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Linares 2004 (2) - Angel Ji
Linares 2004 (2) R Angel Ji
Kasparov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Radjabov-Kramnik, Angel Ji
Shirov-Topalov, Li Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ron Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Vallejo-Shirov, Li Angel Ji
Kramnik-Leko, Lina Angel Ji
Kramnik-Leko, Lina Angel Ji
Topalov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Topalov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Linares (4) 2004, Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ro Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ron Angel Ji
Zo-8859-1?Q?Angel_ Angel Ji
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Linares 2004 (5) Angel Ji
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Kramnik-Leko, Linares (4), 2004
Fecha:Domingo, 22 de Febrero, 2004  19:01:10 (+0000)
Autor:Angel Jimnez <aarteaga>


Kramnik – Leko, Linares (4), 2004

:, 22/ 2/2004.

1. e4 0 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 1.e4: TigranP Yobes lat1 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 1... c5 2 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 1...c5: Yobes (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 2. f3 3 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: A couple of inactive players over 2700 too: Kamsky & Fischer. 2... c6 42 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 2...Nc6: aWinsaWin (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 3. c3 3 3... e5 5 4. c4 3 4... e7 3 5. d3 60 5... d6 2 6. d2 4 6... g5 105 7. f1 6 7... xc1 4 8. xc1 4 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 8.Rxc1: Yobes (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 8... ge7 30 Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Leko won one game, all others will be draws, so Leko wins the tourney with 6,5/12! Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: 2970 Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: was his performance 9. e3 492 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 9.Ne3: ChessyStud Joyoyo Yobes Inferis guest1781 kriegspiel bfritz TheAceOfSpades Gzhelka (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 9... O-O 4 10. O-O 2 10... g6 458 11. cd5 875 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Normally one has a World Champion and needs to single out a challenger. With FIDE it's reversed! They have a challenger (Kasparov) and need to get a World Champion in a KO tournament. 11... ce7 394 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Wouldn't it be funny if Ponomariov won the FIDE KO, and then once again refused to play Kasparov? :) Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Kram is good at taking small edges like this and (ever so slowly) finding that drop of poison. He's much better with this type of small lasting edge than GK. But GK is the king of unbalanced middlegames... Kingway (IM) kibitzes: This game may end up a quickie draw, but it may also turn into a slow power grind by Vlad... MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Fischer's Elo is 2780. That's higher than Kramnik and Anand. MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Fischer even had 2785, but he lost 5 points when he beat Spassky! :) 12. xe7 987 12... xe7 35 Petrovich (GM) whispers: :) lekoish 13. c3 674 13... e6 264 Kingway (IM) kibitzes: It does look like this is going nowhere fast Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: not true Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: it depends on fighting spirit Petrovich (GM) whispers: white has an edge Petrovich (GM) whispers: far from draw Petrovich (GM) whispers: well, Pille, lets play :) I Petrovich (GM) whispers: if its draw then starting position is draw also Petrovich (GM) whispers: well, replay Fischer's games Petrovich (GM) whispers: he won a lot of "Drawish" position Petrovich (GM) whispers: s Petrovich (GM) whispers: agree? Petrovich (GM) whispers: 3.Nc3 is not the best Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Kramnik will beat Leko in the match Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: in Sveshnikov variant Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 3.d4! Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: BxB? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: type help cool-libs and replay old games, Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: just Leko is better than chessplayers of 1970-s Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: i mean non-world champions of 1970-s Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Kerry rules:) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: lol 14. e1 922 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Musashimaru is the great champion Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: no way Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Botvinnik was stronger in 1948 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: replay games, Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: help cool-libs Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Keres played in Nazi's tournaments Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: sadly, Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Keres was a great player Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: his books are great Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: the best books i have ever seen "200 opened games" etc, Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: but whois better than Kramnik and Leko? To become &gt2700 they beat ALL 2600 guys in the world 14... ac8 369 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: no way Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: +0.3 Elo Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: use normal distribution Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: no 15. b3 252 Petrovich (GM) whispers: Kaspy played b2-b3 vs Raja Petrovich (GM) whispers: the similar position yognik (FM) kibitzes: how do u asses the position? yognik (FM) kibitzes: yes slint (IM) kibitzes: madonna huhhuh yognik (FM) kibitzes: hi yognik (FM) kibitzes: how aree u guys? 15... f6 345 slint (IM) kibitzes: Fraser slint (IM) kibitzes: vinnie Jones slint (IM) kibitzes: raymond atteveld slint (IM) kibitzes: 24??? slint (IM) kibitzes: snooker 16. g3 145 slint (IM) kibitzes: NBA rulez 16... e7 62 Petrovich (GM) whispers: NBA is for > 6'5'' :) people Petrovich (GM) whispers: chess is for &gt91 IQ :) Petrovich (GM) whispers: golf is boring MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Has anyone watched K1? They even have a Leko who is one of the best. Petrovich (GM) whispers: i like sumo slint (IM) kibitzes: yeah K1 rulez! slint (IM) kibitzes: leko, the german guy MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Stefan Leko slint (IM) kibitzes: yes, leko who is in K1 slint (IM) kibitzes: i think gulko? slint (IM) kibitzes: shabalov? yognik (FM) kibitzes: hahahah yognik (FM) kibitzes: really? yognik (FM) kibitzes: elo? Polydamas (FM) kibitzes: If you let out Kamsky. Polydamas (FM) kibitzes: And Fischer. MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: "The Beast" is funny to watch! Polydamas (FM) kibitzes: Well, both have an "i" behind their name. MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Actually Mike Tyson is intending to enter K1. It will be interesting to see how that goes! slint (IM) kibitzes: cool slint (IM) kibitzes: i think he'll die Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: KY fried chicken Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Klichko brothers MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: WolfApe, who is the other great boxer? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: from Ukraine Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 2745 isnt bad 17. g2 615 slint (IM) kibitzes: 2745, USCF that is? Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: about 2550or so Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: USCF = FIDE + 100 Polydamas (FM) kibitzes: USCF - 100 = FIDE ELO slint (IM) kibitzes: idea is Qf3?! Bh3 resign MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Idea: Qf3!? :) Polydamas (FM) kibitzes: Hmm... maybe, Phish. I wish USCF had inflation too. Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: read help survey Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 23th of February is Red Army Day:) Great holiday in Russia, i predict many draws in Aeroflot open Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: well, Read Army and Navy to be exact Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: and much of Wodka Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: official holiday in Russia Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Ehlvest will be happy Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: ;) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 8th of March is another holiday- Women Day Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: we russians like holidays so badly:) Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: There IS no work MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Every day is Drawing Day! :) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: heh, we habe 14th ofFebruary also Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 1st of May is Labour Day Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: hey Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Pille Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 1-2nd of May Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: no, Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: commie day is 7ht of November Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: another holiday:) MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: b3: maybe to recapture on c4 with the b-pawn, and then put pressure down the b-file on b7. If Black plays b6 then White can play a4-a5. Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Russian are the biggest drinkers I ever met Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: ;) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: hehe Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: we are "social" eaters Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: you are social drinkers Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: Diet Coke is a great invention Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: :) 17... g6 666 18. xe6 7 Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Czech Republic! Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: wow 200 liters Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: you have an extra kidneys :) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 120 0 games is like 4 parts movie:) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: tragicomedy of chess GulkovIgor (IM) kibitzes: fe6 Nc4 Sweere (GM) kibitzes: Kramnik must have got over 50 Grand Sweere (GM) kibitzes: for appearing in Linares, what else? Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: 3.Nc3?! Sweere (GM) kibitzes: the players don't think appearance fees is a problem Mijko (IM) kibitzes: pathetic Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: :) Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: so 3.Nc3 e5! is ok [:]