes: insteed 25.Nf2 29... h6 599 30. Rxd4 12 30... Bxb5 11 31. g4 9 31... Bd7 142 32. Rd2 10 Finegold (IM) kibitzes: Moro must like College... cause he is gettin schooled! 32... fxg4 189 33. fxg4 1 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: just to much fireworks in Epishin-Bareev game :Þ 33... Nb3 158 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Rb2 Nd4 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Svidler is going to suffer now 34. Rb2 356 34... Nd4 179 35. Bf1 7 35... Bxg4 9 36. Nf2 13 36... Bf3 167 37. Nh3 9 Guillermito (IM) kibitzes: Everything as predicted Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: messy 37... Bg4 69

38. Nf2 4 38... Bf3 4 39. Nh3 4 39... g5 4 40. Kf2 47 Zeratul (GM) kibitzes: be2 40... Bg4 172 41. Ke3 35 jensk (IM) kibitzes: NOT Nf3 Nf2 Ra3+ Ke4 Bh5 Be2 Bg6? mate jensk (IM) kibitzes: ...Bg6+ mate! jensk (IM) kibitzes: Even better is Nf3 Be2 Ra3+ Ke4 Bg6! Bxf3 Bg6+ Kd4 Rd3+ mate! jensk (IM) kibitzes: No, from Upernavik jensk (IM) kibitzes: Not quite as cold as Mars :) 41... Nf5 593 jensk (IM) kibitzes: Any how - Nf3 seems very good 42. Kd2 7 42... Ra1 7 jensk (IM) kibitzes: ...but...he didnt agree :) jensk (IM) kibitzes: Here only about minus 8 jensk (IM) kibitzes: ...but snow everywhere jensk (IM) kibitzes: Here we havent seen the sun for about a week - and it wont came until fberuary jensk (IM) kibitzes: ...the polar-night, you know jensk (IM) kibitzes: At the 73 altitude jensk (IM) kibitzes: Probabæy the Im living farest to the north :) 43. Bg2 161 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: black scoring well in this tourney LittlePeasant (GM) whispers: Kalashnikov is quick e5 without Nf6, Pelikan is e5 without b5, Sveshnikov is e5 with b5 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Kalashnikov is AK47 - Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: proud of Russia Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Maghemi is nice guy Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Iran develops chess 43... Rd1 1069 44. Kc3 8 44... Rc1 7 45. Kd3 7 45... Re1 381 46. Nf2 7 46... Re3 9 47. Kd2 8 47... Re2 7 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: whites toast Finegold (IM) kibitzes: my favorite chess movie is.... Svidler on the Roof LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: lol 48. Kc3 306 Speelman (GM) kibitzes: Does Ne3 work? 48... Rxb2 93 49. Kxb2 1 49... Ne3 7 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: just resign instead of Nxg4 50. Kc3 167 lighter (IM) kibitzes: black worsen his chances really, changed active rook while his king isnt so active 50... Bf5 287 51. Be4 748 Seabiscuit (FM) kibitzes: Losing to the guys in the top half hurts your chances even more LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: that is just stupid ol' saying 51... Bd7 222 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: he sucks 52. Kd4 570 52... Nf5 13 53. Bxf5 161 53... Bxf5 1 54. c5 6 54... dxc5 6 55. Kxc5 1 55... Kf7 7 Salinnikov (IM) kibitzes: why draw? Salinnikov (IM) kibitzes: potomu chto tvoj komp pishet =? Variant hot' privedi 56. Kb6 196 Salinnikov (IM) kibitzes: h5 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Ke7 - Kc7 b5 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: hard times for white LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Ke7 Kc7 b5 Ne4! where is blacks win? 56... Ke7 480 57. Kc7 6 nataf (GM) kibitzes: what do you think Alejandro ? He will escape with black ? 57... b5 6 nataf (GM) kibitzes: it's a matter of calculation now nataf (GM) kibitzes: b fritz there is no += LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: well, only Svidler can "escape" ;) nataf (GM) kibitzes: . in such endgames LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: its either = or -+ nataf (GM) kibitzes: . either it's won for white or draw nataf (GM) kibitzes: .right LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: for... white? nataf (GM) kibitzes: kib for black nataf (GM) kibitzes: I mean :) LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ah ok ;) LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Ne4 just b4 I guess LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: what then? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nd3 h5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Ne4 b4 d6+ Ke8 nataf (GM) kibitzes: what is the time controll ? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I dont see it getting back in time nataf (GM) kibitzes: . it's KO now ? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Kf7! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: no, its RR LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Bxd7 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nxd7 forced LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: b3 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: and it should be winning for black LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: lets see LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: b3 d7 Bxd7 Kxd7 b2 Nd2 Kf5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Kf6* LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: well why not? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: you played Nd2 to stop my pawn LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: read the whole line LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: b3 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: YES LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: d7 Bxd7 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Kxd7 b2 Nd2 Kf6 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: you sure this is a draw? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: h2 is doomed LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: sure? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: lmao tablebase draw with 9 pieces Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: lost 58. d6 779 58... Ke8 1 59. Nd3 169 59... h5 1 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Ne4 was a draw LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: this isn't LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: blacks too fast, this is winning for black DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Ne4 b4 and what ? DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Kf7 octie (WGM) kibitzes: how was Ne4 draw after b4? DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: why does the king have to get back to 'e8' after Ne4 ? octie (WGM) kibitzes: and waht is the problem, black win here anyway DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: the bishop is meant to be sacrificed anyway DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: what if g4 in the end of your variation, bfritz ? DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: it seems to me that white is lost anyway, 59.Ne4 probably wouldn't make any difference DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: why is that, bfritz ? DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Black is winning, chessblaster LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: but Svidler is white 60. Ne1 100 60... g4 4 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Ne1!? b4? Nc2! b3 Nd4! = :) Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: hi again LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: -+ Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Ng2 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nd3 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: why 0-1? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: after Ng2........ Andrei21 (IM) kibitzes: who can find any escaping opportunity here? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: white is having good chances for a draw LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: what chances? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: play! .p LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: :P Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Ng2 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ng2 b4? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Ne3 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: and draw LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Be6? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Nc2 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok Bd7 instead LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nd5... LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Be6 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok yes Bd7 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Nd5 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Be6 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: pawn is on b4 nm LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok Ng2 perhaps Be6? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: maybe Ng2 b4 Ne3 Be6 Nc2 h4!? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Ng2 Be6 Nf4! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: yeah Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: est shansi rubenfine (FM) kibitzes: Has anyone seen the movie: Svidler on the roof? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: ok h4! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nxb4 g3! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: hxg3 h3! Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: h3 draw 61. Ng2 392 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Nd3 and Nf2 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: because hxg3?? Nd5! 61... b4 7 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: oh Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: draw LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: but hxg3 Nd5! 62. Ne3 8 62... Be6 9 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: guys here is draw LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: im seeing ghosts in this game.... no draw, black wins Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Nc2 your move LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: h4 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Nb4 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: g3 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: hg LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: hxg3 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: -+ LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: MEGA ARREGLA ESO :P LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: your move Vugar? rubenfine (FM) kibitzes: White can safely resign now Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: ok why you said Nd5 Little? 63. Nc2 154 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: because I was seeing ghosts 63... h4 10 LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: I thought Nd5? g2 Nf4 draw, but of course black wins Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: yes 0-1 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Nb4 g3 hg hg! DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: I hate the Sveshnikov DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: the Sveshnikov is attempting to kill chess, and nobody notices it ! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Lahno bow down? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: -_- LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Sveshnikov is overrated..... yeah right DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: with the Sveshnikov, Caro-Kann and Petroff developing so quickly, one day chess will have as many draws as checkers rubenfine (FM) kibitzes: White can safely resign now LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: play the nimzo.-larsen LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: besides, this wasn't a draw! LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: nice job Timofeev LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: Nb8 novelty huh? LittlePeasant (GM) kibitzes: nice to know :) [0:1]

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