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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] Shirov-Kasparov, Linares 2004 (1) - 1 PARTE
Fecha:Viernes, 20 de Febrero, 2004  19:40:22 (+0000)
Autor:Angel Jimnez <aarteaga>


Shirov – Kasparov, Linares 2004 (1)

:, 19/ 2/2004.

1. e4 c5 2. f3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. xd4 f6 5. c3 a6 6. e3 e5 7. b3 e6 8. f3 bd7 9. d2 b5 10. a4 b4 11. d5 xd5 12. exd5 b6 13. xb6 xb6 14. a5 b7 15. c4 g6 16. a4 b8 17. d3 a8 18. d2 b8 19. c1 h5 20. d3 h6 21. e2 O-O 22. xb4 d7 23. c6 xb2 24. O-O h4 25. b3 h3 26. g3 e4 gringo (FM) kibitzes: Kasparov moves makes me feel I am a beginner junior (GM) kibitzes: u r junior (GM) kibitzes: :) gringo (FM) kibitzes: rofl gringo (FM) kibitzes: I understand Kasparov's moves...but I always think those ideas are too risky gringo (FM) kibitzes: I woudl have played Rfb8 junior (GM) kibitzes: they're only risky for gringos gringo (FM) kibitzes: lol gringo (FM) kibitzes: well I am not really a gringo gringo (FM) kibitzes: I am just 'gringo' junior (GM) kibitzes: rfb8 looks a little weak...rh4 maybe at the end Morfius (IM) kibitzes: so what happends after fxe4 gringo (FM) kibitzes: guess it's not good for Juniors either gringo (FM) kibitzes: hehe junior (GM) kibitzes: nope...what happens after f4? gringo (FM) kibitzes: well Shirov plays alot of trick chess gringo (FM) kibitzes: but just deep tricks gringo (FM) kibitzes: I always find it easy to understand what Shirov is trying to do gringo (FM) kibitzes: f4 g5..hehe FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: isnt black just bad here? gringo (FM) kibitzes: omg junior (GM) kibitzes: well sumo, black has used 21 minutes so i think this might still be home prep gringo (FM) kibitzes: I just realized something gringo (FM) kibitzes: I was lammenting about playign Rfb8 when the knight covers b8 gringo (FM) kibitzes: rofl FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: yeah. thats true junior, but i dont see how black is getting a nice position. junior (GM) kibitzes: just wait, the master will show us gringo (FM) kibitzes: dunno what made me think Rfb8 could be FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: I am thinking bout playing fxe4, and then maybe e5 if allowed, to hit down towards f7 maybe junior (GM) kibitzes: i think that's dangerous, i am looking at f4 as an alternarive gringo (FM) kibitzes: lol 27. fxe4 452 gringo (FM) kibitzes: omg junior (GM) kibitzes: well, i could be wrong :) Morfius (IM) kibitzes: shaky! FlyingSumo (FM) whispers: now e5 is threatened, right? junior (GM) kibitzes: black can play a piece to g4 junior (GM) kibitzes: which one is the question FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: hmm.... Qg4... havent been thinking bout that. gringo (FM) kibitzes: junior supported this nutty e4 move by Kasp junior (GM) kibitzes: which junior? gringo (FM) kibitzes: junior(GM) junior (GM) kibitzes: i did? i have short term memory :)...i just thought it was better than rfb8 dave gringo (FM) kibitzes: hehe gringo (FM) kibitzes: well sure it's betetr than Rfb8....nearly anything is Christoph63 (FM) kibitzes: After Sf2+ Kg1 and draw? Morfius (IM) kibitzes: has black enough compensation for the pawn junior (GM) kibitzes: now my comp thinks black is fine FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: bad comp! :-) tani-thegreat (GM) kibitzes: Ng4 e5!!!!!!! tani-thegreat (GM) kibitzes: Ng4 e5!!! attack the N... Christoph63 (FM) kibitzes: yes sultano junior (GM) kibitzes: ng4 e5 be3+ kh1 nf2+ kg1 bc5 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 what about Raa1 Christoph63 (FM) kibitzes: kasparov is thinking accepting the draw by perpetualor ot FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: whats the comp giving now junior? junior (GM) kibitzes: well, after ng4 it thinks ra1 is best junior (GM) kibitzes: raa1 Christoph63 (FM) kibitzes: Ta1 looks really good junior (GM) kibitzes: but it has no clue i dont think slint (IM) whispers: Raa1 forced rservat (IM) kibitzes: . gringo (FM) kibitzes: this long think after the quick e4 shows that Kasparov realizes that e4 was junk slint (IM) whispers: black has very good compensation Christoph63 (FM) kibitzes: joke or truth, championbelge? junior (GM) kibitzes: ok...after qg4 black is prob better Morfius (IM) kibitzes: why is black better? junior (GM) kibitzes: find something for white Woef (IM) whispers: Ng4 looks interesting junior (GM) kibitzes: qg4 people look at qg4 DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: can somebody explain me why Kasparov is sacrificing so many pawns ? junior (GM) kibitzes: how many is so many? junior (GM) kibitzes: 1? Saopaulo (FM) kibitzes: this e pawn have name: many DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: is there any move other than Ng4 ? junior (GM) kibitzes: qg4 junior (GM) kibitzes: qg4 junior (GM) kibitzes: qg3 junior (GM) kibitzes: qg4 junior (GM) kibitzes: qg4!!!!!!!! junior (GM) kibitzes: thank you DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: because in the endgame black has compensation for the dark squares ccie1 Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: Qg4 Qe1 Rb1!! and black wins Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: Qg4 Qxg4 Be3+ and black wins El-Marmalade (GM) kibitzes: Why not Ng4 ? Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: so Qg4 Qd3. Now you have something to think about rather than blab around Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: Be3 Rf2 Qf3 spanish fly Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: then if Qf1 Ng4 Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: which is why it's better to check first DeepRabbit (IM) kibitzes: Qg4 Qd3 Nd7 junior (GM) kibitzes: and qg4 qd3 then qg5 threatening qe3+ again or ng4 Kingway (IM) kibitzes: I generally trust computer analysis in such a position: i.e. open with active piece play. Even SuperGMs trust the programs in this type of situation. slint (IM) whispers: Qg4 Qd3 Qg5 gringo (FM) kibitzes: what's up with chessfm? bakinec (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: lets discuss F-word:) FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: kaspy not remembering the variations? slint (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 Qa6 27... g4 2353 junior (GM) kibitzes: finally slint (IM) kibitzes: black is ok Petrovich (GM) kibitzes: white is ok 28. d3 174 slint (IM) kibitzes: Qf2 Ne4 Qd4 Qe2 28... g5 36 slint (IM) kibitzes: Re1 Qd2 slint (IM) kibitzes: after Kh1 Ng4 what does white do slint (IM) kibitzes: ok, Kh1 Ng4 e5 Nf2 Rf2 Rb1 Rf1 Qd2 gringo (FM) kibitzes: e5 looks good slint (IM) kibitzes: it is winning lat1 Woef (IM) whispers: it wins indeed Woef (IM) whispers: very nice slint (IM) kibitzes: for checkmate i am willing to sac a knight :-) Woef (IM) whispers: mate on g2 guys! gringo (FM) kibitzes: e5 Ng4 exd6 Qe3+ Qxe3 Bxe3+ Kh1 Nf2+ Rxf2 Bxf2 Ra1 hmm slint (IM) kibitzes: maybe e5 works but Kh1 = ? Woef (IM) kibitzes: e5 Ng4 looks risky gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm gringo (FM) kibitzes: e5 Ng4 exd6 Qe3+ Qxe3 Bxe3+ Kh1 Nf2+ Rxf2 Rb1 hmm hmm slint (IM) kibitzes: Qe1 gringo (FM) kibitzes: excuse my glitch in analysis gringo (FM) kibitzes: I am not using a comp...hehe 29. e5 405 israpu (GM) kibitzes: e5! Woef (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 Rxg4!? gringo (FM) kibitzes: well Ng4 is good junior (GM) kibitzes: de us better slint (IM) kibitzes: de5: slint (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 loses to Rg4 israpu (GM) kibitzes: y hay tiene mucho pelo.... Merick (IM) whispers: Nd7..30.e6 - Nc5 29... dxe5 374 Kawas (IM) kibitzes: same old story: kaspy busted vs shirov, resulting in draw or cheapo win for kaspy slint (IM) kibitzes: Qc3 Ng4 gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm Kawas (IM) kibitzes: he is dead but he seems to nearly always find an out junior (GM) kibitzes: yes amazing...kaspy always busted hahahaha Merick (IM) whispers: unclear position,white beter chance slint (IM) kibitzes: i like black slint (IM) kibitzes: Rh4 e4 and Qe3 30. h4 205 israpu (GM) kibitzes: 1-0 gringo (FM) kibitzes: am I to assume that Ng4 is met with Ne7+ chemer (IM) whispers: actually, the h3 pawn is also loose gringo (FM) kibitzes: must be soem tactics in it israpu (GM) kibitzes: the statistic give big chance to Shirov... 30... e4 90 gringo (FM) kibitzes: this looks nutty Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: but kasparove wont give a free point gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm gringo (FM) kibitzes: Qc3 Rxb3 ...Nxd5 Rxh6 gringo (FM) kibitzes: Kasp shoulda played Ng4 not dxe5 slint (IM) kibitzes: Qd4 Ng4 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: if Ng4 white would have take on g4 with a rook and than on d6 with a pawn slint (IM) kibitzes: Qd1 Qe3 Kh1 Rb1 gringo (FM) kibitzes: Qc3 Ng4 Ne7+..hmm Amitabh (IM) kibitzes: -+ bakinec (IM) kibitzes: Re4 very interesting slint (IM) kibitzes: Qd4 Ng4? Rxh6!! Nxh6 Qb2 Qe3 -+ Morfius (IM) kibitzes: great game MASLAKKOSTIA (IM) whispers: what fritz says now ? 31. d4 371 slint (IM) kibitzes: Qd1 Qe3 Kh1? Rb1 was also -+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: Slint Q:b1 Qe2 R:h3 slint (IM) kibitzes: o yeah! israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qd1 seemed to be better israpu (GM) kibitzes: now endgame very unclear... israpu (GM) kibitzes: R is stucked on h3 WillRock (IM) whispers: ng4 ! Merick (IM) whispers: Qe3-Qe3,Kh1-Bg5 slint (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 Rh6 Nh6 Qe4 maybe israpu (GM) kibitzes: Shirov is much more it's normal for him to make the last mistake... WillRock (IM) whispers: ng4 rg4 qg4 qb2 qe2 --+ gringo (FM) kibitzes: lol WillRock (IM) whispers: ng4 rh6 qh6 & what ??? israpu (GM) kibitzes: I believe black activity will give him min draw... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Shirov lost again his chance!!!!!!!!!!!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: Qd1... WillRock (IM) whispers: cant understand ! kg4 rh6 qh6 & what ??? Merick (IM) whispers: Qe3- Kh1-Rb1!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: or maybe not Rh4... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Comp can't understand that endgame with two pawns up,but opp color B's is draw......... israpu (GM) kibitzes: so don't trust them... israpu (GM) kibitzes: How Zek? slint (IM) kibitzes: kh7 Qf7 El-Marmalade (GM) kibitzes: Qe3 slint (IM) kibitzes: qd2 ne7 kg7 qf6 kh7 qf7 gringo (FM) kibitzes: 165 what was that line from ruffian? israpu (GM) kibitzes: why not Ng4? slint (IM) kibitzes: ng4 maybe rh3 31... g4 927 israpu (GM) kibitzes: Gary goes for allllllllllll gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm gringo (FM) kibitzes: Ne7+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: R:h3 Qe3+ Q:e3 B:e3 Kg2,Bd2! +e3........... culillo (IM) whispers: Rxh3 Themanfromrio (FM) kibitzes: why not Ne7? slint (IM) kibitzes: rh6 and qe4 Olegas (IM) kibitzes: ne7+-Kh7 israpu (GM) kibitzes: than Ne3+ israpu (GM) kibitzes: but yess Ne7+!!!! israpu (GM) kibitzes: Kh7 B is pinned....... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q:e4 Morfius (IM) kibitzes: very shaky Themanfromrio (FM) kibitzes: but then Qe4 Ne3 RedDragon (IM) whispers: Ne7 Kh7 Qe4 Qh4 Rf7!+- slint (IM) kibitzes: qe4 qe3 qe3 Be3 Kh1 Nf2 Kg1 Nd1 Kh1 Rb1 -+ Olegas (IM) kibitzes: yes pined-then bad as if after Ne7-Qxe7-then simply Nxg4 wins/?/ WillRock (IM) kibitzes: LOL rf4 rb1 0-1 israpu (GM) kibitzes: toda españa por Gary?? Morfius (IM) kibitzes: so what does fritzenagger say israpu (GM) kibitzes: thx cat:-) gringo (FM) kibitzes: Rxh6 followed byQxe4 bakinec (IM) kibitzes: ll TCCD (IM) kibitzes: Kh1 is really intresting Arakel (FM) whispers: if 32.Re1 why not Qe3+? Morfius (IM) kibitzes: many comedians here Themanfromrio (FM) kibitzes: computer found Ne7 Kh7 Qe4 Qh4!! slint (IM) kibitzes: Qb2 Qe3 Kh1 Nf2 and Nd1 -+ 32. xh6 928 FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: how is this position now? FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: i have no clue, not fit for calculating now u might say slint (IM) kibitzes: Qe1 danka FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: whites gonna run down the d-pawn? slint (IM) kibitzes: Nh6 israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q:h6 d6! gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm slint (IM) kibitzes: Nh6 d6 Nf5 culillo (IM) kibitzes: Qxh6 GolubevM (GM) kibitzes: it seems Kasparov must take with the knight chemer (IM) whispers: I have the feeling Shirov is not going to bother with the rook on b2 and will push his pawn instead slint (IM) kibitzes: Nh6 Qb2 is losing for white ElJeffe (FM) kibitzes: Don't feel bad FlyingSumo my eval is "I dunno" israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q:h6 d6 Qe3+ Q:Q N:Q R:f7!!!+ B:f7+d7!!!!! FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: how is Nxh6 Qxb2 losing? 32... xh6 179 FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: oh.. FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: hehe! slint (IM) kibitzes: Nh6 Qb2 Qe3 Rf2 Ng4 Cowboystiefel (FM) whispers: d6 Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: listening to kibitzes is a sure way to fatal illness, I am convinced israpu (GM) kibitzes: ok,draw....... Charlatan (IM) kibitzes: I recommend to set kib 2 FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: "set kib 2" if u wanna be less ill Charlatan gringo (FM) kibitzes: man...this looks good for white slint (IM) kibitzes: black much better gringo (FM) kibitzes: d-pawn will just walk to d8 easily israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q:e4 Kamicaza style! Morfius (IM) kibitzes: EASILY lol israpu (GM) kibitzes: draw...... israpu (GM) kibitzes: Q:e4 Nf5 is too risky gringo (FM) kibitzes: d6 Nf5 Rxf5 gxf5 d7 GolubevM (GM) kibitzes: so it's a draw gringo (FM) kibitzes: oops gringo (FM) kibitzes: rb1 gringo (FM) kibitzes: hehe israpu (GM) kibitzes: nice draw...pitty it was prearrenged! slint (IM) kibitzes: draw? slint (IM) kibitzes: Qb2 Qe3 Rf2 Ng4 and then? junior (GM) kibitzes: what is the drawing line?...then qd4 gringo (FM) kibitzes: draw gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm junior (GM) kibitzes: tell me the drawing line please regius (GM) kibitzes: c3 slint gringo (FM) kibitzes: shoudl not draw Merick (IM) kibitzes: Qe4-Qd2!,d6-Ng4!! 33. xb2 374 33... e3 4 34. f2 2 gringo (FM) kibitzes: boo 34... e1 3 israpu (GM) kibitzes: I told u........ gringo (FM) kibitzes: hmm regius (GM) kibitzes: I agree with israpu, the game was fixed.... israpu (GM) kibitzes: thx Regius! Kingway (IM) kibitzes: This was a serious battle ... good fighting chess even if it did end up a draw... 35. f1 62 35... e3 5 israpu (GM) kibitzes: the best pre arrenged game I saw in my life! Morfius (IM) kibitzes: NO **** Kingway (IM) kibitzes: So many well played games in the Najdorf do end up as this type of wild draw ... shows the underlying balance of chess israpu (GM) kibitzes: headshake! regius (GM) kibitzes: thats a lot of crap, kingway ;-) GolubevM (GM) kibitzes: Kh1 Qe2 slint (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 Qd4 Qe1 Rf1 Qe2 Rf2 Nf2 Qf2 Qd1 Qf1 Qd2 and black can play for winn israpu (GM) kibitzes: Shirov signed a contract with Kaspi...never to win against him:-) slint (IM) kibitzes: why not try ng4? FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: yeah... i guess Shirov missed the answer to Ng4 slint FlyingSumo (FM) kibitzes: hmm... :-) Saopaulo (FM) kibitzes: date [:]



Shirov – Kasparov, Linares 2004 (1) --- ANÁLISIS DE 27… Cg4

19/ 2/2004.

1. e4 c5 2. f3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. xd4 f6 5. c3 a6 6. e3 e5 7. b3 e6 8. f3 bd7 9. d2 b5 10. a4 b4 11. d5 xd5 12. exd5 b6 13. xb6 xb6 14. a5 b7 15. c4 g6 16. a4 b8 17. d3 a8 18. d2 b8 19. c1 h5 20. d3 h6 21. e2 O-O 22. xb4 d7 23. c6 xb2 24. O-O h4 25. b3 h3 26. g3 e4 27. fxe4 0 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: hm,GK didn't expect fe4 himself! GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: let's see GK here GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: it's strange to see GK spending a loads of time here GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: while,it's hard to see any logical move except for Ng4

[27. f4 0 27... e8 18 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: was my initial suggestion 5 28. xa6 12 2 28... e3 2 3 29. d3 16 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: and now? (29. e2 13 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: nice one,seingalt.Should he call for ABBA(Dad,in Hebrew):)? GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: Qg4 Nd4 now 29... e4 52 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: probably,that's the strongest 30. xe3 37 30... c5 3 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: maybe,but why?Ne4 looks simple and strong ) 29... g4 17 (29... e2 13 30. e1 2 30... b1 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: maybe,like that!~ GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: yess! GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: Ra1 R:a1 0-1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: white is in dire straits here )]


27... g4 19 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: you wouldn't like to have such a king playing GK:) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 28. e5 60 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: he won't search:) but he will find:) Can (IM) kibitzes: what about Bc5 After Nf2+ 2 1 1

[28. aa1 8 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: maybe,like that? GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: to protect the back rank 2 28... e8 27 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: is a real mess,but white's exposed king gives GK a certain attacking chances 4 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: I think,we are going to see these moves played in some 20 min:) 29. f3 41 (29. h1 28 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: I think King should go to the safer place(Nd4?Be3+) GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: but here also black got a serious play(Ne3 or f5) ) 29... f5 2 30. exf5 12 30... xf5 5 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: ! GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: eliminating the queen,which protects everything from f3 31. xf5 20 31... gxf5 1 32. ae1 4 32... e3 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: wow,what a line,I spotted:) 33. h1 12 33... f2 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: !! 34. xf2 7 34... xf2 1 35. xe8 2 35... f7 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: no defence! 36. e7 9 36... f6 1 37. e6 1 37... g5 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: and 0-1 ! Can (IM) kibitzes: nice:) GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: yes,just fantastic rook Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: re1 Sergey82 (IM) kibitzes: but its lost ;

28. h1 50 41 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: I agree 28... e8 18 9 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: f5 or Ne3 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: yes,black playes logically GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: and you can't really feel white's extra pawn ]

28... e3 31 93 1 2 29. h1 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: hmm 1 2 2 29... f2 5 2 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: is the most concrete 2 30. g1 7 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: actually,I don't see more than a draw for black 1 9 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: now black can take a draw GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: or to continue wiith Bc5 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: Shirov had draw 10 moves ago,but not now:) 1 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: Shirov might be going for this one GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: as Bc5 is unclear 30... c5 1 25 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: hm...I shall play him in a month,I can say you now,it won't be easy:) GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: now Rd4 or Rc4!? 31. aa1 34

[31. d4 33 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: how about this one? Can (IM) kibitzes: de5 ;

31. c4 49 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: ! GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: just to eleminate this powerful bishop GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: aha,that's the reason he doesn't play Ng4! GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: I got an info from Zek,nobody of the relyaers manage to reach the official site GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: so,some moves are probably made,but we can't be sure Can (IM) kibitzes: Ng4 Rc5 Dc5 e6 fe6 rf8 kf8 ]

31... g4 4 32. xg4 6 32... xg4 2 33. h1 4 33... dxe5 2 GMAlex (GM) kibitzes: favours black []