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Linares 2004 (2) - Angel Ji
Linares 2004 (2) R Angel Ji
Kasparov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Radjabov-Kramnik, Angel Ji
Shirov-Topalov, Li Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ron Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Vallejo-Shirov, Li Angel Ji
Kramnik-Leko, Lina Angel Ji
Kramnik-Leko, Lina Angel Ji
Topalov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Topalov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Linares (4) 2004, Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ro Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ron Angel Ji
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Linares 2004 (5) Angel Ji
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Shirov-Topalov, Linares 2004 (3)
Fecha:Sabado, 21 de Febrero, 2004  23:31:38 (+0000)
Autor:Angel Jimnez <aarteaga>



Shirov – Topalov, Linares 2004 (3)

:, 21/ 2/2004.

1. d4 f6 2. c4 e6 3. f3 d5 4. g3 b4 5. d2 e7 6. g2 O-O 2001 7. O-O 3 7... c6 4 8. b3 42 8... b6 5 9. c3 76 9... a6 581 10. cxd5 16 10... cxd5 1 11. e5 5 11... b7 3 12. ac1 2828 12... c6 11 13. b5 4 13... xe5 3 14. dxe5 4 14... d7 3 15. e3 3 15... c5 212 16. b4 176 16... a5 72 17. a3 437 17... d7 1 18. d4 867 18... ac8 617 19. f4 2 19... b5 235 20. xc5 521 20... xc5 3 21. f5 2 21... xc1 572 22. xc1 3 22... exf5 3 23. xf5 240 23... g6 111 Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 Rd8 h5 and if Bc3 then just Qe4 24. d4 287 24... d8 210 25. h4 44 25... b4 423 26. f4 194 26... f6 147 27. h3 103 27... fxe5 335 28. xe5 8 28... f6 35 29. e6 2 29... h8 150 30. e3 2 30... g7 197 31. xf8 136 31... xf8 2 32. d7 2 32... h6 109 33. e6 3 MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: what's comp.eval here ? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Be3 Kh1 33... c8 115 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Qe7!? 34. e7 23 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: d4!? Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: d4 Qd8????? 34... d4 103 35. e4 5 35... xe4 53 36. c5 4 Eatman (FM) kibitzes: heh thought so 36... xh3 19 37. e8 3 37... g7 2 38. e7 4 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: no draw Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Ne6 Kf6 MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: Kg8 what more? Eatman (FM) kibitzes: so kg8 qe8 bf8 nxe4 looks fine for white Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: maybe ne6 now to give doublle check vut (IM) kibitzes: kg8 slint (IM) kibitzes: -+ vut (IM) kibitzes: kh8 Qd8 38... g8 106 39. e8 3 39... f8 4 40. xe4 4 40... f5 3 Eatman (FM) kibitzes: if it was before time control then qxd4 could work :) Eatman (FM) kibitzes: yeah qd8 then also took on d4 with check with easy draw Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: i hope shirov win Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: but not good chances ha.... MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) kibitzes: cho on natvoril ? slint (IM) kibitzes: Qe8 was really ?? Eatman (FM) kibitzes: 37. qd8 seems better kg7 then qd4 and nxe4 with good position imho slint (IM) kibitzes: Nd6 = Qd5 41. b3 911 Sweere (GM) kibitzes: Kramnik has saved so much energy lately that I fear the day he'll use it slint (IM) kibitzes: mountain goats deserve a lot of respect 41... d3 607 kunifax (FM) whispers: k g2 42. c6 208 slint (IM) kibitzes: Korchnoi is not in top 100 Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: and looks like, too? vut (IM) kibitzes: d2 qc4 vut (IM) kibitzes: d2 qc4 vut (IM) kibitzes: d2 qc4 kh8 qd4 Sweere (GM) kibitzes: f8 is where Topi likes his bishop in the beginning of a game 42... h8 629 Arakel (FM) whispers: Very strong move, I think. Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Dc4 Sweere (GM) kibitzes: even offensive geniuses have to defend every once in a while Arakel (FM) whispers: maybe 43.Qc4 Qd7 cowboy Sweere (GM) kibitzes: anybody who finds games like this one boring should switch to Nintendo vut (IM) kibitzes: qc4 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw is an interesting idea. It should be tested at least. Then Kramnik would not afford to draw around move 20 in every game. Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Dc4 Df3 Dd4+ Lg7 Dd8+ Df8 Dxf8+ Lxf8 Kf2 ist locker remis Arakel (FM) whispers: play Qd7 instead of Qf3 cowboy Sweere (GM) kibitzes: Fischer Hate Me is a nice T-Sirt idea DeanMachine (FM) whispers: TheSilentOne's comment = absurd ural (IM) kibitzes: Kg2 or Qe8 Vaidas (IM) kibitzes: qe8 ural (IM) kibitzes: Kg2 is better Sweere (GM) kibitzes: the best way to make people work is to cut their salaries Sweere (GM) kibitzes: I'm for anything that makes Maurice Ashley to come back 43. g2 1154 43... h6 2 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: The point of the 3 p system is that statistically it will be disadvantageous to agree to early draws, since some of those games will be decided when played out, and thus garner more points. MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Black would lose also by agreeing to early draws. slint (IM) kibitzes: i think the draws are interesting MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Yes, a draw can be a valid outcome eventually - but playing on instead of agreeing to a 20 move draw can also result in a perfectly valid win. 44. c4 221 44... d7 2 45. f6 69 RedDragon (IM) kibitzes: hi to all RedDragon (IM) kibitzes: Did Leko have a win earlier? RedDragon (IM) kibitzes: Hi phish Killabeezonatak (FM) kibitzes: Im goin to foxwood RedDragon (IM) kibitzes: Did you see something in the Leko game Phish? RedDragon (IM) kibitzes: thanks Phish 45... g7 211 46. e4 1 46... b2 2 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: One would statistically not lose anything by agreeing to a draw in a theoretically drawn endgame, since it would have been drawn anyway. Positions after 20 moves with plenty of possibilities is however a different matter. Killabeezonatak (FM) kibitzes: dras should be .5-.5 47. f3 87 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Btw, one should not exaggerate the importance of being White. In this tournament the only win was scored by Black, and in the present game only Black can win. Black is OK. Sweere (GM) kibitzes: US politics are boring. I suggest 1.1 vote for Democrats to even the field 47... e2 210 48. f4 1 Sweere (GM) kibitzes: Sergey Kudrin always plays e4 with White and Dragon with Black. Is he the most exciting player on the Goichberg circuit? Arakel (FM) whispers: 48...h5 49,Qd4+ is immediate draw Sweere (GM) kibitzes: nope, too far from here Sweere (GM) kibitzes: West Coast LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: leko play to draw MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Fischer the old Carlsen 48... g7 297 49. c8 5 49... h7 2 50. d7 2 LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: e5# LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: move the pawn to e5 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Did you see this graph, btw? Interesting. Arakel (FM) whispers: yes..something bad can happen after 50...g5+ (51.hxg5 hxg5 52.Nxg5+ and Qc6) LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: draw Arakel (FM) whispers: white can take on d3 Morph MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Carlsen started late (comparatively), but is developing at an incredible pace. Arakel (FM) whispers: but Black has a perp if he wants right now.. 50... f1 432 51. e3 1 LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: DRAW LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: DEAD DRAW LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: see you tomoroow LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: see you tomorrow Arakel (FM) whispers: uhh..nice helpmate line 51... e2 135 Vaidas (IM) kibitzes: draw MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Remember the interview where Kramnik declared that his opponents are to blame for his draws? 52. f4 51 52... f1 75 53. e3 1 53... e2 37 MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: It's easy to delete Kramnik's name from the list of World Champions. All it takes is to regard Ponomariov as the Champ instead! :) Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Kasparov is an avarage world class player, on one level with Leko, Anand, Kramnik and Adams Vanhelgi (IM) kibitzes: But Kasparovs average rating is higher! Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: Not fpr a long time vet Vanhelgi (IM) kibitzes: Its been that for 20 years :) MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Homeboy Vallejo Pons has a terrible record against Pono. That might be why! MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Don't forget Bologan! :) MightyViking (IM) kibitzes: Leko is still "draw". Kramnik is "short draw". [:]