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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Checkmate for Bobby Fischer
Fecha:Viernes, 20 de Agosto, 2004  16:06:33 (+0100)
Autor:Lucas Mendoza <lumenco>


Checkmate for Bobby Fischer
20/08/2004 16:20  - (SA)  

Tokyo - A Japanese district court on Friday turned down an appeal to halt deportation procedures against former chess champion Bobby Fischer, an immigration official said.

But supporters said they will immediately appeal to a higher court in their effort to prevent the 61-year-old chess genius from being deported to the US.

"The Tokyo District Court turned down the appeal today," the Japanese immigration official said.

"Technically, we are able to issue an deportation order with today's decision, but if he appeals to a higher court, we may not be able to take action unilaterally," the official added.

Fischer has been held by Japanese immigration authorities since July 13 when he was detained after trying to board a flight to the Philippines using an invalid passport.

Wanted since 1992

He has been wanted since 1992 for earning over $3m in a chess match staged in the former Yugoslavia in defiance of an international embargo.

Fischer, who became an American hero for wresting the world chess crown from Soviet domination during the Cold War, faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

His appeal process could now drag on for months, with his supporters pledging to take the case all the way to the supreme court if Friday's decision is not reversed.

"We will definitely go to the supreme court if necessary," said John Bosnitch, head of the Committee to Free Bobby Fischer.

Earlier this month Fischer said he intended to renounce his US citizenship, while his Japanese fiancé renewed her call for his release on Thursday.

"Bobby is my king and I will become his queen," said Miyoko Watai, 59, the acting president of the Japan Chess Association.

Fischer's lawyer has said that Japanese authorities have refused to accept the pair's marriage application due to the lack of necessary documents, including Fischer's passport, which has been revoked by the US government.

Edited by Tori Foxcroft

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