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El trabajo más com Angel Ji
Examen AN 2004 sapinunc
I Torneo Internaci Felipe R
Internacional sub Felipe R
Torneo Internacion Felipe R
Partidas, Resultad arnaizme
Información en web Felipe R
Info en el TWIC Felipe R
Buena actuación de Felipe R
Campeonatos de Bas Felipe R
Campeonato Canaria Samuel C
Campeonato Canaria Samuel C
En directo desde e Samuel C
En directo desde T Samuel C
En directo desde T Samuel C
Final desde Ten Be Samuel C
De felicitaciones Felipe R
III Torneo Abierto Samuel C
Airam en el Univer Felipe R
Final Liga CajaCan Felipe R
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] El trabajo más completo sobre Steinitz.
Fecha:Lunes, 15 de Marzo, 2004  19:28:14 (+0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>



Estamos en el siglo XXI:


The Collected Works of William Steinitz (CD)
is your chance to discover the first World Chess Champion in his own words! This breakthrough CD-Rom showcases only writings by Steinitz himself, literally thousands of pages by the most successful match player in history. The founder of modern chess, the inventor of scientific analysis - and now you can meet the "Great Theorist" in a way never possible before! The Collected Works of Wilhelm Steinitz includes the following, all in interactive ChessBase format:
The Games of Wilhelm Steinitz - This main biographical collection has 1,072 games played by Steinitz, and includes 22 text documents, with 288 games annotated by Steinitz. These are given in full text, woven into the game notation. Steinitz's own account of 4 World Championships, the London-Vienna match, the cable match with Tschigorin and much more, all bound together with Keys, hyperlinks and photos. The Modern Chess Instructor e-book - Steinitz's masterpiece in 20 text documents, which include 7 chapters of Steinitz teaching chess - from the moves and rules onward. Then Steinitz discusses the openings in chess, examining 8 major openings with 167 Surveys and 79 Illustrative Games. Also included is the Steinitz-Tschigorin match of 1889, for the World Championship. A complete course in chess! The 6th American Chess Congress e-book - Tschigorin and Weiss tie for 1st & 2nd place. 5 text documents, including the Committee Report and tournament crosstable. Then all 430 games are given, each annotated by Steinitz. An important part of American chess history, and one of the best tournament books of all time. A "Magazines" collection - which has large excerpts from the Field, and the International Chess Magazine. About 85 games here, plus 13 text documents - including the Wisker-MacDonnell match (1874), the Zukertort-Rosenthal match (1880), the Lipschuetz-Delmar match (1888) and many additional games. Also found are the "analysis" lines from the Steinitz-Tschigorin cable match and the famous article "Morphy and the Play of His Time". The Steinitz Gambit e-book - Covering 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.f4 exf4 4.d4 Qh4+ 5.Ke2. A modern, useful openings book, and a comprehensive look at Steinitz's radical idea. 2 text documents, 6 Surveys and 300 games (150 with notes, 28 by Steinitz), and an excellent openings Key included. Bonus - A .pdf file of all Steinitz crosstables, 2 Steinitz screensavers, an electronic jigsaw puzzle and lots of great photos! Altogether nearly 900 games annotated by Steinitz, plus his two books, and extended excerpts from his writings - a lifetime of chess enjoyment!
ChessBase Reader included - no other software required.