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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] The fate of the greatest chess genius
Fecha:Sabado, 31 de Julio, 2004  02:48:45 (+0100)
Autor:Lucas Mendoza <lumenco>

Statement Of Facts

Reported By A Third-Party

On July 13th 2004 at about 5:25 p.m. Robert James Fischer ("Bobby"
Fischer) entered the Japanese immigration dept. on his way to Japan
Airlines flight JL 745 departing from Tokyo/Narita airport at 6:20
p.m. for Manila Philippines.  Bobby gave the immigration lady his
passport and she quickly stamped his exit visa. However he'd
forgotten to fill out the immigration departure form.  She told him
to fill it out at a nearby writing stand. He took it over there and
filled it out.  But when Bobby returned a couple of minutes later an
immigration man had replaced her.  Bobby gave him back his passport
and the filled out immigration form.  However when the immigration
man put his passport under a special light a beep went off or was set
off and Bobby was detained.  Bobby was asked to take a nearby seat
while they found out what was the problem. Bobby took the seat and as
he was waiting he heard someone on the phone fiercely barking
instructions to an immigration official.  The immigration official
kept repeating in a loud militaristic manner "hai, hai!" After Bobby
had waited there about 15 minutes or so he told the immigration
official talking on the phone that his plane was leaving shortly and
that he didn't want to miss the flight.  By now all pretense of
civility was gone and the immigration official fairly shouted at
Bobby "I know that sit down!" and went back to his bullshit phone
call.  After waiting there on his seat for about half an hour or so
altogether Bobby was told to accompany various immigration security
officials. Bobby went with them through the office to the left of the
immigration exit counters and then down a ways to an elevator.  Bobby
and the security officials took the elevator down at least one
floor.  Then Bobby and the immigration security officials took a long
walk down the dark and narrow corridor to Bobby was told not where.
The atmosphere had turned threatening, foreboding, hostile and
sinister.  The place was completely apart and isolated from other
passengers.  There were only immigration types.  Bobby asked "Where
are we going?"  He was told they were going to an office to talk. 
Bobby stopped walking and said "What's the problem?"  Bobby was told
that he should just go to the office to talk.  Bobby said "About
what?" Bobby was told "We just talk."  At some stage a young
extremely fat half Japanese and half Latino translator made his
portly appearance.  By now Bobby said "I'm not moving until I know
what this is all about."  Bobby tried to start walking in the
direction of where he'd come from.  He was blocked by a smirking
young immigration security type. Bobby was now surrounded by about at
least 4 or 5 immigration security types plus the translator. The
security types kept coming and going but overall their number slowly
increased… Bobby demanded to know if he was under arrest and if so
what were the charges against him.  Bobby said he wasn't moving until
he found out what this was all about.  Over and over and over again
Bobby was asked if he wished to see someone from the U.S. embassy. 
Bobby was told he had a right to contact the U.S. embassy. Bobby was
told maybe they can help you.  Bobby always answered immediately and
vehemently and with finality that he did not wish to see anyone from
the U.S. embassy nor did he wish to contact the U.S. embassy.  Bobby
explained that the U.S. embassy was itself the problem not the
solution. Bobby explained that the U.S. government is evil and that
they were out to "get" him. Even the translator conceded to Bobby in
Spanish that in his opinion Bush is a monster! Bobby asked to call
friend many times but they refused.

After everyone was standing in the hallway for about 45 minutes or so
a half-crazed security official came out with Bobby's passport and
they showed Bobby what they said was his arrest warrant.  But they
wouldn't let Bobby touch it.  It appeared to be a 2 page document. 
It was in Japanese and English. Bobby tried to read the first page
from a distance but only got a glimpse of the second page. The first
page said that Bobby had illegally entered Japan and illegally left
Japan!!! Bobby asked "When did I illegally enter Japan?"  He was told
it was all there on the arrest warrant. Bobby said "Where's the date
I illegally entered?"  Bobby said maybe it's in Japanese but that he
didn't see it in English. They said it's there in English too.  They
said that everything on the arrest warrant was in Japanese and
English. If the date when Bobby allegedly illegally entered Japan was
in English or western numerals Bobby sure didn't see it.  The older
half-crazed higher level immigration official told Bobby that his
passport was not valid? Bobby said "Since when is it not valid?" You
mean it was not valid when I entered Japan a few months ago?"  The
kook answered "That's right!" Bobby continued "It wasn't valid when I
entered Japan 3 months ago?  Since when hasn't it been valid."  The
kook answered "Oh, long before that!" Bobby pressed on "Since when
hasn't been valid?"  The kook answered since last November!!!

The kook said that the U.S. government told them that Bobby's
passport wasn't valid since then.  The kooky higher level immigration
official then took out his immigration stamp and stamped Bobby's
entry visa and Bobby's exit visa in the passport invalid.  All this
without any investigation or getting Bobby's side of the story. 
Simply on the word of the great United States! Bobby found all of
this to be slightly incredible because Bobby's passport was perfectly
valid in every way with about two and one half years left on it till
it expired on January 23rd of 2007.  Furthermore in October and
November of 2003 Bobby had personally visited the Bern, Switzerland
U.S. embassy (the same U.S. embassy that had originally issued the 10
year passport No. Z7792702 to Bobby on January 24, 1997) because
Bobby's passport was almost completely full with almost no place left
for more visa stamps.  Bobby had been sternly advised on several
occasions by both Japanese and Hong Kong immigration officials that
his passport urgently needed to get more pages put into it
immediately so there would be space for more visa stamps.  In about
late October of 2003 Bobby told the people in the U.S. embassy at
Bern, Switzerland that he needed more pages for his passport
otherwise he soon wouldn't be able to travel for lack of space to
make visa stamps. After about 10 days and many phone calls back and
forth and at least 2 visits to the embassy in Bern they finally gave
Bobby the extra pages for his passport.

The embassy at Bern never explained to Bobby what the delay was all
about except to say that the state department needed time to make the
decision whether or not to give him the extra pages.  To Bobby
surprise on November 6, 2003 they gave him the 20 or so extra page
insert which they professionally bound into his passport free of
charge! Such service! But that was about 8 months ago in neutral
Switzerland. Now Bobby was in U.S. occupied? excuse US-U.S.
controlled Japan.  But it is highly significant and important to
reemphasize that when Bobby personally presented his perfectly valid
U.S. passport No. Z7792702 to the U.S. Embassy at Bern, Switzerland
on November 6, 2003 far from confiscating and destroying his passport
they actually gave him an about 20 page insert for it! The embassy
perfectly sewed the insert into Bobby's passport themselves in some
high-tech manner so that it appears to be an integral part of the
passport. If Bobby's passport were "Illegal" or "revoked"
or "Invalid" or whatever then one would think that that was the time
for the embassy to make their claim however false, unlawful and
illegal that claim might be… But that would be overlooking the
political dimension to all of this. Obviously the filthy Jew-
controlled U.S. government preferred to illegally and criminally grab
and destroy Bobby's passport only when Bobby was not in neutral
Switzerland. So instead they planned to do the job elsewhere at a
time and manner of their own choosing… The U.S. not only wanted to
grab and destroy Bobby's U.S. passport but more importantly they
wanted to grab and destroy Bobby too. And neutral Switzerland was not
the right place to do it…

By now Bobby felt certain that there was a real possibility of his
being chained and handcuffed and flown back to the filthy Jew-
controlled U.S.A. with a bag over his head that very night.  So he
decided not to go down without a fight! The immigration officials
security types and the translator told Bobby that he was being
detained and/or arrested and that he had to go with them.  Bobby
said "No, I'm not moving." At this point Bobby was surrounded by a
total of about 15 people including the translator and a young man
with a video camera out and filming. At this point the immigration
security guards made their move and attacked Bobby. Bobby didn't
touch them until they attacked him first.  Of course Bobby was
overwhelmed.  A short scuffle broke out where Bobby ended up trying
to protect himself, biting one of the guards who was trying to grab
him (but only biting into his heavy shirt), while he also swung his
legs around to try to stay free from the group of men attacking him,
before they subdued him.  They then put a black or brown bag over
Bobby's head and lifted him up by his legs and arms and carried him
in a horizontal position to wherever they were taking him.  Hands and
arms and legs were all over Bobby pummeling him, pushing him,
twisting him, suffocating him.  One or more guards was deliberately
inflicting great pain by constantly twisting Bobby's right arm. 
Bobby was sure it was going to break but it didn't. Also Bobby felt
one or more guards were trying to put handcuffs on him. Finally Bobby
was dumped into a room where one or more guards was sitting on or
otherwise putting strong pressure on Bobby's back. All of the air was
forced out of Bobby's lungs.  What very little breathing Bobby could
even attempt to do was also blocked by the black or brown bag on his
head. Bobby shouted over and over again that "I can't breathe, I
can't breathe" but they paid no attention. Bobby twisted his head
back and forth furiously all the while shouting "I can't breathe I
can't breathe!"

This went on for what seemed like about a minute or two.  Bobby only
had about a second or two left before he would have passed out and/or
died.  Bobby was already thinking: "So this is how I will die. Will
my friends and loved ones ever really know the truth about how I was
murdered?  What will the press say about it? It was all planned this
way by the Jews… It really is true all the horror stories all
the "suicides' all the murders in custody… It's so damned easy…it's
so quick… "Suddenly after what seemed like an eternity the guy or
guys got off of Bobby's back and he could breathe! Apparently they'd
just been taking their sweet time about robbing Bobby's belongings,
taking his belt and shoes off taking his handcuffs off etc. Maybe
they didn't want Bobby to see the handcuffs.  Or maybe one or more of
them wanted to kill Bobby but one or more of them didn't.  Whatever
Bobby is still alive!  The bag was gone from Bobby's head the cuffs
were off and Bobby was alone in a prison cell.  Bobby's belt was gone
and so was his money his wallet, shoes, etc.  The young man continued
to video Bobby from outside the bars for sometime even after the
guards left the prison cell.  Now Bobby had time to survey the
damage. His right arm hurt very much but apparently was not broken. 
His right wrist was bloodied and bruised with a good sized gash on
the outside part of his right wrist about an half an inch above the
wrist-bone.  A number of his teeth had been chipped or broken or
worse in the melee. After the fight Bobby took out a piece of one of
his teeth and saved it.  Bobby's left cheekbone was also sore and
obviously was hurt during the fight. OK. Let's move on to the next

The next day on July14th 2004 the guards came into Bobby's cell and
told him that he had a visitor from the U.S. embassy in Tokyo who
wanted to see him. Bobby told them he didn't want to see anyone from
the U.S. embassy.  They told Bobby that he had no choice. Bobby
refused to go.  They grabbed Bobby by his arms and legs and told
Bobby that he was going to see the visitor from U.S. embassy whether
he liked it or not!  Bobby was still hurting badly from the night
before so he decided to go without any further struggle.  They took
Bobby to a room (not the special "visitors room" where the prisoner
and the visitor are separated by a glass window) where the U.S.
embassy man was either already there waiting or else came in a minute
or so later.  The embassy man did all the talking while Bobby didn't
say a word.  He had in front of him on his side of the table what
appeared to be the remnants of Bobby's U.S. passport.  It now had
numerous large holes in it along the edges.  Also something appeared
to be stamped on the inside of it. The embassy man also had a photo
copy of a letter or a purported letter to Bobby from the United
States embassy in Manila, Philippines dated December 11, 2003
advising Bobby that his passport was revoked.  The embassy man
explained to Bobby with what can only be described as a deliberate
tongue in cheek or mock cat that ate the canary look on his face and
obvious malicious glee that since the State department didn't know
exactly where to reach Bobby they thought that this would be the best
chance to notify Bobby of the revocation of his passport because they
know that Bobby visits the Philippines from time to time… (Needless
to say Bobby had never seen or heard of this letter before his forced
meeting with the embassy man on July 14, 2004.  We'll have more to
say about this letter later on.)

The embassy man further explained to Bobby that the revocation of his
passport would not hinder him from receiving from the U.S. embassy in
Tokyo a one time one trip passport only good to return to the United
States… The embassy man then added that well if Bobby had no further
questions he'd be leaving. Then he looked at Bobby intently and
maliciously and with twinkling eyes shot out: "Well, Mr. Fischer if
you have no objection I'll be taking your passport back to the
embassy with me." This was meant to be his coup de grace or piece de
resistance.  What would Bobby say?  What would Bobby do? If Bobby
remained silent the embassy man would say that Bobby didn't object to
him taking Bobby's mutilated and destroyed passport back to the
embassy with him.  And then by extension the embassy man would claim
or imply (with a straight face) that well, maybe Mr. Fischer didn't
really mind that the U.S. had grabbed and destroyed his passport
because after all he knew that we had the legal right to do so… On
the other hand if Bobby answered and said that he does object he
would break his silence and then the embassy man could say that Bobby
had voluntarily met with him and that they had a voluntary
conversation and that Bobby didn't say this or he didn't say that or
he didn't assert his rights here or he didn't assert his rights there
etc. Bobby answered and said, "Give me back my passport you son of a
bitch!" At which the embassy man winced and replied that oh well yes
I'll leave it here with the security people with your belongings. (he
broke that promise about 5 minutes later when he left the Narita
airport immigration lockup with Bobby's passport! Jesus, usually it
takes even a Jew a little longer than that to break his word!) Bobby
asked the embassy man if he was a Jew. The embassy man said "Are
you?" Bobby said "I asked you first!"  The embassy man said that oh,
no he wasn't going to play that game, that he didn't have answer that
question.  Bobby asked the embassy man his name.  The embassy man
said his first name was "Peter." Bobby asked "Peter" "What's your
last name?" "Peter" told Bobby that "that doesn't concern you!" The
arrogance and criminality of the U.S. embassy people is almost
unbelievable.  And at just about that point their conversation came
to an end and "Peter" left their meeting room. As Bobby was waiting
in the meeting room with the door open for the guards to come and
lead him back to his prison cell he saw "Peter" being so kind and
effusive and "respectful" with the Japanese immigration authorities
as he shook hands with them one by one and bid them goodbye… A real
gentleman, a real gentleman…

By the way we should mention at some point and this is as good a time
as any that after he was illegally arrested and imprisoned on July
13, 2004.  Bobby never again saw his expensive European buffalo
leather U.S. passport holder. Bobby bought it in Vienna Austria about
8 or 9 years ago for a about $50 or $60 dollars and it's still in
perfect condition.  The Japanese immigration authorities swear that
they don't have it so that points to "Peter" and the U.S. embassy. 
Of course it's a very "trivial" point but if Bobby stole some ones
expensive leather passport holder he might go to prison for a while.

Perhaps now that the issue has been brought up "Peter" and the U.S.
embassy will hasten to return the stolen leather passport holder to
Bobby. But perhaps not! O.K.

Let's move on.  Anyway, for a moment we forgot that it's
completely "legal" for the Jews to rob and plunder Bobby to their
heart's content. Immediately after "Peter" left the immigration lock-
up dept. the immigration authorities gave Bobby on behalf of "Peter"
a photocopy of the aforementioned purported letter from the U.S.
embassy in Manila to "Bobby."  But it's just a joke of course.  This
purported two page letter is from the embassy of the United States of
America, Manila, Philippines dated December 11, 2003 to Robert James
Fischer signed by Theodore Allegra consul of the United States of
America.  The purported letter has no other address!  It seems when
it comes to the Jews and the Jew-controlled U.S. government trying
to "screw" Bobby anything goes!

This garbage people (the Jews) have no self-respect.  Along with the
letter they gave Bobby the letter's supposed "enclosure" something
called "22 CFR Ch.1(4-1-97 Edition) Department of State" pages 252,
253, 254, 255, 256 and (presumably) 257.  The absolute first time
Bobby ever saw or heard of this supposed letter to him and it's
supposed enclosure was July 14th 2004. Bobby never ever goes to the
Philippine embassy in Manila.  Bobby doesn't think he's ever been
there in his life! But if he ever did go there at anytime in his life
it was surely many decades ago!!!  It's an absolute joke. As a matter
of fact and just for the record Bobby is not in the habit of visiting
or calling U.S. embassy anywhere in the world. Since Bobby left the
U.S.A. in about July of 1992 (and he hasn't been back to the U.S.A.
since then) the only embassy he has visited was the U.S. embassy in
Bern, Switzerland.  He visited the Bern embassy on January 24, 1997
to purchase his U.S. Passport No. Z7792702.  He again visited the
Bern embassy on or about October 27, 2003 and again on November 6,
2003 to get the aforementioned about 20 page passport insert.  That
is it.  That is his sole contacts with U.S. embassy worldwide!  The
only other exception is a onetime visit in about 1994 or 1995 to the
U.S.A. library reading room in Budapest, Hungary.  Bobby made the
visit with Mr. Pal Benko and at Mr. Benko's urging. However Bobby
found the atmosphere these to be so oppressive and scary (guards,
body check, bag check etc.) that he never went there again. Bobby's
attitude has been especially since he was indicted by the U.S.
government on trumped up political charges on December 15, 1992 that
the less contact with U.S. government officials the better.

The last time Bobby was in the Philippines was around last summer. 
Months before this alleged December 11, 2003 alleged letter was
written.  Bobby hasn't been back to the Philippines since then. How
in the world was Bobby ever to receive or even hear about this
alleged letter?  Yet supposedly this sick joke of a "letter" is the
heart of the Dept. of States case for "lifting" and then destroying
Bobby's passport!  The dirty Jews used very similar vicious illegal
and criminal tactics to in about late 1998 or early 1999 rob and
plunder all of Bobby's cash, valuables and other belongings including
his gold and silver coin collections that he kept in storage at
Bekins Moving and Storage company (Pasadena, California branch).  The
robbery was committed by Mr. Bob Ellsworth, Bekins Moving and Storage
company and the United States government.  In terms of monetary value
the robbery was one of the biggest if not the biggest robbery in the
history of the United States!! But getting back to the matter at hand.

Page 254 of the 22 CFR Ch.1(4-1-97 Edition) Department of State
paragraph 51.75 reads: "Notification of denial or withdrawal of
passport."  "Any person whose application for issuance of a passport
has been denied, or who has otherwise been the subject of an adverse
action taken on an individual basis with respect to his or her right
to receive or use a passport shall be entitled to notification in
writing of the adverse action.  The notification shall set forth the
specific reasons for the adverse action and the procedures for review
available under paragraphs 51.81 through 51.105." Then continuing to
paragraph 51.81 "Time limits on hearing to review adverse
action."  "A person who has been the subject of an adverse action
with respect to his or her right to receive or use a passport shall
be entitled, upon request made within 60 days after receipt of notice
of such adverse action, to require the Department or the appropriate
Foreign Service post, as the case may be, to establish the basis for
it's action in a proceeding before a hearing officer.  If no such
request is made within 60 days, the adverse action will be considered
final and not subject to further administrative review. If such
request is made within 60 days, the adverse action shall be
automatically vacated unless such proceeding is initiated by the
Department or the appropriate Foreign Service post, as the case may
be, within 60 days after request, or such longer period as is
requested by the person adversely affected and agreed to by the
hearing officer."

Bobby was never properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed
by the law that his passport had been revoked. Bobby doesn't have to
prove that he was never properly notified in writing in the manner
prescribed for by the law that his passport had been revoked.  The
U.S. government has to prove that Bobby was property notified in
writing in the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport had
been revoked.  That's the way the system is supposed to work and
everybody knows that. That's basic. Bobby challenges the U.S.
government to prove that Bobby was properly notified in writing in
the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport had been
revoked. The U.S. government can't do it because it's not true that
Bobby was properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed for
by the law that his passport had been revoked! We all know that the
U.S. Government was a huge worldwide spy apparatus. At last count the
U.S. government has some 14 different spy organizations.  So we take
this a step further.

We challenge the U.S. government to come up with any hard, genuine
evidence whatsoever that demonstrates that Bobby had ever seen or
even heard about or had any knowledge of any kind about this alleged
letter to him from the U.S. embassy in Manila, Philippines revoking
his passport dated December 11, 2003 and signed by Theodore Allegra
Consul of the United States of America before his forced meeting
with "Peter" of the U.S. embassy in Tokyo on July 14, 2004 in the
Narita International Airport immigration lockup!!! It simply can't be
done. Because Bobby didn't.

In Bobby's opinion there's a real possibility that this infamous
alleged "letter" to Bobby dated December 11, 2003 from the U.S.
embassy in Manila, Philippines and signed by Theodore Allegra Consul
of the United States of America was actually cooked up for prompt
release in it's precise final form by the CIA sometime on or after
July 6, 2004 the day Bobby bought his Japan airlines round-trip
ticket to the Philippines and made his reservation for flight JL 745
departing July 13, 2004 at 18:20 for Manila, Philippines!  You say
that can't happen?  What world are you living in?

The letter was just meant to give the Japanese immigration
authorities a cheap excuse a pretext a cover however false for
cooperating with the Tokyo U.S. embassy.  Then the Japanese
immigration authorities "acting in good faith" and on "reliable
information from the Tokyo U.S. embassy "Would have an excuse and
pretext and a cover (though of course it still wouldn't be legal) for
illegally canceling Bobby's entrance visa to Japan of April 15, 2004
and illegally canceling Bobby's exit visa from Japan of July 13, 2004
for illegally arresting Bobby and illegally and brutally throwing him
in the Narita international airport immigration lockup (and nearly
killing him in the process) for illegally turning Bobby's passport
over to the Tokyo U.S. embassy for its illegal destruction by the
Tokyo U.S. embassy and then for illegally forcing Bobby to meet
with "Peter" of the Tokyo U.S. embassy.  The final step for this
charade, for this travesty of justice is if all goes according to
plan is for the Japanese immigration authorities and the U.S. embassy
in Tokyo to illegally deport Bobby to the U.S.A. where he will face a
kangaroo court on trumped up political charges.  Then Bobby will be
convicted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered. Furthermore it is
Bobby's conviction that the CIA has spread money around in the right
places and in the right amounts to both the Japanese government and
with the Narita international airport immigration authority to grease
the wheels to accomplish all of their dastardly plans for Bobby…

All right.  As we've explained repeatedly Bobby's passport was never
revoked because it wasn't revoked in a legal manner. End of the
story.  But purely for the sake of arguments let's say that Bobby's
passport had been revoked by the U.S. government and it had been
revoked in a completely legal and above board manner.  Would that
then give the Japanese immigration authorities the right to
confiscate Bobby's passport and turn it over to the U.S. embassy in
Tokyo and then for the U.S. embassy in Tokyo to physically destroy
it???  Absolutely not.

Let's go back to 22 CFR Ch.1(4-1-97 Edition) paragraphs
51.76 "Surrender of passport" "The bearer of a passport which is
revoked shall surrender it to the Department or its authorized
representative upon demand and upon his or her refusal to do so such
passport may be invalidated by notifying the bearer in writing of the

No strong arm tactics allowed by the Department.  Unless the bearer
of the passport voluntarily surrenders his or her passport to the
Department the department has no right to even touch the passport let
alone to physically mutilate or destroy it.  That's the law.  And you
had better believe that the Department and the Japanese immigration
authorities know it very well.  Furthermore, if the Japanese
immigration authorities truly believed that Bobby had entered and
left Japan with a revoked passport and they considered that to be a
crime then under no circumstances could they mutilate or destroy the
passport because the passport would be the key evidence of
the "crime." And by the same token how could the Japanese immigration
authorities turn over Bobby's "evidential" passport to the Tokyo U.S.
embassy for destruction and mutilation? By doing so both the Japanese
and the U.S. government have committed a serious crime.

Bobby is still appealing his arrest for allegedly illegally entering
Japan on April 15, 2004.  But even if he wins the appeal so what? 
His U.S. passport has already been destroyed by the Japanese and U.S.
government working in collusion! This amounts to pre-judgment of
Bobby's appeal.  Finally both the Japanese and U.S. government by
illegally and in collusion destroying Bobby's passport have violated
in a most brazen way Bobby's constitutional rights.  Because the U.S.
constitution says that a person cannot be deprived of his property
without due process of a law…

Bobby has spent most of his time in Japan since January of 2000. 
He's made a few good friends and acquaintances here. He's spent
hundreds of thousands of dollars visiting Japanese "Onsen" (mineral
bath).  He's spent over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars
working with the Seiko corporation trying to further develop his high-
tech dream chess clock.  He's spent a small fortune on Japanese
electronic products and other Japanese products.  But all this is
outweighed by one lying phone call and one lying letter from the U.S.
government. Irregardless of how this goes Bobby says "fuck you" to
the corrupt Japanese government and Sayonara to Japan.  Even if he
lives and ever gets out of jail again he will never return to Japan
again until every U.S. military base in Japan is closed and Japan is
a free and independent country again.

I'm closing and in haste a few more words.  Bobby swears that prior
to his being detained in the Narita airport by Japanese immigration
officials on about 5:30 p.m. on July 13, 2004.  Bobby had never seen
or heard a word or even a whisper from anyone at anytime anywhere to
the effect that his U.S. passport No. Z7792702
was "revoked" "invalid" "expired" "cancelled" etc. Absolutely nothing
ever, ever, ever.  If anyone says otherwise they are a LIAR.
Furthermore, Bobby swears that prior to his forced involuntary Narita
immigration jailhouse meeting with the Tokyo U.S. embassy man "Peter"
on July 14, 2004. Bobby had never seen or heard of and had no
knowledge of any kind whatsoever at anytime in his entire life of
this alleged letter to Bobby dated December 11, 2003 from the U.S.
embassy in Manila, Philippines and signed by Theodore Allegra Consul
of the United States of America. Bobby had no knowledge of it and
never ever saw it or even heard about prior to July 14, 2004. Never,
ever, ever, ever, ever.

If anyone says otherwise they are simply a LIAR.  Now, here's
something to think about if anyone is really interested in truth of
this matter. Bobby arrived in Switzerland (from Japan) in about the
middle of October 2003.  Bobby left Switzerland for Japan on December
16, 2003.  During all of this time Bobby never left Switzerland, not
even for a second.  When Bobby visited the Bern, Switzerland U.S.
embassy he gave them in writing his swisscom mobile telephone sim
card number in Switzerland.  The embassy called Bobby at that number
several times.  They had the number there's no question about that.
Except for charging the phone's battery occasionally (and for
whatever reason it charges very quickly in Switzerland) that same sim
phone number was on and with a strong signal 24 hours a day! The
infamous Allegra letter to "Bobby" (ha, ha, ha) was dated December
11, 2003.  If the U.S. really wanted to let Bobby know that his
passport was "revoked" why not just give Bobby a call on his swisscom
sim card mobile phone and tell him all about it?????  The U.S. is so
full of shit it's not even funny. No wonder they're getting their
asses kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan… Japan beware you're backing a
loser.  Don't go down the drain with the filthy Jew controlled U.S.

Superkasp's note:

Sorry about the filthy Jew controlled etc. I love Jewish people. I
love Japanese people. But Bobby Fischer must be SET FREE.

Saludos sk

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