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Linares 2004 (2) - Angel Ji
Linares 2004 (2) R Angel Ji
Kasparov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Radjabov-Kramnik, Angel Ji
Shirov-Topalov, Li Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ron Angel Ji
Leko-Kasparov, Lin Angel Ji
Vallejo-Shirov, Li Angel Ji
Kramnik-Leko, Lina Angel Ji
Kramnik-Leko, Lina Angel Ji
Topalov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Topalov-Radjabov, Angel Ji
Linares (4) 2004, Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ro Angel Ji
Linares 2004 - Ron Angel Ji
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Linares 2004 (5) Angel Ji
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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Leko-Kasparov, Linares 2004 (3) --- Kibitzes of Masters ---
Fecha:Sabado, 21 de Febrero, 2004  23:25:09 (+0000)
Autor:Angel Jimnez <aarteaga>



Leko – Kasparov, Linares 2004 (3)

:, 21/ 2/2004.

1. e4 c5 2. f3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. xd4 f6 5. c3 a6 6. e3 e5 7. b3 e6 8. f3 bd7 9. g4 b6 10. g5 h5 11. d2 e7 12. f2 diep (C DM) kibitzes: diep wants nbd7 here diep (C DM) kibitzes: i would go myself Nc4 12... c4 1965 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 12...Nc4: Sulfur guest1206 GURILA Stone1 Aphex Rheinpfeil fisherino Chess75 YEMALIN TheAceOfSpades Dackemo Morrowind JustPushin tjdjl GARRYMAC okuzucu mct (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 13. xc4 3 13... xc4 2 14. h4 2 diep (C DM) kibitzes: i feel this is = 14... O-O 44 15. a4 6 diep (C DM) kibitzes: is Na4 known? diep (C DM) kibitzes: f5!? 15... f5 95 diep (C DM) kibitzes: score rising for black diep (C DM) kibitzes: gxf6!? slint (IM) kibitzes: Nb6 16. b6 12 diep (C DM) kibitzes: ok Nb6 looks very dangerous for white Morfius (IM) kibitzes: shaky diep (C DM) kibitzes: black looks great here diep (C DM) kibitzes: black gets 2 strong passers diep (C DM) kibitzes: against exchange diep (C DM) kibitzes: bxb3 axb3 fxe4 nxa8 qxa8 o-o-o and then i have black up 0.8 for exf3 diep (C DM) kibitzes: i see NO plan for white after that line diep (C DM) kibitzes: not Rxf3 diep (C DM) kibitzes: exf3! slint (IM) kibitzes: bb3 ab3 fe4 Na8 Qa8 diep (C DM) kibitzes: white can't enter the position so the exchange sac from kaspy looks brilliant once again diep (C DM) kibitzes: i consider forced: bxb3 axb3 fxe4 nxa8 qxa8 diep (C DM) kibitzes: if you don't take the rook you are down 2 pawns slint (IM) kibitzes: bb3 ab3 fe4 Na8 Qa8! diep (C DM) kibitzes: 15.Na4 looks dubious GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: Bb3 ab fe Kingway (IM) kibitzes: I think we are still in CAT land (CAT=Computer Aided Theory) Catatonic (IM) kibitzes: wow - Gazza is really going for it diep (C DM) kibitzes: gurila i do not know which engine you use but after exf3 it's =+ not += diep (C DM) kibitzes: i would LOVE to see a picture from Leko now diep (C DM) kibitzes: score rising for black after bxb3 ab fe na8 qa8 diep (C DM) kibitzes: up a pawn for black here nearly now Misa (GM) kibitzes: looks good for white bakinec (IM) kibitzes: ll Annelies (IM) kibitzes: after fxe4, why not Nxc4 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: has this all been played before? Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Just got my copy of Pal Benko's new book (co-authored with Silman/Watson) and it looks great. Well written, lots of great games. Very cool ... I recommend highly. Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Title is Pal Benko: My Life, Games and Compositions Eatman (FM) kibitzes: goofyjr you kidding right ?:) Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Only bad thing is I seem to be finding myself in more and more best game collections: first Sammy, now Pal. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Eatman (FM) kibitzes: sure omw to Linares right now! Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Of course I'm the victim, it's their books! However, I did win nice games against both to balance out the equations. culillo (IM) kibitzes: f4 Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Since IMs only have a few great games each, I'll do a book of great IM games ... maybe 4 or 5 from each .... lol ... Nyysti (IM) kibitzes: yes staunton; although they all know that 1.e4 loses israpu (GM) kibitzes: too much politic here... israpu (GM) kibitzes: just believe in OLALA! THE BEST RELIGION:-)) LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: hace cuanto q esta esta posicion? LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: hace cuanto q esta esta posicion? LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Check out the Graf game (ob 12) ... it's a wild rook sac LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: que le pasa? LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: .que alguien le hable a leko y le pregunte como esta la posicion? LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: alguien tiene el celular de leko para hablarle? Merick (IM) kibitzes: d5!?,Na8-D4 LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: anyone have the cell of leko to phone? LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: .como se marca? LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: jajaaja LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: noo LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: ajedrez 21 es m... Kastor (IM) kibitzes: ingeweb estas ahi? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: ingeweb estas ahi? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: ingeweb estas ahi? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: ingeweb estas ahi? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: ingeweb estas ahi? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: ingeweb estas ahi? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: ingeweb estas ahi? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: hola Kastor (IM) kibitzes: de quien dabas fone? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: de quien dabas fone? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: de quien dabas fone? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: de quien dabas fone? israpu (GM) kibitzes: B:b3 a:b3 f:e4 N:R d5!! with good comp! MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) whispers: what's comp eval here ? 16... xb3 2766 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 16...Bxb3: guest1206 GURILA TheAceOfSpades Magister-cat lat1 diep Ingeweb slint Spalter Sulfur bigmacbrain Kingslaughter AnttiLaato GMAlex tjdjl guest394 PhishMaster Christ calponas matt24 Falkor guest2036 buzdovan Bessel southbeach Blooms (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: B:b3 a:b3 f:e4 N:R d5!! with good comp! 17. axb3 5 17... fxe4 8 18. xa8 4 israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5!!!!!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: with d4 idea! israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5!!!!!! LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: Txf3 israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5!!!!!! Bc5 d4!! =+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5 is Kaspi move,believe me:-) israpu (GM) kibitzes: who believe in d5?? israpu (GM) kibitzes: I calculated few lines.. israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5!!!!!! Bc5 d4!! =+ deEccher (FM) kibitzes: after d5, not Bc5, but Bb6 !? Merick (IM) kibitzes: d5!?,Bc5-Rf,Qg1-Rg3,Qf2-Rf3 DRAW israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5 Bb6 Q:a8! deEccher (FM) kibitzes: isn't better simply Qa8 at once ? israpu (GM) kibitzes: black has grat position israpu (GM) kibitzes: moment I wake up Garry... deEccher (FM) kibitzes: the B in e3 is a target in some variation deEccher (FM) kibitzes: and moreover b5 is possible in some continuations israpu (GM) kibitzes: probably best is d5 B,b6 Q:a8 Qd2! d4 f:e4 Qc8! with nice comp... Merick (IM) kibitzes: d5,Bb6-Qa8,Qd2-d4,fe4 unclear vut (IM) kibitzes: Qa8 fritz israpu (GM) kibitzes: probably best is d5 B,b6 Q:a8 Qd2! d4 f:e4 Qc8! with nice comp... israpu (GM) kibitzes: with Q,c6 idea israpu (GM) kibitzes: just follow the olala guys! deEccher (FM) kibitzes: Qa8 Qd2 Rf3 and Black is in great advantage; so, why d5 ? israpu (GM) kibitzes: Ng3 Rg1 N:e4 Qe2... Merick (IM) kibitzes: Rf3,Bb6!-Qa8,Qd2 israpu (GM) kibitzes: it is true that even after R:f3+ Q:a8 black has very nice position israpu (GM) kibitzes: but I hope for d5! israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5!!! now! NomenNescio (GM) kibitzes: d5 Bc5 israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5 Bc5 d4! Merick (IM) kibitzes: Rf3,Nb6-Rf2,Bf2-d5! NomenNescio (GM) kibitzes: d5 Bc5 d4 Be7 Qe7 Nb6 israpu (GM) kibitzes: B4+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q,b4+ NomenNescio (GM) kibitzes: if Qb4+ Qd2 and Qxd5 israpu (GM) kibitzes: pawn is on d4... 18... xa8 817 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 18...Qxa8: mattt Goofyjr MABBSEY1 protonios tjdjl Falkor REX bfritz vut gamlinginn deEccher lat1 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: pitty... israpu (GM) kibitzes: smelling draw?? 19. d2 47 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 19.Qd2: Dackemo lifemasteraj (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 19... b5 2 vut (IM) kibitzes: -0/47 israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5 was much more fun:-( deEccher (FM) kibitzes: I told that b5 was useful ! Henkerr (GM) kibitzes: Zek is the time right ? israpu (GM) kibitzes: instead b5 R:f3 Qd5+ Kh8 Q:e4 Qf8!-+ with Ng3... Kastor (IM) kibitzes: fxe4 Ng3 boys Kastor (IM) kibitzes: and Nxe4 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: great game Merick (IM) kibitzes: fe5-Ng3,Rg1-Ne4,Qd3-d5!,o-o-o--d4 with attack FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: cause black is threatening Qxb4 fugl LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: -+ LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: =+ andante (FM) kibitzes: c4 Henkerr (GM) kibitzes: I prefer white after fe Ng3 Rg1 nxe4 Qg2 israpu (GM) kibitzes: f:e4 Ng3 Rg1 Rf3!... 20. fxe4 122 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 20.fxe4: lat1 hamish guest449 guest2710 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 20... g3 1 israpu (GM) kibitzes: Rg1 Rf3! 0-0-0 N:e4 Qe2 Ng3 min draw... israpu (GM) kibitzes: but maybe Nf5 later with good chances... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Rg1 Rf3! 0-0-0 N:e4 Qe2 Ng3 min draw... deEccher (FM) kibitzes: maybe the lesser evil is Qg2 Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: COMPENSATION IS GREAT israpu (GM) kibitzes: Rg1 Rf3! 0-0-0 N:e4 Qe1 d5! min draw... FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: how is Qg2 at once? israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qg2! seems the best! FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: offering to give back the exchange at once. israpu (GM) kibitzes: keep it in the pocket...:-) Merick (IM) kibitzes: Rg1-Ne4,Qg2-d5,o-o-o-Qc6 folowing Rc8 and a5 with strong atack Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: RG1 NE4 QG2 D5 israpu (GM) kibitzes: comp will give adavantage for black if equal material but double pawns on b...:-) Kastor (IM) kibitzes: rg1 Nxe4 21. g1 425 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 21.Rg1: amitesh TheAceOfSpades constantinou bfritz israpu PhishMaster SpaceChess guest1261 lifemasteraj hamish AbuAruba NFL-Nutcase2k3 Amitabh guest2710 Kastor GosuJohn (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 21... xe4 4 israpu (GM) kibitzes: Leko believe in Material israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2!+0-0-0 israpu (GM) kibitzes: Rf3 was much better! Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: THIS IS GOOD FOR BLACK israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2! no more d5! +0-0-0 israpu (GM) kibitzes: Garry missed Qh2... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: qh2 Rf3................ israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3 Ke2 Nc3+! and Qe4... Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3! israpu (GM) kibitzes: but no prob for white... israpu (GM) kibitzes: why to castle? Ra1 is well placed... Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: i think black is much better pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: yes rook is well placed but king isn t israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2! with Rf1! idea FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: no! Qa5 winning pawn! FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: LOL israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2!+Rf1 min draw for white... israpu (GM) kibitzes: N:e4?! Rf3 was the move... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: thats why he plays grob Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: Qh2? Rf3!! vut (IM) kibitzes: +0.13 Leko israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3 Ke2! Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qh2-Qc6! israpu (GM) kibitzes: Phis how many drinks today?? aries2 (IM) whispers: any sicilian player would like black Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3 Ke2Nc3!!!!bc3Qe4-+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3 Ke2! N:g5 R:g5 with Qg1 later... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: what about Qh2,d5 Qe5 Bb4 following Re8 Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: israru nc3+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: Nc3 is nothing... Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: what will white play israpu (GM) kibitzes: yess this N:g5 seems to work!! deEccher (FM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3 Ke2 Ng5 Rg5 Bg5 hg5 Qe4 Qg1 d5 ! israpu (GM) kibitzes: instead d5 Rh3! israpu (GM) kibitzes: Kd2 Qd5+ draw... israpu (GM) kibitzes: or more.. deEccher (FM) kibitzes: yes, Rh3 probably even better Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: israpu what is the refutation for nc3 israpu (GM) kibitzes: bravo fritz...sorry Phis!! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: Qg2 a5! Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: no Qh2 Rf3 Ke2 Nc3 israpu (GM) kibitzes: no Qh2 is not the best... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Rf3! Ke2?? N:g5!!!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3 Qe2! Ng3 R:a6!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qh2 Rf3 Qe2! Ng3 R:a6!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: go back to space... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: israpu and then Qe4 Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: Qh2??????? israpu (GM) kibitzes: R:g3+Ra7... israpu (GM) kibitzes: but smell bad... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: and anywya Qh2 don t prevents d5 deEccher (FM) kibitzes: what about Qd3 ( idea d5 Ra6 Qa6 Qd5 ) ? Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: I think in the end it will be a draw israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qg2 d5 =+ Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qa5 !? israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qg2 d5 0-0-0 Qc6 +Rc8 ! israpu (GM) kibitzes: spacy glavno provokacia...:-) deEccher (FM) kibitzes: does someone like Qd3 ? israpu (GM) kibitzes: R:a6!? N:d2 R:Q Nf3+! andante (FM) kibitzes: I like the idea of Qd3 but prefer Qd1..same respond to d5 with Ra6. deEccher (FM) kibitzes: andante, to keep control of f3 ? Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qd3!?-d5,Ra6-Qa6,Qd5-Kh8,Qe4-Qa1,Ke2 W.better andante (FM) kibitzes: yes deEccher israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qd3 is most logical...d5 R:a6!! deEccher (FM) kibitzes: on Qd3 Rf3 Ra6 anyway israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qd3 Rf3 Rf1... deEccher (FM) kibitzes: so it isn't important to control f3, maybe israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qd3 Rf3 Rf1... Ng3! R:f3 Q:f3 Kd2! Merick (IM) kibitzes: but Qd3-Rf3!? israpu (GM) kibitzes: again min draw for Garry today... 22. d3 1547 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 22.Qd3: guest2695 guest449 Qsilver PhishMaster guest3927 hoddy korko guest1261 bigmacbrain FuzzyLogic Tapalque chmate guest551 SwE-dv revival (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: Najdorf is smiling again :-) israpu (GM) kibitzes: d5? R:a6!! Q:a6 Qd5+ only white can be better... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Rf3 will be played... israpu (GM) kibitzes: u know what? Rf3 also R:a6!! Merick (IM) kibitzes: Rf3,Rf1-Nc5,Qe2-Rg2 israpu (GM) kibitzes: white is just about ok israpu (GM) kibitzes: this R:a6! always save him... 22... d5 87 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 22...d5: reaten SpaceChess Morrowind DuncanEdwards christosP guest551 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: R:a6! Q:a6 Qd5+ Kh8 Qa1+ +Q:b2...= israpu (GM) kibitzes: after Q:b2 Rd1! israpu (GM) kibitzes: white is little better! FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: after Rxa6 white's advantage is beyond doubt, still, maybe not so easy to win the resulting position after Qxb2 in the end israpu (GM) kibitzes: I think draw is coming in no more than 10 moves... israpu (GM) kibitzes: pitty:-) Darkal (IM) kibitzes: has white lost the right to castle? israpu (GM) kibitzes: 0-0-0 d4 +Nf2-+ Darkal (IM) kibitzes: I wasn't suggesting the move. just asking. Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rg4!? israpu (GM) kibitzes: 0-0-0 d4! +Nf2-+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: 0-0-0???? d4! +Nf2-+ Morfius (IM) kibitzes: Rxa6 what is happening 23. xa6 374 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: First few to predict 23.Rxa6: Spalter vainstein Dackemo DuncanEdwards overtherainbow Goofyjr hoddy Raksutin constantinou Jonmeista pille Bennie90 Sparhawk Morrowind guest1206 guest2695 Magister-cat FuzzyLogic revival SpanishFly Itsmo Chesslord aWinsaWin JuanManuel pepe922 Kosai ANDERS-BROENDT durak Morfius g israpu (GM) kibitzes: R:a6! Q:a6 Qd5+ Kh8 Qa1+ +Q:b2 Rd1 Qc3!...= Morfius (IM) kibitzes: isnt white better here? deEccher (FM) kibitzes: was israpu right ( d5 instead of Qa8 ), or the weak move was Ne4 ( instead of Rf3 ) ? 23... xa6 173 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 23...Qxa6: Bennie90 vainstein Jonmeista guest1206 Sparhawk Marko223 guest4268 GosuJohn imabeast Scammosse durak TheAceOfSpades reaten thedefencerests JuanManuel PhishMaster AnttiLaato (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) DrainYou (GM) kibitzes: why always this idiotic draw draw draw talk? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: White is better Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: yes, it's nerving Drainyou Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: plenty of play left in this game yet 24. xd5 79 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 24.Qxd5+: Marko223 TheAceOfSpades Jonmeista guest1206 guest1261 Bennie90 vainstein reaten guest4268 LIFECHESS guest1555 JuanManuel Sparhawk FlyingRhino (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 24... h8 3 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 24...Kh8: LIFECHESS (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 25. xe4 13 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 25.Qxe4: guest1206 TheAceOfSpades Jonmeista reaten guest2396 blender vainstein (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 25... a1 4 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: The Black king is weak israpu (GM) kibitzes: Ke2 Q:b2 Qc6!! Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: no 26. e2 36 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 26.Ke2: Marko223 TheAceOfSpades guest1206 Evgenij TheSilentOne Jonmeista guest1261 Sulfur guest4268 Fork bfritz Bennie90 AnttiLaato HomerSimpson reaten guest4316 israpu (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 26... xb2 4 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 26...Qxb2: HomerSimpson Marko223 TheAceOfSpades Jonmeista vainstein Fork guest4268 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q,C6 israpu (GM) kibitzes: FIGHT FOR WINB Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Permanent BAck row threats against Black israpu (GM) kibitzes: only white can win now... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q,c6! pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: if white can change rooks black king is commited israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q,c6! with Rd1 or h5 ideas... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q,c6! Bb4 Rc1! israpu (GM) kibitzes: b5 pawn... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: en realidad el rey negro esta mal tb artico israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qc6+= israpu (GM) kibitzes: Garry didnt play best moves today:-( Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rg2 idea Rf2 and Kf3 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rg2 pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: pero no te dejo pq juego Dc6 antes israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qc6+= DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Garry's queen looks badly misplaced after 27.Rd1 Rc8 28.Rd2, I believe Kasparov is not having a great time just now Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Nobody likes Rg2? 27. c6 224 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 27.Qc6: GPH israpu mathman SpaceChess Dackemo HomerSimpson AnttiLaato capagris Looter calponas bigmacbrain Spalter (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: I told u....... DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: 27...Bb4 with Qc3 to follow israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qc6+= Darkal (IM) kibitzes: 1-0 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: so much play left in this rich position, I don't understand these "draw" and "1-0" comments.... Morda (IM) kibitzes: I dont understand the prob, whats uo after Qa2? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Black has no play pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: how to avoid Rf1 now? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: WHite can play Rf1 next junior (GM) kibitzes: black may want to play bb4-c3-d4 Morda (IM) whispers: I think you overevaluate white's position Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: I prefer White here, maybe Rf1 is coming soon, Black K very weak on the back rank... Morfius (IM) kibitzes: is e4 a move? Morda (IM) whispers: Qa2 and then? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bb4 Rf1 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: I'm not sure about white's advantage after 27...Bb4, not at all. In my judgement, the position is even Kingway (IM) kibitzes: I think the Rebel line of bb4 rf1 rd8 rd1 rf8 rf1 is not unlikely ... Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: the black king is also very weak Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bb4WHy not take the rook to the 7th DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: thanks Phish Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: and if the heavy pieces come off white is much beter in the bishop endgame DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: 27...Bb4 28.Rf1! seems to be the only real try Morda (IM) kibitzes: whats with e4??? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: e4 Qe4? Morda (IM) kibitzes: e4 qe4 rc8? slint (IM) kibitzes: black is better Morda (IM) kibitzes: oh no it does not work, sorry, e4 great blunder Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bb4 Rf1 Rd8 h5 Morda (IM) kibitzes: h5???? Bc3? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bb4 Rf1 Rd8 h5 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: 27...Bb4 28.Rf1 Rd8 29.h5 Qc3 equalizing Darkal Morda (IM) kibitzes: qe4! Morda (IM) kibitzes: e4 Qe4 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: at least I suppose so pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: that endgame isn t equal rabbit FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: no doubt about white's advantage here I believe, after all he has better pieces, better structure and better king Darkal (IM) kibitzes: I dont think the ending is equal Darkal (IM) kibitzes: white will win in the endgame Morda (IM) kibitzes: e4 Qe4 Rc8 Qe7!!! DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: you're my idol FrozenShade, but I really happen to disagree with you all the same :) FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: this will cost you the membership of my fan club rabbit! Morda (IM) kibitzes: Whats after Qa3? 27... b4 566 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 27...Bb4: DeepRabbit bfritz Morrowind GPH guest4268 mrolim constantinou rusyniak Evgenij FuzzyLogic yalet thedefencerests EASYMAN PhishMaster jenna2002 Darkal Ox vainstein blotz tengam StumblingQueen matt24 capagris TheSilentOne mattt Daimiel arteq (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: and spacechess is trying to evaluate the position with no brains? FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: seems like uphill task Morda (IM) kibitzes: OK whats up now? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 Morda (IM) kibitzes: BC1????? Bc1 Qd4!!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: After Rf1 I think its tough for Kasparov Champbuster (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 winning deEccher (FM) kibitzes: Kasparov is also short of time... Morda (IM) kibitzes: RF1 seems to be good DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: 28.Rf1 Rd8 and then.... Morda (IM) kibitzes: yes right anttilaato!!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 any h5 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: and mate Morda (IM) kibitzes: h5?? h5 Bc3! Morda (IM) kibitzes: or even h5 Qc3! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bc3 h6 Morda (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 absolutely first choice! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Morda h5 Qc3 is just bad and Bc3 h6 Morda (IM) kibitzes: h5 Qc3 is bad? I think black has good drawing chances Darkal (IM) kibitzes: I beg to differ MORDA Morda (IM) kibitzes: after Bc3 h6 Qc2+? Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: h5 Morda (IM) kibitzes: yeah.... h5 Qc3 is draw, I play b4 and than its simply draw I hope junior (GM) kibitzes: rf1 is the best...force black to move rook junior (GM) kibitzes: then h5...then endgame is an easy win for white Darkal (IM) kibitzes: I dont agree MOrda but Bc3 is annoying Morda (IM) kibitzes: so whats up with h5 Bc3? LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: g6 junior (GM) kibitzes: just look at black's pawns...bc3 qe4 Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: I prefer White here because all the endgames are good for White. And the Black king is at least as bad as the White king which is in fact centralised for the endgame... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: the endgame is much better for white always Darkal (IM) kibitzes: I think Rf1 Rd8 h5 Bc3 Qe4......but not so sure about it. slint (IM) kibitzes: g6 Morda (IM) kibitzes: OK I think h5 is not good at all, so g6 is another interesting proposal slint (IM) kibitzes: no hen is not Morda (IM) kibitzes: g6 Bc3 Qe4! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: g6 makes the black king much safer junior (GM) kibitzes: rf1 rd8 rd1 rf8 h5 is much better for white Darkal (IM) kibitzes: I think h5 is the way to go andante (FM) kibitzes: Rf1 Rd8 Rd1 Rf8 Kd3 ? Morda (IM) kibitzes: h5 Bc3!!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: BUt before h5, move the rook to f1/d1 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bc3 is not so serious because of Qe4 Morda (IM) kibitzes: h5 Bc3 Rc1 Bd4! pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: and after Bc3 Qe4 black queen is really pathetic Morda (IM) kibitzes: if h5 Bc3 Qe4, so why dont we play g6 Bc3 Qe4, much stronger, hm? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 Rd8 h5 Bc3 Qe4 Morda (IM) kibitzes: yeah, g6!!! pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: whats best g6 or try h5 h6? after Rf1 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bc3 makes the back rank even weaker Morda (IM) kibitzes: well, after g6 h6 is not possible Morda (IM) kibitzes: so g6 more effective Kastor (IM) kibitzes: white little better Kastor (IM) kibitzes: Rf1! Morda (IM) kibitzes: OK g6 wins!!! pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: if h pawn arrive to h6 game is over Merick (IM) kibitzes: Rf1-Rd8,Rd1-Rf8,h5-Bc3,Qe4-Bd4,Bd4-ed,h6! Morda (IM) kibitzes: g6 qc3....i think this is the endgame we have to analyze junior (GM) kibitzes: u analyze it morda Morda (IM) kibitzes: after g6 bc3 qe4! junior (GM) kibitzes: report back Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 Rd8 h5 Bc3 Qe4 Rc8 h6 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Thanks Bergershirt Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 Rd8 h5 Bc3 Qe4 Rc8 h6 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: rf1 Morda (IM) kibitzes: OK, the endid after the queenexchange is draw!!! pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: after censoring evgeny this is much better chat Morda (IM) kibitzes: the ending Kastor (IM) kibitzes: rf1 white will win 28. f1 810 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 28.Rf1: Morda DeepRabbit BullRook aWinsaWin pille guest4268 AnttiLaato FuzzyLogic Darkal guest3177 Ox Ingeweb TheAceOfSpades bluemax Christ lifemasteraj junior Scammosse Chessplayer41 andante thedefencerests championbelge Burgershirt RossA Kastor guest1206 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Morda it isnt a draw 28... g8 8 Morda (IM) kibitzes: OK, RF1 plausible Darkal (IM) kibitzes: There! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: h5 pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: h5 now and what can GK do? Morda (IM) kibitzes: g6? h6? slint (IM) kibitzes: h5 -h6 Eatman (FM) kibitzes: aye hard to believe white king is actually safer Darkal (IM) kibitzes: KAsp will hope for h6 gh gh Rh2+ Darkal (IM) kibitzes: sorry Rg2+ Kastor (IM) kibitzes: mm espera matias Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: h5 first then g6 slint (IM) kibitzes: yes, deadlost Morda (IM) kibitzes: I think its draw Kastor (IM) kibitzes: creo que esto es perdido pal black Kastor (IM) kibitzes: estimado matias Kastor (IM) kibitzes: y tu que dices? junior (GM) kibitzes: rd1 here looks good...the idea is to prevent bc3-d4 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: hola ingeweb!!! slint (IM) kibitzes: h5 Bc3 simply Rc1 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: mire señor ingeweb pienso que el señor kaspy odia las posiciones pasivas Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g Bc3!!! ??? Qe4 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6 Bc3!!! ??? Qe4 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: hechos... y no palabras señor montero...... Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Rg8 is brilliant! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: . :-) Kastor (IM) kibitzes: viva colo colo!!! Morda (IM) kibitzes: why does g6 h6 get mated? Eatman (FM) kibitzes: was just thinking that most endgames with queens off would be good for leko here too even if kaspy defends well enough Kastor (IM) kibitzes: jejejejej lechuzona silencio 29. h5 39 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: h5 better than g6 29... c3 5 Morda (IM) kibitzes: OK, h5 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: There!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: MOrda..... Morda (IM) kibitzes: OK Qe4 only move? nearly Kastor (IM) kibitzes: un ceacheiii por leko!!! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: :-) Morda (IM) kibitzes: After Kd3 or Rc1 Bd4! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: a ver todos cheaaacheiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: leko de chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Qe4 Bd4 Bd4 ed4 h6 d3! slint (IM) kibitzes: Rc1 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: jejejee Kastor (IM) kibitzes: viva leko y pino...... Morda (IM) kibitzes: After Qe4 whats the move? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: . :-( Morda (IM) kibitzes: Qa2 or Bd4? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Qe4 Bd4 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: no me gusta Kastor (IM) kibitzes: de ehcho 30. e4 119 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 30.Qe4: Jonmeista bfritz Megacruncher PhishMaster Spalter bigmac guest449 jonathan92 AnttiLaato lievanov epanek2 Chessplayer41 Falconetti guest3177 jankirb Darkal capagris ThePawnChef Morrowind ochkarik SirJohn Triple Tanstaafl yalet (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Morda (IM) kibitzes: Rigth Qe4 Bd4 Bd4 pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: qe4 bd4 only move? Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Bd4 Bd4 ed4 h6 d3! Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: Qe4 Qa2 h6! 30... a2 23 Morda (IM) kibitzes: you see??? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: solo que por lo menos no hicieron un game aburrido Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: 1-0 Morda (IM) kibitzes: after Bd4 bd4 ed4 h6 d3 Qd3!!! Morda (IM) kibitzes: simply or? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: h6 Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: :-) Morda (IM) kibitzes: h6 Qa8! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: little exagerated DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: why didn't Kasparov just play 29...Qc3 for God's sake ? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: :-) Merick (IM) kibitzes: g6-h6,Qf5 idea Bh6! gh,Qf6-Rg7 Qf8 with mate LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: 1-0 Morda (IM) kibitzes: yeahm its a question for me as well...why didnt kaspi play qc3 instead of Bc3? Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6 Qa8 qxa8! Kd3 and ke4 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: you don't know Ronaldo well enough to say that papajoe, he has the greatest heart ever Kastor (IM) kibitzes: winnin endgame Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6 man ! I told Morda (IM) kibitzes: i am not sure if this is won for white Eatman (FM) kibitzes: one thing you gotta give GK him he has eaten a lot into lekos huge time advantage :) Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morda (IM) kibitzes: I think its draw! Kastor (IM) kibitzes: g6 Eatman (FM) kibitzes: set kib 2 alas for a bit hmm thats not working either slint (IM) kibitzes: Rf7 Merick (IM) kibitzes: g6-h6,Rf7 must be win for W. pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: aqui el unico q sufre es kasparov peon slint (IM) kibitzes: g6 Qa6 Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: g6 qa8 white just exchanges queens, takes the kig to e4 and wins the endgame... LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: si Merick (IM) kibitzes: g6-Qa6,Rf7-b4,Kf2-Qa1,Kg2 LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: pumas de la unam LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: el mejor equipo LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: de todo el mundo deEccher (FM) kibitzes: on g6, b4 and then ex QQ: the ending is not so bad ( also h5 is weak ) LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: Nf7# Merick (IM) kibitzes: g6-b4,Rf7! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: h6 andreyChu2 (FM) kibitzes: hi pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: deechher you play the endgame without a piece..the king LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: g6 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: h6 Qa8 Qa8 with advantage 31. h6 481 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 31.h6: blender Moonblade AnttiLaato Darkal Raiven (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Qa8 looks forced...... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: ya te dije antes q el rey q estaba mal era el negro artico deEccher (FM) kibitzes: B King is eventually directed to h5, Pichonazo; of course, Black is worse, but maybe can hold on 31... b4 36 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 31...b4: SpaceChess PhishMaster guest3177 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Darkal (IM) kibitzes: hg7 pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: si pero va a rendir pronto de cualquier manera Darkal (IM) kibitzes: hg7 will win LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: leko parece invencible slint (IM) kibitzes: Rf7 LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: lleva como unas 15 partidas sin perder LeonHoyos (FM) kibitzes: leko DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: 32.Rf7 Qa6+ 33.Kf2 Qg6 34.Qg6 hg6 35.Kf3 and the endgame is very bad for black Darkal (IM) kibitzes: hg7 kg7 Rh1 HLP (IM) kibitzes: hxg7+ Darkal (IM) kibitzes: hg7 Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: i dont need to play qg6 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Qe6 is surely better, PhishMaster 32. f7 234 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 32.Rf7: mattt Moonblade Jonmeista yalet guest3177 dostoevsky AnttiLaato ColinTheCorgi FlyFischerman PhishMaster slint Marko223 BullRook Raiven DeepRabbit FICSADMIN DrDoLittle Raksutin PitiColon (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Merick (IM) kibitzes: Rf7!-Qa6,Qd3 Eatman (FM) whispers: that endgame after queen trade looks horrible for black though Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qa!???-hg Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Qa6 Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Qa6 Qc4!!! vut (IM) kibitzes: += Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Qa6 Qc4!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: I am back:-) slint (IM) kibitzes: Qa6 Qc4 is winning ending Darkal (IM) kibitzes: welcome israpu Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qa6,Qd3-Qg6,Qg6-hg,BD2 israpu (GM) kibitzes: olala everybody:-) israpu (GM) kibitzes: :-) israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qa6 still good chances for draw... israpu (GM) kibitzes: lat game Garry drew withoput a piece against Leko!! Darkal (IM) kibitzes: I think Qa6 Qc4 +- israpu (GM) kibitzes: thx Spalter:-) Interaktivanko (IM) kibitzes: This is over, white wins HLP (IM) kibitzes: posicion dificil a6464 (IM) kibitzes: if g6 bd2 32... a1 284 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 32...Qa1: guest3177 Stanley CSel Mastermove bigmac Parsdeclined Evgenij guest982 Spalter jankirb Marko223 karpin MarcusBrutus (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qa6 Kf2 Qe6 giving good drawing chances:-) FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: I don't see how white's winning directly after Qa6+ Qc4 Qa8 but perhaps that's just because I'm not using fritz or my brains efficiently enough israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qa1 is also good! vut (IM) kibitzes: hg7 israpu (GM) kibitzes: still good chances for draw guys... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Bc3 is strong! Schurick (IM) kibitzes: Qa6 Kf3 Qa8?? hxg7 Rxg7 Qxa8 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: space pochemu ti predlagaesh hxg? Shimmy (IM) kibitzes: just kf2 here if qe1 then kg2, maybe slint (IM) kibitzes: Kd3 israpu (GM) kibitzes: only white can win...but I believe in Garry... Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Super play by Kasparov Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: seichas mi vsem rot zamknem Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: neujeli zdes net vigrisa? israpu (GM) kibitzes: Davai Vugar:-) Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Ra7!! Qe1 Kd3!! Qf1# vut (IM) kibitzes: +0.5 slint (IM) kibitzes: Qd5 israpu (GM) kibitzes: yeasno chuvak israpu (GM) kibitzes: shto nisiosh? vut (IM) kibitzes: Rf1 = Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: da shto vse uporlis na xode qh4? Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qh4-Qa2 Diadematus (GM) kibitzes: Who say me what is idea Qh4? israpu (GM) kibitzes: Bf2 seems best chances... Speelman (GM) kibitzes: What happens if g6 - the kiong can run via d3 Speelman (GM) kibitzes: Oh of course Qa6+ FrozenShade (GM) kibitzes: perhaps Bf2 is worth one move, it seemingly stops all black's threats 33. hxg7 234 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 33.hxg7+: Sranangmang Chessplayer41 blender tsguo (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 33... xg7 5 israpu (GM) kibitzes: olala! vut (IM) kibitzes: DRAW Darkal (IM) kibitzes: RG7 Kg7 Kd3 Qf1 # Merick (IM) kibitzes: good for B. 34. f8 72 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 34.Rf8+: blender morsa schimpf jonathan92 SpanishFly guest1206 BlitzKicker strawman guest3177 overtherainbow (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) rservat (IM) kibitzes: . Speelman (GM) kibitzes: Rxg7 Qe1+ is an acccident 34... g8 10 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 34...Rg8: kassy guest1206 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 35. xg8 9 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 35.Rxg8+: Fork Grand-Dutchman AnttiLaato guest1206 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Darkal (IM) kibitzes: Qf5 e4 35... xg8 3 36. d5 8 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 36.Qd5+: Sokar AnttiLaato (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Merick (IM) kibitzes: draw 36... g7 50 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 36...Kg7: thedefencerests guest87 pencuse frontier Fork Jonmeista (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) JackStraw (FM) kibitzes: well, it was exciting for a while. 37. d7 11 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 37.Qd7+: Fork (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) 37... g8 8 38. e6 5 slint (IM) kibitzes: Q to f6 and Bc5 38... g7 6 slint (IM) kibitzes: scary vut (IM) kibitzes: DRAW 39. h6 136 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 39.Qh6+: arobertdennis Sokar StumblingQueen Jaro blender FuzzyLogic uri19 (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: draw as I told u... 39... g8 5 40. e6 6 40... g7 13 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 40...Kg7: kassy Fork (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) israpu (GM) kibitzes: chances of Garry to draw where higher than LEKOS to win... Merick (IM) kibitzes: h6 mistake Darkal (IM) kibitzes: QF6 and Bc5 israpu (GM) kibitzes: good joke Molari:-) israpu (GM) kibitzes: Olala everybody:-) israpu (GM) kibitzes: Leko never missed win...he was just a bit better... pichonazo (IM) kibitzes: well US championship was nothing at that time Petrovich (GM) whispers: Spacechess is the best chess player Petrovich (GM) whispers: listen to him Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: who is the worst chessplaayer of all times? Petrovich (GM) whispers: haha Petrovich (GM) whispers: many pretendents:) 41. h6 1059 41... g8 85 GuessTheMove (C DM) whispers: Correctly predicting 41...Kg8: lilred AnttiLaato capablankine PhishMaster Fork (Tell GuessTheMove your guess) Vaidas (IM) kibitzes: Bc5!? Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Benko has an interesting point on Reshevsky in his new book, Sammy had a terrible memory. They would study opening lines all day and that night Sammy couldn't remember the lines. Pal once showed Sammy a game and Sammy told him the players were weak ... but it was one of Sammy's games (he'd forgotten it) Kingway (IM) kibitzes: This was from when Pal was a second to Sammy for a match Kingway (IM) kibitzes: Benko's book is awesome (except for the game he mauled me in) [:]