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Asunto:[ajedrezlapalma] La Olimpiada en Chess Today (1ª parte)
Fecha:Sabado, 2 de Noviembre, 2002  15:26:39 (+0000)
Autor:Angel Jiménez <aarteaga>

Amigos listeros:


¡QUÉ BONITA ES CHESS TODAY!... La revista que más se aproxima a la revista de mis sueños... Solo que la veo un poco corta...


¿Se imaginan que diariamente viniera del tamaño, por ejemplo, del DIARIO ABC?...


Eso sí que sería una revista bien hecha... POR AHÍ ESTÁ EL FUTURO...  


Nota: DE CÓRCEGA NO HE VISTO NADA AÚN.. De todos modos, ¿No estaba Kárpov hace unos días jugado en Cap d’adge? Y ya dicen que jugó en Córcega...  Tuvo que haber sido entonces antes de ese torneo, que ganó Gelfand Y EN DONDE TOLYA QUEDÓ SEGUNDO...




Saludos cordiales,










(1) Haba Petr (2534) - Odeev Handszar (2461)
Bled 2002 Bled (3), 28.11.2002
[Maxim Notkin]

26.Txg7+! Rxg7 27.Db7+ Rh6 [ 27...Ad7!? 28.Dxd7+ Rh8 29.Cg3 Tf8 30.h3+-] 28.Af4+ g5 29.Axg5+ Rg6 30.h4 1-0

(2) Adams Michael (2745) - Torre Eugenio (2523)
Bled 2002 Bled (3), 28.11.2002

47.Cf5+! gxf5 48.Dg5+ Rh7 49.Dxh5+ Rg7 50.Dg5+ Rh7 51.Dxf5+ Rg7 52.Txd6 Tb8 53.h5! 1-0

(3) Van Den Doel Erik (2594) - Sakalauskas Vaidas (2450)
Bled 2002 Bled (3), 28.11.2002
[Maxim Notkin]

43.Txh6! [ 43.Txh6 Td1+ ( 43...Rxh6 44.Dh4+ Rg7 45.Dh7+ Rf8 46.g7+) 44.Rc2 Tc1+ 45.Rxc1 Ae3+ 46.Rb1 Axh6 47.Dc7+] 1-0

(4) Radjabov Teimour (2628) - Estrada Julian (2345)
Bled 2002 Bled (3), 28.11.2002
[Maxim Notkin]

34.Cf5+! Rg8 [ 34...gxf5 35.Dg5+ Rh7 36.Th6#] 35.Df6! 1-0

(5) Gallagher Joseph (2540) - Turpanov Milan (2386)
Bled 2002 Bled (3), 28.11.2002

A joke - how NOT to play for Black 32...Cf4?? 33.Dxg7# 1-0

(6) Kasparov,G - Mchedlishvili,M [B63]
XXXV Olympiad, Bled, 2002
[Maxim Notkin]

1.e4 c5 2.Cf3 d6 3.d4 Cf6 4.Cc3 cxd4 5.Cxd4 Cc6 6.Ag5 e6 7.Dd2 Db6 8.0-0-0 Dxd4 Kasparov's skill in the middlegame is legendary, so it's easy to explain the young Georgian player's decision to exchange the queens as soon as possible. 9.Dxd4 Cxd4 10.Txd4 a6 A necessary prophylaxis against Nb5 but now the b6-square is weakened. Let's see how Garry exploits it. 11.f3 [ In several games 11.Axf6 gxf6 12.Ca4 Ad7 13.Cb6 Td8 have been played. Of course the swap of White's dark-squared bishop for a knight facilitates Black's defence. ; In case of the immediate 11.Ca4?! Black replies 11...e5] 11...Ad7

12.Ca4! Now it's time! This move is a strong novelty. [ Previously White has tried 12.Ac4 with moderate success.] 12...Ac6 [ The point is that after 12...e5 13.Cb6! exd4 14.Cxa8 the knight will get out while Black's pawn structure is spoiled and the d4-pawn is weak. To make this line correct White needed to protect the e4-pawn.] 13.Cb6 Td8 This time Black saved his bishop from exchange but Kasparov is persistent. 14.Cc4 With the obvious idea Na5 which Black incorrectly ignores. 14...Ae7? [ Dubious was 14...b5 15.Ca5 Aa8 16.a4 and Black's queenside is in danger; after 14...d5! 15.Ca5 Ac5 16.Td1 dxe4 17.Txd8+ Rxd8 18.Cxc6+ bxc6 Black had good chances to equalize; The "check-out" 14...h6 could be useful too] 15.Ca5! After this move "a pair of bishops" is guaranteed for White. 15...Tc8

16.Tb4! A very good move again. [ 16.Cxc6 Txc6 17.Tb4 Tc7 is not that strong.] 16...d5? [ Better was 16...Rd7 and in case of 17.Cxb7?! d5 18.Tb3 Aa4 Black obtains powerful counterplay. Now White's rook penetrates to the 7th rank and Black's position becomes difficult.; 16...Cxe4? didn't serve due to 17.Axe7 Cf2 18.Cxc6 Cxh1 ( 18...bxc6 19.Tg1 Rxe7 20.Ae2) 19.Ca7! Rxe7 20.Cxc8+ Txc8 21.Txb7+ Rf6 22.Axa6] 17.Cxc6! bxc6 18.Tb7 Cd7 [ 18...Ta8 19.Txe7+! Rxe7 20.e5] 19.Ad2 [ Not 19.Axe7? Rxe7 which allows Black to connect the rooks. Moreover White's pair of bishops is so hard-earned that it would be unwise to waste it so recklessly.] 19...Ta8 [ After the uncautious 19...Cc5? the exchange sacrifice appears on stage again - 20.Txe7+! Rxe7 21.Ab4 Rd6 22.e5+] 20.Tc7

20...Ce5 [ After 20...c5 21.exd5 exd5 22.Ad3 White gets a huge positional advantage so Black decides to give up a pawn transposing the game into the ending with opposite colour bishops.] 21.Ac3 Ad6 22.Axe5 Axe5 23.Txc6 dxe4 24.Txa6 Txa6 [ 24...Re7! 25.fxe4 Txa6 26.Axa6 Ta8 27.Ac4 Ta4 was relatively better. In the game White's bishop didn't quit the active position. ] 25.Axa6 exf3 26.gxf3 Re7 27.a4! Three connected passed pawn make White's win just a matter of time. In this case it's rather short. 27...Td8 28.h3 Td4 29.Ab5 Tf4

30.Td1! Kasparov leaves his kingside to the mercy of fate. The queenside pawns need help. 30...Txf3 31.a5 Tf5 [ More stubborn is 31...Txh3 32.a6 Af4+ 33.Rb1 Ae3 34.Td7+ ( even stronger is 34.Td3! Th1+ 35.Ra2 Af2 36.b4 with idea c4-c5) 34...Rf6 35.a7 Axa7 36.Txa7] 32.Td7+ Rf6 33.Tb7! Af4+ 34.Rb1 Ae3 35.a6 Td5 36.b4 Td8 37.c4 Black resigned. The trio is unstoppable. 1-0

(7) Krasenkow Michal (2651) - Nikolic Predrag (2661)
Bled 2002 Bled (5), 30.10.2002
[Maxim Notkin]

17.h3?? A momentary lapse of reason. [ 17.Axf6 Cxf6 18.e4 leads to a complicated position.] 17...Axc3 18.Dxc3 Cf2 [ 18...Cf2 The best White can do is to play 19.De5 Dxe5 20.Cxe5 Cxh1 21.Cxh1 losing the exchange. Krasenkow decided that the position isn't worth suffering and resigned.] 0-1

(8) Xu Yuhua (2473) - Krush Irina (2403)
Bled 2002 Bled (5), 30.10.2002
[Maxim Notkin]

White's position is absolutely winning. The winner of the World Cup played 43.Tdd7 attacking the f7 point and after 43...Cd8 decided to drive away the knight which has protected the tasty pawn on f7. 44.Ab6?? Incredible! White completely forgets about her rook. [ 44.Ta7; or 44.Tbc7 won easily.] 44...Cxb7 45.Txb7 Axb4 and Krush realised the material advantage. 0-1